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  1. Damien Boss

    Hello Everyone !!

    My Name is Damien Doumer, I'm a software engineer from Cameroon, currently leaving in France. I love to code, and I have a blog where I have been sharing articles and tutorials frequently for years now. I've read all of MJ Demarco's books and I love his authenticity, I'm a big fan. I've pursued...
  2. tamkey

    Aspiring entrepreneur and passionate about logistics

    Hi everyone, My name is Tamara, I'm 28 years old, half Swiss-half Argentinian (grew up mostly in Argentina) but I've been living in France for the past 5 years. While I lived in Argentina I was studying Marketing and International Commerce (that's when I discover I loved logistics!) and...
  3. curious_sage

    Here I am, nice to meet you!

    Hi there and hello, amazing ladies and gentlemen. I've discovered this forum by chance, but what a chance it is! My name is Katsarina and I became 18 this year. I live in Belarus, so my native language is obviously not English. Pardon me for any mistakes. As a child, I was what you would call...
  4. Iulian Costea

    This is my welcome post

    Hello to everyone, my name is Iulian, I'm 24 years old and I'm the owner of a digital advertising and video production agency in Italy. I love the entrepreneurship and I'm happy to be in this forum. In this moment I'm reading "The millionaire fastline" and I love the book. What about you...
  5. T

    Fastlaners and future-fastlaners, how are you doing?

    Hello everyone on the forum, My name is Tom - I decided I would join this forum after reading MJ DeMarco's book 'The Millionaire Fastlane'. I learnt many things from that book; props to Marco. I am currently a student, and I live in the South Island of New Zealand. So that's about all I have...
  6. Olumide

    Hello, I'm new here

    Hello, I'm Olumide from Nigeria and I currently work as a software developer. I'm looking to build a business that meets a need in my community over here, still gathering my requirements though. A friend of mine recommended Fastlane millionaire (the book) to me and I'm currently reading up. I've...
  7. T

    Hello from Poland, which way to fastlane?

    Hi everyone, my name is Tomek (Tom, 25). I'm happy to join the Fastlane forum, I know I'm in elite now, but I hope that I can help you somehow too. Something about myself: I'm not on the fastlane yet, I just have cleaned up my life from university, I found the job which doesn't engage me too...
  8. devo121

    new to this forum

    Hello, My name is Brandon. I'm 34 years old and live in Scottsdale, Arizona. I used to sell real estate, but I knew writing had a stronger purpose, so in August 2016 I quit my job, sold my car, broke my lease, and completely started over as a writer. I love the risk-taking and...
  9. H


    I am a 28 years old African from the Democratic Republic of Congo living in Britain since 2008. French and Lingala are my native languages so forgive me for any English grammatical or spelling mistakes. I originally moved to the UK to go to university where I wanted to study Engineering. I was...
  10. Joe Bennett


    My name is Joe B. I live in Michigan, my wife and I are empty nesters and we're getting prepared for a change. I've just been passed over for a promotion to Chief Operations Officer and I refuse to put my career in somebody else's hands any longer! So, here I come. Looking forward to the...
  11. MorpheusX

    Hi !

    I'm quite new to this forum, and I don't want to write a essay instead of introduction so I'll be brief. My name is Janusz, I am 26 years old, I recently graduated from economic school, in the past I had some business ( smaller or bigger) but I'm still not a millionaire, I have to keep trying...
  12. O

    Fastlane Noob Introduction

    Hi everyone. I read TMF and I'm on my way to completing Unscripted. TMF truly connected with me and my thoughts of working 5 for 2 and barely getting by (which I realized at age 17 when I started working). I read TMF twice so far and I am eager to start my fastlane journey. I am now 24 years...
  13. N

    Im on a wild ride

    Hi guys, Firstly i want to thank anyone for taking the time to read this as i can ramble a bit at times. Basically i have been interested in business for about 3/4 years (im 22 now, please don't tell me i have plenty of time :) ); I read some stuff and got involved in my community and looked...

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