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EXECUTION Follow my road to achieve my biggest dreams from 0.

Discussion in 'Progress/Execution Threads' started by Gronu, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. Gronu

    Gronu New Contributor

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    Oct 19, 2018
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    Hello there! Well. That's gonna be a long, long topic. Let me introduce myself first.

    I'm Adam, im 19 years old, im from Poland and i'm student. ( Im sorry, but i may do some mistakes in language - im still learning english)

    Since 2010, my biggest dream ever is to be able to follow my passion and be the best drifter in the world... But unfortunately - its not that simple. If You want to participate in drift competitions You need a good car and huge ammounts of money to pay for the tires, fuel, track, repairs, journey to the track, hotels etc. And thats where my story started. Shortly : I had been saving money for a 3 years, bought a car when i was 15, and i decided to go all in this sport. Unfortunately engine in my car broke, i spend almost a year to repair it, and it broke again... So i waited untill 18, then i bought another car for drifting and its great to have fun and learn, but i cant compete with the best drifters if i have a car worth 1500$, while my opponents have cars worth 40 000$.

    I decided to learn marketing to gain a sponsorship. Now i run my instagram page ( www.instagram.com/adam_gron) for almost 1,5 years, and i have already 33 500 followers, so i think its a big succes. Unfortunately i don't have a sponsorship yet. When i learnt how to promote on instagram, i decided to start a company and help business partners to grow in social media. I learnt from one entrepreneur from Polish forum, but after a year my business fell down because we hired a manager and at the same time our clients ran away.

    Now i'm accumulating money ( around 1000$) for start, and i will have around 150$ income each month for my new business. In the next months i want to start a new company where i will be in 100% responsible for everything. I decided to start a thread, because :

    1) I truthly believe in my dreams, and i think if i will post my progress, it will be one more reason to keep going.
    2) I don't have many people who believe in my high goals. If You are an entrepreneur and if You feel that You need also someone to motivate you, feel free to message me :)

    So, what dreams do i have? In the next 5 years, i want :

    1.Own minimum three flats for rent. - 200 000 polish zloty x 3 = 600 000zł = 160 870$
    2.Own a house with a garage and big garden = 750 000zł = 201 072$
    3.Own three cars : Professional Drift Car - 150 000zł = 40 214$, Porsche Panamera - 400 000zł = 107 238$, and a Van - 30 000zł = 8042$
    4.Be able to participate in drift events - 10 000zł / month = 2700$ / month
    5.Pay for the costs of living my Mum and Grandma - 10 000zł / month = 2700$ / month
    6.Travel around the world one weekend per month = 4000zł / month = 1100$ / month
    7.Be able to cover my other costs of living = 4000zł / month = 1100$ / month
    8.Be one of the best Drifters in Poland ;)

    So.... we have around 517 436$ net worth to earn and then i need around 7600$ net each month. At the momment im scared to see that numbers in my polish currency, but i know if i will create a valuable fastlane company / companies it will be possible to achieve.

    Now i've got around 2 months before i will have my 1000$ as a startup budget and finencial fluency of 150$ each month. Its the time to choose a type of business that i will develop, and its also the time to learn the most important skills that i need to start alone. ;)
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  2. Zarar

    Zarar Contributor Read Millionaire Fastlane

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    Sep 11, 2018
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    It's great that you are committed and have high goals. I hope you will reach them :)
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