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  1. Siddhartha

    WEB SCHOOL 27 minutes or less: How to cold call prospects while dealing with a dayjob?

    Howdy all, Lately I've been re-engineering myself to create value, and right now in my journey, I have an interesting problem in uncharted waters. I'm working to develop a real web-design business from the ground up. To do this, I'm working on filling my pipeline via prospecting and winning...
  2. Lex Love

    Use Variety in Your B2B Inside Sales (Videos, Hand-Written Letters, etc.)

    B2B selling is becoming more and more complicated and customers are doing more of the sales process on their own than ever before. These folks are becoming increasing resistant to giving their time to yet another pitch, and catching attention early and powerfully is critical to earning an...
  3. Crazy GG

    EXECUTION 90 Day Cold Calling Challenge

    Hello everyone! I will be making a 90 Day Cold Calling challenge where I will call local businesses for 3 months straight on working days. With this, I hope to change my life so stakes are high... I will be posting updates at the end of each day. P.S.This is inspired by @Vilox legendary post...
  4. Jonny Blaze

    Sales Prospecting Question

    Hello all, So I have posted to this forum before about my personal clothing brand, so far I'm very pleased with the support and interaction I have been getting with social media and in-person events. So I decided to try and get a job at a local print shop so I could work on my screen printing...
  5. EdwardSavage

    Can I use someone else's site as an example?

    Hello, As I am starting in web design, I do not have a consolidated portfolio that I can use as an example for prospects. Would it be okay if I linked potential clients to a website not created by myself, if I know I can make something similar?
  6. J

    To write a letter, or to hire a writer....

    Ok, here's the situation. I'm working a sales job. I took the job to get better at selling. This is an "earn while you learn" experience. I see an angle. I see an opportunity to (maybe) apply leverage by prospecting an area my new colleagues may have overlooked. My idea is to test my theory...

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