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virtual reality

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  1. J

    Virtual Tour Business, Marketing don't work

    Hello, i am 360 photography i make virtual reality application like virtual tours ( I also make Virtual Reality Training like this one here: View: ). My website is: NEW360 - 360° Fotografie, Video, Apps und Virtual Reality . I write cold e-mail (I...
  2. Andreas Thiel

    EXECUTION Let's Try 180 degree VR content creation

    Okay, after work and even during vacation days I don't have the strength to work on my procedural content generation SaaS authoring tool. I will return to that idea. It is the billion dollar idea, but I need something more approachable that I also care about for now. Using Blender to create VR...
  3. D

    Virtual Reality for Enterprise Solutions. - Help with feedback

    Hello Fastlaners!, I am working on my Extended Reality (VR/AR startup), and after several months of Research and Development, I've decided that instead of focusing in the Entertainment industry, I want to place focus on the Enterprise Industry. It is expensive to work on games that do not...
  4. Second Act

    INTRO From Academia to Fastlania: Second Act in my Life

    Growing up in Brisbane, Australia, I always wanted to be a scientist. Well, that's not quite true, but it's the story I've told myself for years now. I loved learning things, loved doing experiments and despite hating the idea of 'fame' I thought it would be cool if my name was in one of those...
  5. Xolorr

    Hyperrealities are TAKING OVER?

    Something popped up on an Instagram ad the other day, and it's really made me lose faith in humans with technology, but excites part of me, as well as confusing me with regard to it being a business opportunity or investment. So, there's a new platform coming around called Staramba, and it's a...
  6. Lex DeVille

    19 Crimes Talking Wine

    Been a fan of 19 Crimes since they launched their first labels. The storytelling is on point and they capture an awesome vibe. Now they're stepping it up again with Augmented Reality and talking wine labels. I haven't checked to see if other wines do this, but it's really cool and great for...

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