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young enterpreneur

  1. T

    Building my first office.

    I'm just starting out on my journey and I've decided to turn a room in my house into my office for now. Any suggestions on what I should get? Any answer is appreciated. Thanks in advance, Thomas.
  2. Upeksha

    INTRO I'm Upeksha

    Hi everyone, I'm Upeksha from Sri Lanka. I guess I'm a cross-disciplinary human being. Graduated from Northumbria University, UK with a BSc. (Hons 2:1) in Biotechnology. Was a freelance writer for more than 4 years. Currently, working as a Business Development Associate at a local research...
  3. R

    Hiring people at a young age.

    Hey, I'm new here! I used to use Stack Exchange and it's different communities.... but those people are not very nice about their answers, and too much criticism is involved. Anyways, I hope this is better! Background: So, I am 15 and I have a conglomerate that I own and am leading. However, my...
  4. R

    RANT 16 years old enterpreneur losing motivation.

    So here is the thing. I started a web design business. I thought the hardest part was learning how to code and all that stuff. But it was just the beginning... After learning the principles of coding and confidently being able to say that I can make a website for a client. I found out that...
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