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  1. A

    Is it possible to be a Fastlaner with a franchise? (Being a franchisee)

    I wish I had known MJ and his books before purchasing this franchise… I moved to US 4 years ago with my family looking for the old and great “American dream”. Not that it matters for this discussion, but just a quick FYI: legally! I had a pretty decent life in my home country. I owned a...
  2. S

    Would you use structured data?

    Hi Fastlaners, Been a few months since I joined and still working on viable business ideas. As I wrote in my introduction, I have several years of experience with data, so ofc this is an industry in which I have most confidence. I don't want to go in too much details, but most places where I...
  3. P

    I need Help

    Hello Everyone I wanted to ask if you have some ideas to get rich, I read a lot on the internet, but nothing really seems good to me. I feel shame for even saying this because most of you probably would say if you think hard enough you will find it, but I really don't get it I really invested...
  4. opticalillusion

    Networking at 14

    Hi there, I'm currently on my way to learning the skills required to go Fastlane (I want to be a web developer) once I turn 18 (in 4 years) and I was wondering what a good way would be to network at this age? I tried, however, in their TOS it states that you have to be 18. The...
  5. Mastruix

    Abundant Info over the web, where do I start?

    Hello. My name is Hayder and I’m 16. I’m quite new to this fastlane, slow lane, business thing. I started by watching videos by Hamza and meditating, grat journaling, and of the such. It is going great so far; I’ve had a few hiccups but consistent so far. Then, I saw videos by Mark Tilbury, Gram...
  6. E

    13 Year Old Entrepreneur Asking For Advice

    Hey guys, I'm a 13-year-old entrepreneur who mowed lawns this summer. I'm learning about digital marketing right know. I've read Unscripted and The Great Rat Race Escape both awesome books. I'm looking to start now my CENTS business. I just still can't get business ideas. I've applied the stuff...
  7. N

    Im a 14 year old aspiring entrepeneur but I need help

    Hi, My name is Nicolas, i was born in Spain, I am 14 years old, I read Unscripted when I was 12 years old, The Great Rat Race Scape when I was 13, I read each one of them for at least 5 times. I always knew something was wrong with people and I always felt different from all my friends that...
  8. RommelMe

    Feeling Stuck.

    It's been 3 months since i read TMF and decided to go the entrepreneurial route, i'm a broken 18-year-old kid that still lives with their parents, and it has been tough, not economically as i still have people taking care of me, but all the things i have tried so far have failed miserably, my...
  9. mikecarlooch

    How do you figure this out?

    Hey ! I have a question - how do you figure out what industry leader's business models are dependent on? Let me know if anyone has any good strategies to figure out these things. Thanks!
  10. E

    My Introduction and First Questions

    Hello everyone! My name is Eli Ingrum. I am from southern Illinois. I just finished reading The Millionaire Fastlane and I am super excited about beginning my fastlane journey. I am also stoked about learning from all of you guys on here! I do have a few questions though: 1. I am not...
  11. Clinton7

    Any tips for sending outbound emails?

    Any tips on increasing my open and conversion rate with emails?
  12. mikecarlooch

    Is Ego Good Or Bad?

    I got a kick in the face recently from a book I read called Ego Is The Enemy Most of my life since the beginning of highschool I've been extremely egotistical. I'm not afraid to admit it because It's true. A lot of people have told me it's a bad thing, and some tell me it's a good thing to be...
  13. mikecarlooch

    What Is Your ONE THING?

    After recently reading a thread about work ethic by @MTF (a gold thread on the inside), I picked up the book he recommended within the thread titled "The One Thing" By Gary Keller and read the whole thing. An awesome and fascinating book. Within the book, Gary poses a "focus question" which he...
  14. Danny_Cox

    EUREKA MOMENT: Is It Possible To Do The Impossible?

    Good morning Fastlaners, I posted the following yesterday after getting inspired by the "Astonishing Secrets" thread, in which @IceCreamKid revealed @Zen*******'s greatest lesson of all— LOVE THE HELL OUT OF OTHERS AND YOU WILL EVENTUALLY HAVE ALL THE ICE CREAM YOU CAN EAT. Sounds great...
  15. Bing

    SaaS Exit: Who has sold, and how did you value your company? Multiplier, EBITA, profits, projected-vs-trailing rev?

    Does anyone here have any experience selling (or buying) a SaaS company? How did you value it? In my research I've found such crazy ranges of valuation that mix revenue-vs-profit, trailing-vs-projected and multipliers from 3-15x. Depending upon how you do the math a $5m/year company with 10%...
  16. mikecarlooch


    Hey guys, I have a question. So I've got a nice size audience on social media who i've never really sold to much. Never promoted a company or anything. Today I got an ad from a supplement company I like that was offering 30% commission on every sale i make on their supplements in exchange for...
  17. mikecarlooch

    Taming Your Focus

    Over the past 2 years, I've noticed how much focus has affected my ability to perform at my best. Without focus, and constantly getting distracted, nothing gets done and because I'm so distracted by SO many things sometimes and it makes me feel like my brain CAN'T work all of a sudden because...
  18. thomasdao

    Delegate UP?

    Hello entrepreneurs, I have a question regarding delegation, specifically delegating up (tasks that you can't/don't know how to do). How do you make sure that the person that you delegate to is doing a good job without becoming an annoying micromanager? For example, if I don't know Spanish and...
  19. Gleb Feder

    Need your feedback - product for entrepreneurs

    Hi! My name is Gleb and I want to do a product for entrepreneurs to boost their productivity. I'm at the very beginning now, I have an idea and want you to give me feedback. Please don't be afraid to offend me, I need criticism. I will be grateful for any ideas and comments...
  20. mikecarlooch

    When Is It a Good Idea To Get a Sales Job?

    I’m wondering and I believe others may find value from answers to this question as well. I came across an “opportunity” to work a sales job for a local entrepreneur who I look up to. Although, there’s something holding me back from going after it - My goal is a fast lane business I don’t...

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