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  1. Barnet

    Why do I need to be more productive as a student

    Hello all, I am needing to complete a speech on the topic 'Why should we as yr 13's be more productive when entering the workforce?' I have got a couple if points which include, it increases the business/yourselves profitability. And, Your work ethic is increased . Just wondering if you guys...
  2. Fomo

    School as a business!

    I wanted to become a software engineer. But fortunately for me i started learning to code as early as 14. I'm fully self taught and took a few courses online. While in school i noticed a lot of students complain and hate school, why? I certainly don't have the answers. I noticed students love...
  3. Levin

    INTRO Hello from a 15 years old guy :D

    Good afternoon from Switzerland! I'm Levin, 15 years old, and I just joined the Forum I'm about to drop out of school, I just can't listen to this shit that my teachers tell me in school... May sound a bit radical, but look, what have I to loose? I have 3 years time now to build something...
  4. A

    High School Statistics

    Im in my senior year of high school and was put into a statistics class. I don’t need this class to graduate but Im still forced to take it. A lot of staff tell me that this class is very important for entrepreneurs and that it is a good opportunity to learn and prepare. My intuition tells me...
  5. redo123123

    INTRO Life is ironic

  6. Roli

    RANT Stay In School It's Not A Waste Of Time!

    Unpopular opinion coming in 3...2... So the zeitgeist at the moment is that school is a waste of time, at least three times a week we see young people coming on here and they're all excited after reading Unscripted or The Millionaire Fastlane and they're like that's it, f*ck it, I quit! Then...
  7. AshrafI

    WEB SCHOOL Problems You Will Face With Slowlane Parents

    Last week I was cold calling businesses who had no website and unfortunately; my mom had heard me from downstairs. She asked what I was doing and I hesitantly replied by saying I was playing a game with my friends, which was unusual to her as I normally don't play gsmes. She knew I was doing...
  8. Jon Rad

    INTRO+ 17yo ex Professional Gamer looking to go Fastlane

    Hello My Name is Jonathan Radeck im 17yo and live at my parents home in Germany Hessen. I used to play Videogames earning about 3800€ in about 2 Years Before quitting to pursue something Greater in my life. I sometimes played about 12-15 Hours a Day, well it wasnt just playing it was...
  9. Tony Tong

    INTRO Pausing School and Scholarship to pursue Entrepreneurship

    Hi Fastlaners, I am Tony Tony, based in Singapore and a final year college student. Since my conscription days 5 years ago, I've wanted to pursue entrepreneurship. However, I was met with many false starts (MLM, selling to friends, lying partners who took my money, scammy affiliate marketing...
  10. J

    INTRO Hello everyone! 18 y/old ready for takeoff

    Greetings to everyone here! I'm a guy who recently turned 18 and devoured both of MJ's books. The Mindset part was a really life changing experience in terms of what I want and what I'd like to do in my life. I always liked leading and helping people, I also enjoy looking for solutions because...
  11. S

    Can't avoid the Script right now

    Hi everyone, first of all I want to apologize for my english, I'm still learnin and I don't know if I'm writting this correctly. Wanted to start this thread for getting advice from all of you, tell me your experiencies at school when you were 16 years old (like me right now). I just feel...
  12. Aim_Goal

    HOT TOPIC The Benefits of College (other than making you more likely to get a job)

    Hello Fastlane Forum members. This is going to be my first post and I do so apologize for adding yet another post regarding college on this forum (I can almost hear someone yelling in my ear for why not to search in previous posts), though I briefly searched if there is a post similar to how I...
  13. Vegallan

    HOT TOPIC Should I Drop Out of High School?

    Whats up fastlaners, Recently I have been thinking of the decision on whether I should drop out of high school now and take the GED test (which is extremely easy), or to stick it out and try to get my teachers on my side. As far as high school goes, my grades at the moment are half F's and...
  14. Galaxy16

    What to do with school friends?

    Fuel for my success motivation are my school bullies. But I also had many friends. Like MJ DeMarco's friend who worked slowlane in Motorola. It is possible that The Millionaire Fastlane stressed my following question already, but I may have missed it out during reading. If so, I should...
  15. Fred Chevry

    Let's go back to school! (sort of)

    Can we come up with a "fantasy school week" for busy Unscripted Fastlaners? I think it would be great to structure the way we educate ourselves. Not only on business and money, but on everything that our "educational" system failed to teach us. Which topics would we study? How much time per day...
  16. Andy Black

    Nice Article: Is school preparing our children for a world that no longer exists?

    Nice short article. I met the author a few weeks ago and talked his ears off. I'll likely go into his school and talk to his class sometime, @Vigilante style. Is school preparing our children for a world that no longer exists?
  17. A

    What is Education? ~ A Message from my Heart

    Why do we have to learn this? I asked and heard this question asked, numerous times throughout my childhood - but never was anyone who asked it, including myself, ever met with any other answer than, "getting a good job". As if that is what life is all about, as if that is the reason you spend...
  18. airwalk111

    INTRO From USA

    Hello, I am happy that I am here to read and learn all that I can! Currently I am a high school senior and honestly the real world terrifies me, and being stuck in the rat race scares me even more. As of right now, I have been admitted to a near by engineering college, and my plan is to go for...
  19. A

    Specialize in Marketing or entrepreneurship?

    Hello everyone! I am 16, just graduated secondary school and am about to start polytechnic in the business administration course. I am able to choose which field to specialise in and I cant decide. Entrepreneurship is an amazing opportunity for me to really get first hand experience as to what...
  20. Spicymemer45

    My class "DESTROYED!" classical education doing ONE thing! (PROOF you don't need classic education)

    Hey all! Click bait worthy title amirite? ANYWHO! Before we start this thread is not to shame Public Education in it's whole (Just some of it) As you might have guessed from the title I am still biding my time in High School! Before I graduated I wanted to become the Valedictorian, I began...
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