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small business

  1. Connor_Motivasis

    INTRO How's it Going Forum People :D

    Hey there, the name's Connor, A little about me, I'm 21 years old, I'm a front end web developer by trade but I'm going to school to get my doctorate in motivational psychology. I really enjoy learning and teaching about anything to do with motivation or the creation of small businesses. I'm...
  2. VicFountain

    INTRO Hey! I'm a 19 year old guy

    Hi everybody. I'm a 19 year old guy. I've always been fascinated by entrepreneurship since when I was a kid. At 13, I started graphic design in the gaming community. After 2 years of practice, I began earning money. I could earn money then, and I can't earn money now that I'm even older! After...
  3. Danny reds

    Office lease

    I would like some feedback from my friends on the forum. My Business is doing good and was able to move the business from out of my house to a office space that i'm now growing out of. The new office space i'm looking at is just a little over a fair price i think. What is usually negotiable...
  4. samsig03

    Got $10K? Amazon Wants YOU to Deliver Packages

    Basically Amazon wants to help you start a company delivering its packages for the last mile or so from the local Amazon fulfillment center. They will handle much of the back office stuff but will set standards for employee wages and benefits. Also you must scale under their guidelines. This...
  5. Schoonie

    INTRO New to forum, digital mktg agency

    Hey everyone, A customer of mine who runs a small digital marketing company from his house recommended the fast lane to me, and after finishing the book, I decided to become a part of the thread to learn what I could and be a part of a community of entrepreneurs. I just finished my degree in...
  6. PersistentlyHungry

    Small Country, Fastlane Business

    Hello fellow hustlers! At the moment, I live in a small country, which naturally limits market sizes in most niches. I have a few business ideas and I'm in the process of choosing which one to execute. My options: 1. 1st idea: Build a small online business in my small country, where I know the...
  7. jclean

    EXECUTION Next step ?! to create a Fastlane cleaning business

    A short introduction: I am 27 years old have two small kids and live in Belgium. (having two children gives your life purpose but it also is a lot harder to work on your business ) This thread has two main reasons: First i want to inspire people who are stuck or just beginning as an...
  8. Jeanne Gray

    INTRO Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone, i am new on this forum. Here to share some views about entrepreneurship and help others along the way
  9. Gigi Rodgers

    Amazon bought Wholefoods. How to the Mom & Pop Shops Pivot?

    Hey everybody! Heard the news that Amazon bought out Whole Foods yesterday, and I just bought a LOT of grocery store-like items from a company called iHerb (one of the ONLY U.S. companies that ships to China - my current location - without exorbitant shipping and import fees). If you are a...
  10. Everyman

    EXECUTION Andy Black Miyagi'd me to do it (aka How I am computerising my uncle)

    This is my first thread (don't count introduction). It took me 6 years after finding the book (not the Bible, THE BOOK - TMF) to start one. That's fast... Don't hit me. I needed a mission and vision statement. And a PowerPoint presentation. Not to mention business cards. There is no *bonus at...
  11. mindfulimmortal

    Amazon and Walmart Price War Provides Some Small Business Lessons

    An interesting article https://www.recode.net/2017/3/30/14831602/amazon-walmart-cpg-grocery-price-war about the price war Amazon and Walmart are in and how they are pushing their suppliers to cut their wholesale prices by 15%. A few takeaways that have some small business value: Walmart wants...
  12. S

    Any suggestions?

    Hello I have 18 yo and live in Poland I read book ''the fastlane millionaire'' but I have trouble because I live in small city and I don't have idea for business.. I just I don't know how product people need.. And I don't have money to employees who make passive income for me I only invest to...
  13. Stealth Mode

    EXECUTION Building a web dev agency

    Hey guys. A partner and I have been building a web development and service agency. So far, we've had a few contracts and we are looking to grow it into a full scale operation. We're focused on the sales side first since that is the weakness. We believe we can build a commission-based sales team...