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New Contributor
Mar 16, 2018
Hi all!

This is my intro after enjoying this forum for a week. My name is Tom and I am an IT professional/consultant in Switzerland. With my meanwhile 41 years, I had subscribed myself to the Slowlane (and their gurus) for quite a long time. Means, I have a quite well paying job, some savings and a reasonable good lifestyle. The job as consultant for larger corporations in data and AI is kind of fulfilling, but…

As many of you will imagine, this also my big personal challenge. My discontent with my outlook and the feeling not to live my potential is troubling me. The book of course has been a catalyst and this forum even more. So I am committed to pave my way into the fastlane.

My experience so far is no bad, but more on the “action faking” side. At least looking at where I am now. I accompanied some websites endeavors in gaming and booking with some k$ per month, but that was not it. Means I have experience in web development, programming and some minor in SEO, Adwords, etc.

Currently as many starter I am reading into the threads, finishing UNSCRIPTED and did some courses on Dropshipping with Shopify and White Labeling with Amazon FBA. Saying…I have no idea where to start. Time is my most valuable asset and in my position, I don’t want to waste a year of development or two. I am not ready to go all in, but want to develop my business aside.

That’s why my understanding of my options is this:

1. Dropshipping and Shopify to get some eCommerce experience (limited risk, potential and effort)

2. Whitelabeling with Amazon (medium risk, potential and effort)

3. Build a SaaS, Network or data service (high risk, potential and effort)

So I would start to choose the business model first and then start identifying needs and execute…if that makes sense.

Option 3 without any clear idea/need identified in my expertise seems too much effort to start with.

Option 2 sounds tricky to me based on missing knowledge…German-speaking market too small for reasonable effects for the investment? How to white label and sell as foreigner on US market?...

So, I am not yet sure where to start and appreciate any feedback if you have been in a similar situation. Just connected with some guys from Switzerland and look forward to exchange some thoughts.

Thank you for reading that, for any comments and I wish everyone a very successful journey! This forum is just great and I really appreciate the great participation and will to give.

Thank you MJ Demarco!
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Niptuck MD

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Aug 31, 2016
welcome to the forum.

MJ DeMarco

I followed the science; all I found was money.
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Jul 23, 2007
Just a side note... entrepreneurship is a skill. You just don't pick it up with a few swings at the bat. You have to keep swinging. I say this because it is more than likely none of your options will pan out -- you just have to keep acting, assessing, and adjusting. (The 3A's, you'll get there in Unscripted !)

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the introduction!

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