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Dec 9, 2016
A short introduction:

I am 27 years old have two small kids and live in Belgium.
(having two children gives your life purpose but it also is a lot harder to work on your business )

This thread has two main reasons:

First i want to inspire people who are stuck or just beginning as an entrepreneur.
i made it to a good starting point.

In late 2013 i had my personal FTE i was working as an employee in a succesful family business
that distribute beverages to bars,restaurants...
a good job but hard labour did this 6 years.
the main reason i quitted was i had the feeling that i had more to offer.
( also was sick and tired to listen to other negative co workers).
I was becoming one of them. (scripted and stuck in cogwheel)
I had no money/also no debt.
I funded my small business selling my Bmw loved that car but understood that it wasn't helping to achieve my dreams.
So i slowly started my business (window cleaning) didn't now anything.
made mistakes, i also was still working my dayjob to keep paying my bills.

The first 2 years 2014,2015 i made about 30.000 in sales.
Still working as an employee.
in 2016 i became a full time entrepreneur +- 5000k each month in revenue.
in june 2016 i 'discovered' ebooks on audible i started listening and jumped to 12000k in in july.
and never went under 8000 a month.

Books like the e-myth,rich dad poor dad, Millionaire fastlane,pumpkin plan where real eye openers to me.

now in 2017 my brother started working for me, end of july we will have made 80.000 in sales.
Certainly not millions but you gotta start somewhere.

Second reason for this thread i want to learn of people that already achieved massive succes.

It seems to me that there are a lot of people come in to the forum ask a bunch of questions and a few days later they dont reply, or ignore the good advice given.
I have read a lot of good threads @IceCreamKid @biophase ...

i am grateful for every advice given. i am aware of the time that is taken to give an answer.
so thanks in advance !

Questions :
How did you systematized your business and wich tools did you used ?

In Belgium employees are expensive how do you discover the a type employees ?

My main goal is to keep expand my business and build a great team.
How do you keep teammembers motivated ?

Thanks !

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Feb 18, 2014
Hey Jens

Thanks for the thread, we already had a private discussion but to get this thread going I'm going to ask some things here. Hope it gives you traction as well. :)

How did you come to window cleaning? Any expertise or opportunity?

And how did u manage to grow your revenue after reading the books? Did you approached clients differently? Or picked An even smaller niche? Awesome to see that you doubled your revenue within the same year of reading!

As I used to work in HR. What kind of employee are you talking about? Cleaning personnel or administration etc.? Is there a need of already growing your employee base beyond you and your brother?

And do you bill by the job or by hour? Because if it's by the job, you could work with interns and fix jobs faster.

I'm vouching for you and as said before, I can see the beauty of the 'hand'service businesses compared to all the tech ones.

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