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Matthew Green

New Contributor
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Jul 29, 2018
United kindom
Hi everyone, my name is Matthew Green, i'm from the UK and I am 27 years young, for 26 of those years I've been hiding away, like most people, lost in financial insecurity. I've also been incredibly lazy, my high school years wasted by not turning up often, and leading to low prospect minimum wage jobs. No prospects, crazy spending, spiralling debts and no ambition ultimately changed 12 months ago upon changing my career prospects, I had grown tired of the warehouse/factory work and decided I needed a career change if I ever wanted my life to change.

I applied for a job working for a pawnbrokers as a trainee and luckily having not known barely anything about the industry got the job. That was the turning point, for a few reasons. My manager at the shop has pretty much become my mentor, teaching me about compound interest, financial freedom and helping me sort out my money. In the space of a year my life has done a 180, I'm now grinding towards financial freedom, i'm paying off my debts as fast as possible to invest my 9-5 money, i'm working on side hustles to give me more cash to start even bigger hustles which I want to make as residual as possible. I've also just created a YouTube channel to document my journey to success.

I'm also working on my health, loosing weight in the gym and improving my diet which is boosting my confidence even further. A healthy mind is a wealthy mind.

Ultimately, I have a family, a beautiful wife and a beautiful daughter, i'm hustling for them and to be able to spend the rest of my life with them, not working to make somebody else rich. I have never felt of value, and have never truly believed in anything other than my family, until this past year. We only live this life once, and I want spend it with my family, never being restricted by anything. So here's to freedom, and I very much look forward to meeting you all,

Health, Wealth, Success,

Matthew Green
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Jul 22, 2018
United Kingdom
Hi! Link is on my profile

Ha, i realised that about 5 seconds after i asked!

Your August goals are easily attainable :thumbsup: 2lbs a week is optimum. I am used to having to shift stubborn fat (bodybuilder) so Let me know you need any help.
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aspiring 大君 of the bourgeoisie
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Aug 31, 2016
welcome mate; as the saying goes, "show me your friends and ill show you your future" some good chaps here on the site;


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Jul 27, 2018
Edmonton, AB
Nice introduction and nice to meet you :) I wish you all the best in your journey and please make sure to share updates on your YouTube channel and here. Let the community know how we can help you succeed! Good luck

MJ DeMarco

Staff member
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Jul 23, 2007
Alpine, UT
Welcome Matthew, appreciate the introduction!
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Congrats, brother. It's tough trying to break out of the 9-to-5 because every thing we do, we have to put intent behind it. You've already pushed through a whole year and that says a lot. Keep up the hard work and be conscious of what you do. I know books, comics, and tv shows were ways for me to runaway from stress and depression. It's not easy, but it's harder to live a mediocre life.

Cheers to your journey.

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