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INTRO 21 Year Old Eastern European Wantrepreneur

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Oct 5, 2018

First things first. I love this forum. During the last month I have become supper addicted to the great content shared by You guys. Thank you a lot!

Also I warn you, I got a bit carried away so this is a very long introduction. Feel free to skip to summary.

So a bit about me: Background
I am 21 year old university student. I have always been interested in entrepreneurship, however as I got too involved in partying and consumption my focus was destroyed. I come from a small village of 1500 people in a poor country, from a lower middle class family (not that it has to do with anything, however I want to provide an accurate picture of my reality)

After leaving high-school and choosing the comfortable path to university I started studying a degree I despise with all my heart. I will not get specific, however I can tell you that with this degree and a bit of common sense I could get a cushy government job.

I almost dropped out, but university authorities convinced me that I have a lot of potential (at least enough to become a nice little drone). I was neck-deep in late report papers. I was still too weak to stop partying. However, I did not drop out. (in retrospect a good choice)

Then came my first ''f*ck This'' event. I decided to try to work in a foreign country for a summer. Physical labor and all that for an agency company, which provides workers for construction companies.

I felt like a product. I had to wear a special costume (or package if you will). My opinion did not matter. I had to obey. I had to do the same thing everyday. I had to live with drug addicts and alcoholics. It felt terrible. It felt like I had been put in surreal hell-like realm.

I started to wonder ''WTF am I doing?''. I started to analyse, how I got there. The only conclusion was lack of discipline. Lack of control over my thoughts and emotions. Lack of will.

Thankfully, my summer job lasted only a month, but the dread of this experience stayed with me till this day. It got me committed to BREAK THE F*CK FREE OF THIS B*LLSHIT I PUT UPON MYSELF. I took responsibility for saving me, because the experience caused me to understand that NOBODY IS COMING TO SAVE ME.

Where I am today?

I got my academic results in place to make sure I finish university, to prove myself I have what it takes, to at least get higher education. Makes the odds of success a little higher. Stopped partying. Said goodbye to consuming and started saving(for investing in myself). I dropped all the people, who were counter-productive to my growth. Gym. Healthy food. No social media. Meditation. Cold showers only. All the good stuff.

However, I despise my studies. My soul shrinks even, when I think about the subject I study. Therefore extra to my institutional education I started to explore alternatives. Entrepreneurship catched my eye. I study the concepts and read books. All the newbie stuff.

Thanks to this forum I have recently started flipping things (craigslist arbitrage) . I have set goals and made bite sized action plans (escape schemes), which will slowly elevate my situation.

Well that is about it. I know this post is a bit long-winded, however I hope that some of you will be able to relate, especially the younger guys. I am happy to join you on your path to freedom.

Young, broke, 21 year old knuckle head trying to get his s*it together. Almost no experience in entrepreneurship. Eager to learn.

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George Appiah

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Aug 16, 2018
Accra, Ghana
Hello @Kybalion,

Welcome to the Fastlane discussion forum!

And thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us. While you can't take back the past years, you can take solace in your newly found passion and continue to work hard to turn the tides.

I sure hope you'll stick around, stay the course, and share your progress with us.


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