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Jul 19, 2017
Hey guys,

I wanted to share with you an article about our creative genius, how to bring it back.

How to re-think like a 5yo problem solving child.
I think the article is interesting for those who ask "How to bring value?"

We are born creative geniuses and the education system dumbs us down, according to NASA scientists


We've been trained to think in both convergent / divergent way, so when something seems to add value, we will always have a reason to think it won't work or someone already done it and we usually drop this awesome idea we had.

To be more adventurer, we need to bring back the child mindset we had, how to think like a problem seeker and solver.

How to see something in your hands, and imagine it in a different way than others do.

"Tomorrow, you take a table fork, turn your five-year-old on and come up with 25 or 30 ideas on how to improve on the table fork."
A simple article but which defines how to perceive a need or how to create a need.
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Feb 7, 2018
Odd you bring the article to our attention but put a TL;DR foot note, it did contain some interesting thoughts. The reason given for the loss of creativity was almost out of UNSCRIPTED :

"...the school system, our education, robs us of our creative genius.

"The reasoning for this is not too difficult to apprehend; school, as we plainly call it, is an institution that has historically been put in place to ultimately serve the wants of the ruling class, not the common people."

“In order for the so-called elite to maintain their lavish life styles of overt luxury — where they contribute the least but enjoy the most — they understand that children must be dumbed down and brainwashed to accept (and even serve) their rapacious system of artificial scarcity, unending exploitation, and incessant war,” writes Nascimento."

At least, according to the article, we have the ability to get it back.

Thanks for sharing, and your TL;DR did amuse me.


Bronze Contributor
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Jul 19, 2017
your TL;DR did amuse me.
Me too ! But this article is interesting.
I see myself in this article, when i was young i was that child that wanted to create things and i saw things differently, i had the problem solving mindset and vision.
And then school & negative people came : "you can't do that" "that's stupid" "why would you be a boss ? You can't enjoy life you're working all day long" ...

I only had this vision back when i red MJ's books.

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