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  1. circleme

    Getting really good at fixing peoples problems with SaaS solutions, but...

    Hi guys, I've been training my problem-solving muscle a lot lately and I'm getting really good at it. I see problems everywhere and try to solve them with software - if possible. The result: many satisfied users. The problem: They are users, not customers. It's mostly MVPs that I launch into...
  2. C

    Starting agriculture business - idea validation

    Hi, some time ago I bought 9000 square meters of agriculture land (approx 2.2 acres for people accross the pond ;)) because it was a bargain in comparison to normal land prices here. I've always wanted to start a business outside my profession (programming) and here I saw the next possibility. I...
  3. M

    Introduction and Idea validation

    Hi, everyone, I am new to the Fastlane forum, I am currently working as a newbie software developer at a firm after reading the fastlane millionaire book, my whole point of view changed so I started to look for what problems I could solve I got an idea and I started prototyping it as you know...
  4. NMdad

    Need help finding B2B niche forums

    I need to do some problem validation for a B2B market--without doing a bunch of cold emails or cold calls. Ideally, I'd like to find & peruse forums where prospects are actively talking about their day-to-day problems. Reddit is OK for B2C, but not so much for B2B--it seems like most B2B forums...
  5. Andy Black

    What can YOU do to make a sale in 7 days?

    The main concept from “The 7-Day Startup” by Dan Norris is to launch in 7 days. I like to think you should be able to make a sale in 7 days. What each of us is able to launch or sell in 7 days is different. For example, if you need $50k to launch/make a sale but can’t access $50k in 7 days...
  6. C

    Totally confused about Idea/Solution validation for SaaS. Please help out

    Hi all, I'm a software engineer and I want to start my own SaaS business. I've understood that I should validate the idea before writing a single line of code. And here the nightmare begins for me. Last time I had a business idea: - I don't know, how I could convince a business to use my MVP...
  7. guidaccio05

    11 questions to test your idea and how to validate it next

    I'm currently in the process of validating two ideas, one being a membership group and another a lead generation business. So, I had to search how to do it and created a two-part method. Before trying this I would recommend running your idea through the CENTS framework. However, if you want...
  8. Morethan1

    Getting paid for waiting...

    I've been on and off the forum these past couple of years. Trying various different businesses and ideas. I'm back in the job market and while waiting on someone for a meeting I had an idea, what if the late guy paid me for making me wait for him? I figured I'm not the only one waiting on...
  9. HandcuffedLawyer

    Validation for Peer-to-Peer Marketplace

    Greetings from Fountain Hills, Arizona. I can confirm that both of MJ’s claims from Unscripted are true: (1) it is very sunny; and (2) the average age is 92. I finally got my wife to read the books, we’ve come up with a business idea, and now we're trying to come up with a sensible way to...
  10. Bitz

    Ideas = Assumptions ...How to validate?

    You have all have great ideas. You know those innovative business revelations that no one else has thought of or has executed on. You know the market. You thought out your brilliant idea. Maybe you even wrote a detailed outline on how it will work. You do a keyword analysis. You vet out your...
  11. A

    Idea feedback for a broken link checker

    Hi all! I’m a senior in high school interested in entrepreneurship and was looking to start a new venture soon. I'm hoping to validate an idea I had for an SaaS that solves the issue of broken links on websites. I’ve noticed that a lot of sites, especially those with curated lists, link to...
  12. jonahsr

    Unique E-Commerce Service - What do you think?

    I joined here a couple of weeks ago & already got so much value from reading many of the topics, so thank you all! I'm 19 years old & came up with a (IMO) value bringing service for e-commerce businesses. The concept is 360-degree product images WITHOUT hiring a photography studio. 360-degree...
  13. Surge5x

    Business Validation as a Service

    Hey everyone, I'm new here so if this isn't the right place to post this please let me know and I'll move it. I recently launched my latest venture which is a consulting business that helps entrepreneurs, investors and businesses validate business ideas. I've been doing this internally for the...
  14. PizzaOnTheRoof

    How To Stop Seeking Permission/Validation?

    I'll try not to get too sappy, but this is something that I have struggled with forever. I can never start or buy anything before it is validated by other people. Whether it's starting a business or making an expensive purchase, I always have the urge to seek out other people's opinions before...
  15. Geekour

    Share the latest methods for product and market validation

    I have a few ideas in mind for Ecommerce physical products. Curious what you all think as to what the most current and latest effective methods to validate and test a product/market need. I feel landing pages might piss people off / feel spammy when they find out you don't have stock and ask...
  16. PersistentlyHungry

    Struggling with soft-testing ideas? GET IN HERE!

    Hey folks, Much like you, I've struggled for a long time with soft-testing my ideas quickly and cheaply. I have recently came across an AMAZING tool which allows you to soft quickly and methodically - using the method that's been featured in "The Four Steps to Epiphany". These guys will...
  17. Gepi

    Very quick way of validating an idea to see if people pay for it

    Hi guys, This is an interesting and fairly easy approach to testing if your new software idea will be attracting paying customers. It is applying the concept of the "lean startup method" This is not new, but I thought I'd share it here because it works and gives you fast validation. Of course...
  18. NMdad

    From prototype to ...?

    Longtime lurker, first time poster. :) For an existing outdoor/recreation product, I've hacked together a prototype that's basically an add-on feature to the main product. (My prototype is an electronics thing--I'm not really an electronics guy, but the prototype works & does what I want)...
  19. maciejmyslinski

    Idea: SAAS that helps to really engage with clients through social media

    Howdy! I just listen to the entire UNSCRIPTED in under a week and it was one of the best books I ever read! Now, I value your time so let's keep it short. I have a business idea that originates from Gary Vaynerchuk's The Thank You Economy concept. Problem: Your company uses social media...
  20. TheEntrepreneurs

    The most important Idea validation questions

    Hey guys, how's it going? I'm not sure if it was already asked or not, but I would like to ask you what are the most important questions you ask yourself to validate a business idea? I would need to create myself a list so that when I get an idea to go through it and stop my mind wasting...