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teenage entrepeneur

  1. G

    How do I market my high school tutoring services (8th-10th grade)?

    I am an almost 16 year old boy, and I live in Norway. In Norway the school system is that 1st-7th grade is "child school" (elementary school), 8th-10th is "teenager school" (middle school?) and 11th-13th is "further school" (high school). I just finished 10th grade. I have always been really...
  2. trulyandres

    How I make $2.5K/month as a 17 year old in high school washing cars

    About three months ago I made a post on here asking the community how I can make money online as a teenage entrepreneur. I had started a dozen businesses, none of them successful, and wanted advice. A business I mentioned was some courses I had made. Someone commented something under my post...
  3. G

    First move with a bit of cash saved up but no skills? What is the absolute first step to allow you to provide value?

    What should be the first move to get you started making ENTREPRENEURIAL money? Is it coming up with an idea? Just learning a skill? If you already have a decent bit of money, and you have your basic necessities (food, shelter, clothes, etc) taken care of, what is the first step to start making...
  4. Zontora

    Mind of ambition, the foundation of success?

    Hello. I am a 15 year old teenager from Sweden, I strive for wealth because I’ve seen mediocrity and poverty. Neither is attractive to me. I’ve learnt the difference between poor, broke, mediocre, rich and wealthy. A poor person will never overcome their fear, and will alway stay poor. A broke...
  5. Grom

    What business to start at 16?

    Hi guys) I'm 16 and want to start a business, that will teach me valuable skills, and won't require a lot of time (because of school) 2 hours per day. It sounds foolish, but I saw it on YouTube and simply wasted my time. All I learned is that a good business model is a service-provided...
  6. BjorniKD

    I'm 14 years old. Any advice?

    I'm a 14 year old, who has just recently finished reading The Millionaire Fastlane. This forum is full of intelligent people, and I was hoping that their wisdom would be shared to me. My hobbies are lifting, reading, meditating, going on walks etc.. How could I start making money online? I've...
  7. L

    ACTION FAKING as a Teenager???

    I'm a 16 year old boy who is an aspiring entrepreneur and would obviously love to start REAL ACTION by making the Fastlane business (people who have read Unscripted would know). But I obviously can't since I'm too young to sign LLC Papers, Contracts, Accountants and physically make the business...
  8. S

    16 year old ai entrepreneur(hopefully soon)

    I’m 16. I’ve been coding games for about 2 years. Made some cool stuff but decided to pivot to ai about six months ago and have been doing web design for a couple weeks now. Enjoyed millionaire fastlane greatly and just read a book called go giver(highly recommend). Currently working on...
  9. G

    How are you supposed to start a business before you have any marketable skills

    I’m 14 and I have summer break right now. I want to dedicate this summer break to entrepreneurship and developing myself. I have though about learning coding and also about starting a YouTube channel (as you may see in my other posts). I know I am just 14 but I want to try to in some way take...
  10. anonyXOL

    Yes but what if you don't have the peace of mind needed for business?

    Hey! I'm new to this forum, I came here after reading the millionaire fastlane. Ok, I know the principles of wealth. I know how I'm supposed to attract money by providing value for a lot of people (scale) or providing greater value to a few people. I know the principles of business but there's...
  11. secretfastlane

    How to earn money as a teen in Europe

    Hello all, I'm a 16-year-old from Europe. I just finished high school and I now have until August 2024 to make €5.000 (nearly the same as $5.000) or I have to go to college say my parents - college is free though I have to point it out, still costs a lot of time (3 years). I'm wondering if you...
  12. envykyro

    PLEASE! HOW can i find people with an heavy self-improvement/entrepreneur mindset????

    I am 16 years old i have started building a website and perfecting my system…… Yes it is CENTS compatible. anyways i’ve tried everything. at the gym, at my college , social media….. i just CANNOT SEEM to find anyone with my mindset???? i am from the UK please guid me FASTLANE!
  13. Reynante Alvarez

    Good thing, bad thing: Who knows?

    An academic, hard-working, bright-futured child, at least that's how most people describe me. My childhood was focused on studying. During my childhood, free, government education tend my need for knowledge while my parents cared for my very, very, basic needs. We have no luxury for...
  14. JackMakesMovies

    Film Making or Entrepreneurship?

    Hey, my name is Jack and I'm currently 16 years old. I have owned an investment newsletter business which provided technical analysis of the major Australian blue chip shares, but this got shut down when local rules got updated :( . I also love to make short films and various styles of...
  15. mikecarlooch

    Got My First Sale On a New Product.. Now What?

    So I made a product where it's a club for teenagers that workout and it's a bunch of good information, videos, etc. All I did was put the link to it in my linktree links and out of no where I got a sale for a $8.95 recurring charge without even marketing the product. What should be my next steps...
  16. mikecarlooch

    How Do I Sell Without Selling

    I have an audience of about 30k on tiktok in the self-improvement niche, a youtube channel that is growing very nicely, and a solid instagram following of loyal followers. My question is - in MJ's book unscripted he recommended atleast 10,000 impressions or 1,000 clicks before calling it quits...
  17. L

    Introducing myself!! A little background about me and my goals. Hope I can have a moment of your time.

    Hey Fastlane Fam!! I am from the beloved Philippines <3 Please take a moment to read a short summary of me. As a student, I was never on the bottom yet never at the top. I did very minimal studying yet always had a place among the 'best in class'. I was never satisfied with simply memorizing...
  18. HADES

    Journey of change

    Hey everyone Just joined the community yesterday and glad i can be a part of it. I'm currently doing Youtube video's (about 34 subscribers) but not seeing any growth altough i'v been uploading pretty consistent for the past 8 months. I've done another channel with my friend but he deleted the...
  19. Akshay Kumar

    Is there any other way for a newbie freelance copywriter to get work without using upwork and other freelancing websites?

    Hi, I am looking to become a freelance copywriter. I was wondering if there any way for a teen freelance copywriter to get work initially without using freelancing websites. Because the competition there is just way too high. Moreover, I can't contact those clients directly to build a long-term...
  20. Jonathan S.Diaz

    How was your high school experience

    Hello, Fastlane Forum, and happy new year! I'm a high school student, about to enter senior year in a bit. I wanted to make this post because I have been battling high school for a while now. All I have wanted to do during this time was just drop out or find alternatives to it because dropping...