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New Contributor
Aug 1, 2016
Hi guys,
Firstly i want to thank anyone for taking the time to read this as i can ramble a bit at times.

Basically i have been interested in business for about 3/4 years (im 22 now, please don't tell me i have plenty of time :) ); I read some stuff and got involved in my community and looked out for young people who were running their own businesses. This led me to events and i manged to throw 8 in total ( 3 were on my own) and mentored others with the skills i learnt.. but i hated the business it was stressful ,sure, the people weren't the best to deal with ,again sure, but what urked me most is that i didn't feel like i was on a good path toward my goals.

I started a business doing catering shortly after with a partner, things fell through with him and now i run the business solo but the motivation to work in that industry, again, isnt what i want to be doing although i still run this business now and still have clients.

Right now im moving into doing some web development for a client in the healthcare sector using the skills i learnt while running the previous businesses and hopefully this is an entry to another stream of revenue i can be involved in(it feels like there is a better opportunity to scale rapidly).

Basically i have a brief plan mapped out for the industries i want to be involved it which are :

Artificial intelligence
Space travel

I feel these are industries i would like to fund research in and start companies in but they require a pretty high amount of capital to make any real dent in.

SOOOO... If i could provide my services for anyone that could provide me with some experience and knowledge in some interesting ways to build scalable business i would really be grateful to them. Currently im dipping my toes in alibaba as i believe that product based business is better to scale than service based.

Ps. I mentioned scalability quite frequently in this post, what i mean by that is something that has the ability to move around large amounts of revenue at one time
eg. Making 5000 with catering requires lots of marketing, staff, and payed staff hours per client and at the moment im limited to where i live to oversee it properly.

Something like buying and selling products i would buy 1000 of something and sell for 5 dollars the only time i need to put in is to run the marketing campaign and doing the website and customer feedback ( much higher returns per hours spent)

Definitely open to suggestions as im green AF in all of this

Hopefully we can help each other with our goals and do some good for this planet :)
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