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From idea, to execution to launch - How do you speed it up?

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Nov 30, 2015

One struggle I've been having lately is wanting to launch things faster. I'm a huge fan of doing MVP's, and after being financial well off from my first couple of online business', I'm in that mode of wanting to start a million projects at once, instead of being so heavily involved in every micro detail of one as I have been for the past 3 years.

The past 3 years I've been involved in every upsell, blog post, campaign, Ads etc for my current business, but this last 3 months I've noticed this huge urge to have multiple projects going simultaneously. I'm extraordinarily fast at having an idea, and putting it on paper, then sending it to my graphic designer and having it all whipped up and UX/UI's done in a week, literally. This is the exciting part, but then I go to a web developer and it's a shit shoe from here.

For some reason I'm starting to feel this urge to do many things at once, and I'm tired of handling the details. I've noticed at the level I am at now, I can spend a whole morning editing a blog post for our products blog page, or I could spend a whole morning designing a projects launch marketing campaign, both take the same time, except one task is BEYOND more profitable and pushes the company forward.

That's the issue, I am stuck at this point of having to handle lots of tasks that are necessary but sink my time from the things that will grow and push the company forward.

I guess my main issue here is I don't have a very good pipeline that fits with the entrepreneur I endeavour to be.

Last December I had this great big plan to hire a branding/marketing assistant to be like my second brain, I did, but she's been nothing but a glorified VA, incompetent and making me spend more time than if I did it myself.

I waste a lot of time looking for applicants on Upwork for one off tasks. For example, getting our website translated into 8 languages, a task a VA could handle, which I did hand off to a VA, but I always seem to end up jumping onto these tasks to have them properly done.

Is there someone I am missing in my company? This is what our executive employee circle looks like:
- Executive Assistant (pretty much a VA, who handles cumbersome research and quality checking)
- CTO (Head of a team of 3 web developers, he also works closely with me in getting our products live)
- CEO (Me)
- CCO (the incompetent marketing girl we hired)

When we do launch things, everything seems to take longer then the deadlines I set, our project seem to be a crazy rat race every time, to the point we are delayed 5 times, and only end up being ready minutes before the fifth scheduled launch.

We use Slack for communication, and we attempted using a program called Monday for collaborating (just simple didn't work) so now we are going to test a new one called "Teamgantt". And I will again be on the lookout for a creative manager.

I feel there is someone missing from the team, someone who can make decisions like myself, who has the initiative to test out things and take them from idea to execution, maybe I am asking for someone who's like a business partner but as an employee, it's a hard one. Or maybe I am just trying to take on and have so many brands and projects under my belt than one person can handle.

I am just extremely motivated by the idea of having a full suite of a team, who can take an idea from me, and bring it to life without me having to handle every tiny moving part. This way I can focus on new products and projects.

My projects tend to be very minimal, small tools, I am not out there trying to create the next 3-D Rendering AutoCAD software.

Any tips / advice that have helped you to focus on the ideas, and get OFF the time sink, bottle neck tasks?
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