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  1. samanthaa

    15, student in India with some questions.

    Hello! I am new to this forum. I am 15 and I want to be an entrepreneur and want to gain skills in the upcoming years. I am from India and currently in 10th standard. I am really confused about the subjects to choose in 11th grade. I love mathematics but i could either choose to PCM ( physics...
  2. SnowLava

    If You are a Student, Ditching Efforts in Studies Could be Your Biggest Mistake

    Hey folks, time for a story! So, after I read The Millionaire Fastlane (MFL) , I got my hands on Unscripted. In Unscripted, there's a part about school, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Teachers and parents, they're living by the script and want us to do the same, which is kinda average. My...
  3. T

    Thanks for all the answers

    Honestly thank you if you answered! I will take your advices and stop complaining. I edit the Post because I do not think that there will still be any new answers that will not tell somehow the same messages you guys already wrote. I do not think that there is much to say anymore, If you...
  4. SnowLava

    Hello, Abhigyan here (15, wanna-be-entrepreneur), with SOME QUESTIONS.

    Hello. As the title says, i am 15 and I am from India. I am currently in my 10th grade and in India that is considered a VERY important class by parents and teachers (despite it having no significance in later years). So i had some questions - 1. Should I focus just on school education in...
  5. PapaGang

    Making sense of bullshit college tuition: I made a tool

    "I had no idea it was going to cost $200k for my kid to go to college. He knows what he wants to pursue, and even though this is an insane amount of money, I feel like if we don't get loans we'll be cheating him out of his best chance for success. But this seems like so much. How can I know if...
  6. The One

    !!!????!!!! What would you SLAP yourself at 18 years of age? Hmmm? Or even younger????!!!!

    What would you tell yourself at 18? Any thing in your journey that lead to a tangent off course? The credit cards you would sign up to get those amazing points feature? (seriously, someone tell me about this) Any amazing programs you would watch? The best influencer of our (or your time) time...
  7. J

    Does anybody know an entrepreneur I can interview?

    I'm a 16-year-old who's been on self-improvement for 2 years and now, for a variety of reasons, I want to be an entrepreneur. The point is that I'm unable to be an entrepreneur right now for 2 main reasons: Given that I'm 16 I need juridical permission from my parents in order to be able to...
  8. FastlanerDoer

    15 year old who wants to live the Fastlane Dream

    Hey bois I'm Bryan, a 14 year old boy who lives in Indonesia. Turning 15 in a week, and recently finished reading TMF a couple of days ago. And for real it actually gave me hope and like a guide to making a Fastlane business and escaping the Slowlane scripted plan. I knew the book from Hamza, a...
  9. Ivan Koretskyy

    This is how the school system kept us in the slow lane.

    You probably have heard things like, “The A students work for the C students.” Which Carrie’s some truth to it, but what it really means is that the ones that didn’t follow orders and had the critical thinking to ask themselves: “Why am I learning this?” “Will this even help me in life?” “How...
  10. ivanagrace88@gma

    Hi i just wanted to introduce myself

    Living in Indonesia, 15yo girl,I just entered a vocational school and majoring in marketing(actually I only have an art background, but the internet is quite helpful) until finally I can be 1st in class.but it turns out I was wrong, my life didn't change just because I was 1st in class.I feel my...
  11. ohmamecr

    Leverage to escape of the system?

    I am 17 and im struggling to make my business as soon as posible to escape of the system and stop studying, and if i dont have nothing to do they not gonna let me drop out school, actually in a medium grade of management and company administration (they adoctrinate you more and teach you to be a...
  12. Barnet

    Why do I need to be more productive as a student

    Hello all, I am needing to complete a speech on the topic 'Why should we as yr 13's be more productive when entering the workforce?' I have got a couple if points which include, it increases the business/yourselves profitability. And, Your work ethic is increased . Just wondering if you guys...
  13. Fomo

    School as a business!

    I wanted to become a software engineer. But fortunately for me i started learning to code as early as 14. I'm fully self taught and took a few courses online. While in school i noticed a lot of students complain and hate school, why? I certainly don't have the answers. I noticed students love...
  14. Levin

    Hello from a 15 years old guy :D

    Good afternoon from Switzerland! I'm Levin, 15 years old, and I just joined the Forum I'm about to drop out of school, I just can't listen to this shit that my teachers tell me in school... May sound a bit radical, but look, what have I to loose? I have 3 years time now to build something...
  15. A

    High School Statistics

    Im in my senior year of high school and was put into a statistics class. I don’t need this class to graduate but Im still forced to take it. A lot of staff tell me that this class is very important for entrepreneurs and that it is a good opportunity to learn and prepare. My intuition tells me...
  16. redo123123

    Life is ironic

  17. Roli

    Stay In School It's Not A Waste Of Time!

    Unpopular opinion coming in 3...2... So the zeitgeist at the moment is that school is a waste of time, at least three times a week we see young people coming on here and they're all excited after reading Unscripted or The Millionaire Fastlane and they're like that's it, F*ck it, I quit! Then...
  18. AshrafI

    Problems You Will Face With Slowlane Parents

    Last week I was cold calling businesses who had no website and unfortunately; my mom had heard me from downstairs. She asked what I was doing and I hesitantly replied by saying I was playing a game with my friends, which was unusual to her as I normally don't play gsmes. She knew I was doing...
  19. Jon Rad

    17yo ex Professional Gamer looking to go Fastlane

    Hello My Name is Jonathan Radeck im 17yo and live at my parents home in Germany Hessen. I used to play Videogames earning about 3800€ in about 2 Years Before quitting to pursue something Greater in my life. I sometimes played about 12-15 Hours a Day, well it wasnt just playing it was...
  20. Tony Tong

    Pausing School and Scholarship to pursue Entrepreneurship

    Hi Fastlaners, I am Tony Tony, based in Singapore and a final year college student. Since my conscription days 5 years ago, I've wanted to pursue entrepreneurship. However, I was met with many false starts (MLM, selling to friends, lying partners who took my money, scammy affiliate marketing...