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  • Wanted to add one more thing... Copywriting (if you don't already do it) can help you write BADASS product descriptions. Better descriptions means a lot more sales.

    If you aren't familiar look into "benefit based selling vs feature based selling".

    Good luck dude... you are seriously kicking a$$!
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    Hey PTP:

    Just read your 1 year progress thread.

    I saw you mention college. As a college educated guy I have a huge recommendation:

    DON'T DO IT!

    A good backup plan? Providing VALUE. You already do that VERY well. You already have what you need.

    Don't lose 4 years for nothing.

    If you want a backup skill for freelancing though, id recommend copywriting and/or web design. You could easily charge $75+/hour.
    Hey PTP, I'm a 22 y/o in houston and I just read your progress post about your e comm. Honestly I look up to you and would love to get together if you're ever available just to talk and maybe gain some insight. Have a good day, man.
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