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  1. Rares

    In search of motivated people (develop skills together)

    Hello, I am 17 years old (living in Germany) and I perceived that it is very hard to find people who are interested in learning something new together for instance programming to enable the opportunity to do cool, innovative projects. All teenagers in my age are interested in taking drugs like...
  2. P

    Life, liberty and the pursuit of enterprenuership

    Such a very great book have finished it it's really more than something thank you MJ, amma go through it one more time back to back
  3. K

    Advice for a 22 year old “entrepreneur baby”

    Hi guys, hope all is well, my name is Khalid, I’m a 22 year old male from the UK. I’m almost done with the millionaire fast lane and one word ‘wow’. I’ve just graduated from my masters in Law as well as already having a degree in undergrad too. As you can tell I’ve been following the “scripted”...
  4. M

    [Progress Thread] Journey From Failure to "Overnight" Success 4 Years in the Making - A 17 Year Old's Process

    Greetings fellow Fastlaners, my name is Garv and I am a 17 year old from Canada currently starting my 6th (or 7th, I can't really remember) "business venture." I like to think that I am a person that never gives up, because I've had more failures (I see them as learning opportunities) than the...
  5. Salih Whale

    UNscripting myself

    This is my story and I really seek some solid advice! I'm 17 years old. Born in Iraq and am still in there while writing this! I was abused by my parents, got into labor as a 13-year-old child when ISIS captured my city. Once all that was over I went back to school. And now my family wants me...
  6. Hitch-hiker

    The European exchange programme for Entrepreneurs

    Hi! I haven't found any information about "Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs" programme in this forum and I thought it might be valuable for some of you. You can read more about the programme in its official website: The programme and its benefits - Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs If you are...
  7. Om4rdev

    Have a problem with my family

    Hello community, I am new, I am from Peru, I would like to tell my story but it is boring and long so I will summarize that: by the standards of my society I was a little genius and now I am a failure in the eyes of my parents and my friends. I begin by saying that when I finish school, I...
  8. Jeysankar


    Hi everyone in the fastlane forum. I am 19 now, doing Course in Electrical Engineering. I came here after I read 'The Millionaire Fastlane'. It changed my perspective in a much broader way. So i have decided to start startup at age 23 right after graduation. But i am looking for what venture I...
  9. Kal-El1998

    New Here! What Vehicles Are You Using For The Fast Lane?

    Hey guys I'm new here. Freshly out of college and ready to get hustling! I have a CS degree so I'm more than well versed in building websites which might be a way to make some money quickly. However...something I picked up on in the book was this idea of recurring income/ multiple sources of...
  10. Zooman009

    I'm 18...

    Now I want to get two things out of the way. First, I know I'm eighteen and have a long life ahead of me. Second, I'm moving somewhere for two years where I won't be able to do anything on the internet or do business in probably fall 2021. So that takes me to where I'm on what feels like a time...
  11. C

    Just a young entrepreneur who is looking for people who are as ambitious and hungry for success as he is to talk to and get to know

    Hello there, my name is Connor and I want to be a very very very wealthy businessman, innovator, and philanthropist. I am learning how to code and love it quite a lot. When I get really good at it, I'm gonna start creating mobile apps to help and bring value to people and am going to create a...
  12. ryjohn829

    Is Rags to Riches real?

    I’m 17 years old (turning 18 in 2 weeks.) I live 15 miles north of Boston. In MJ’s books he brings up how all of us who can access clean water have it good. I’m not here to throw a potty potty bc I live in a relatively nice house with an in ground pool. All of this came before my dad died (age...
  13. C

    Who am I and why I am here?

    Hello, my name is Connor and I am 16 years old. The reason that I joined The Fastlane Forum is about the same way everyone else joined. I was reading The Millionaire Fastlane, found out that this forum existed, and joined because I wanted to see what this new place that I have never seen could...
  14. Tomipiccoli99

    Personal finances to start..?

    I was recently on my computer looking for web design courses and I see a lot of personal finance ads which led me to research each of them and the tools they offer This are my questions: Are they a good basis before starting a business? How many members here have done any? It would be great if...
  15. D

    Previously successful young entrepreneur. Failed hard, I need your advice.

    I love being an entrepreneur. I have ever since I was age 12 and made my first £££ - I made a website using skills I'd taught myself for my uncle. He was impressed and after seeing that first lil bundle of cash and being proud of my work (and seeing it be used for actual business!) I knew my...
  16. Grahamn117

    Meet Me and My New Recruitment Idea

    Introduction: Firstly, let me introduce myself ( I know there is a separate section for this, but you will need some context before I expose the main bulk of the thread), I'm 21 years old currently studying for a marketing management degree in the UK. I'm undertaking my third year of study...
  17. D

    How to make money on a dropshipping facebook groups any ideas?

    Hello, I’m na 18 yrs old guy from Poland and i currently have 3 biggest Facebook groups about dropshipping in Poland two of which I’m a co-owner and one which i own. I created these groups about 3 years ago in these years they gathered collectively almost 15 thousand members. As of today I’ive...
  18. T

    Building my first office.

    I'm just starting out on my journey and I've decided to turn a room in my house into my office for now. Any suggestions on what I should get? Any answer is appreciated. Thanks in advance, Thomas.
  19. Upeksha

    I'm Upeksha

    Hi everyone, I'm Upeksha from Sri Lanka. I guess I'm a cross-disciplinary human being. Graduated from Northumbria University, UK with a BSc. (Hons 2:1) in Biotechnology. Was a freelance writer for more than 4 years. Currently, working as a Business Development Associate at a local research...
  20. Vadim26

    Joining fastlane. Introduction. In the “Idea stage” and terrified to start

    Hello insiders and MJ, here is the short intro about me with highlights: ——— 22-year old International student residing in Vancouver B.C., Canada. Originally from the coldest city in the world, “Yakutsk” (Russia), where I’ve spent my childhood and high school years. Been competing in swimming...

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