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  1. HJP

    How to get more 'premium' clients?

    Hi, Last year I started a web design company and it's been going pretty well. I've had a couple dozen clients, plenty of 5 star reviews and all is well. However I'd like to move to more 'premium' clients in the hopes of getting paid more per job, at the moment I am getting around £550 per job...
  2. rishj

    Reselling products to make profit!!

    let me give you a short intro im a 15 year old boy from India. So there's a site which offers cheap product (like alibaba) but their are a lot of people who doesn't know how to market their products and reach out to the right audience via facebook, google, instagram ads. I've some experience in...
  3. A

    Software in business

    Hi fastlaners ! I need to figure out if any business owner/freelancer here was struggling to find the right software to run your business ? So please be straightforward and answer these 3 questions : - Where did you found the softwares you are actually using (recommandation?social...
  4. D

    How do I sell these courses?

    Hey Fellas, I've got my hands on courses of Luke Belmar [ Capital Club ], Andrew Tate [ TRW ] and others as well. I wanna sell them, but don't know where and how get i started?
  5. L

    iOS and Android apps devs. How do you create all sizes of icons for app stores?

    I have a solution that generates all sizes required with just one click. Would be interested to know how do you handle it now. View: View:
  6. KJFast

    Making very little sales and not sure about long term with current business - Advice?

    Hello guys, I’m not making much profit on my current business and sales are slow. It’s a really niche market. Was wondering if I should just keep it idling then focus my energy on another business, I was thinking to do what Lex did with digital products. Currently my business has outgoings of...
  7. General JB2006

    Is developing a video game (As an indie team) to make a TON of money a viable path?

    Most indie devs make games just for the sake of it but, what if you have goals of making money with the game you're gonna make? This question sounds stupid as there are a lot of successful indie games out there that made a ton of money. Examples like Hollow Knight, Minecraft, Terraria and some...
  8. Yissou

    I would like more explain about ....

    Hi, i read the second book "unscripted". Now i still would like fews explain about things that i may not really understood, anyone can explain me: 1) how does he want us to pay our bill? to hear him say that he lives in a world where he doesn't pay, what would have happened if he hadn't...
  9. serverless

    College or Trade School? Should I make the jump?

    I recently started my freshman year of college studying accounting and I am absolutely miserable. I was pushed by my family and other peers to attend college even though I wanted to go to trade school in the first place. I am thinking about dropping out to go and attend trade school as I can see...
  10. PhongNguyen

    I need to find consulting businesses in several countries

    I'm planning to expand my company's distribution channel to several countries and I'm in need of finding consulting firms in those countries to help me with the process of expanding while also giving me useful professional advice. Thank you all for sharing, hope you have a nice day.
  11. C

    I had an idea, I took the plunge, now I need your opinion.

    Hello, First of all I wanted to introduce my self : at the time i wrote this i'm a 17yo teenager, i wan't to underline that i'm french so you might found some faults in my text. The aim of my site is to help all athletes create their own workouts. To do this, the site asks users to take a test...
  12. M

    walking the walk

    i was thinking, does one have to walk the walk to sell a product or service? for example if someone is selling fitness products and as part of the marketing strategy gives fitness tips but isnt actually that fit, is it a no-no or is it like alex hormozi said that you being able to help others...
  13. J

    Is web development still valuable? - [Question]

    Hello there again. Currently, I'm learning how to set the backend of a webpage with Flask and then learn about Django. Is this still valuable for the market or do you think It can be easily done with an App/Extension and I should be spending my time learning other web skills?
  14. uhhfeef

    Is there a better way to reach more people?

    TLDR: I need to reach out to a lot more people so that i can polish my app quickly, based on their feedback. So I've been building a desktop application that solves a particular problem for a niche im heavily involved in. The good news is, i built an MVP that i was able to showcase to the...
  15. confuser

    repost of an idea i want thoughts on if anyone has the time

    i had a business idea which is similar to this website Art of Play is a Modern Wonder Emporium, a Place to Discover Magic basically the website just sells stuff that people make like individual small time artists or youtubers or whatever else, it raises attention to those peoples stuff and if...
  16. MRiabov

    Help me make a decision regarding my finances...

    Okay, let's figure this straight out. I am typically not the guy to action-fake, but here we are. I have been pondering the problem of how to make finances work, but either of fear or because each time I'm thinking I become distracted, I lose the thread and thus make no actions. Basically, I...
  17. Eudaemonia

    My struggle to find what I want to study, advice would be loved !

    Hello dear forum users, its actually my first time posting here and hope that from now on, i wont be only lurking around but interacting and hopefully one day also provide value to others. On to my main topic, I would say i have been convinced that the art of entrepreneurship is what interests...
  18. brosky

    In need of advice: I have money & time to invest, but no idea what to do.

    Hello friends, First of all I'm sorry if this isn't the best place to post a request for advice. I looked and didn't find an advice/questions section. Before asking my question, here's some quick context about myself. I've been a software developer for about 9 years now and I love tech and...
  19. J

    What's holding you back?

    Hey guys, I’ve been building a coaching business to help entrepreneurs over the past month, but have continually run into the same question. As an entrepreneur, what emotions or behaviors do you feel are holding you back from achieving your dream life?
  20. hysanhou

    Advice for a 20 year old med student

    Introduction: Hello I'm a 20 year old med student studying in a top 20 medical school right now. I've always been someone interested in self-improvement but only recently have I been concerned about business and making money, so keep in mind that I am a complete novice on this topic. After...