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INTRO 31yo from Brazil

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New Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
May 9, 2018

My name is Andre, and I work in Government here in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I have read TMF a few months ago, after a forum recommendation and it was a shock, the author made me realize that there was a smarter way to live, the slowlane is so deep in our culture that no one never questions it, the book was an eye opener for me, I have been following slowlane my whole life and thinking I was in the right path, but the idea of freedom at 65yo always sounded a bit off...

Entrepreneurship is not incentivized here in Brazil by the typical middle class family, the corruption and bureaucracy makes it hard to succeed, but now I want to be an entrepreneur, I am reading unscripted and it says that if I am lucky enough to have food and shelter, there is no valid excuse to not try

And that's it, I wanted to write more but it is a bit difficult for me to articulate in english, had to google a lot of words, hope I can exchange some ideas with you guys

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