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  1. Emperor7

    Anyone know how to locate this podcast?

    Good day. I was reading a thread about @Kak podcast. Where can I find it? It would be beneficial to some of us here :praise:
  2. C

    Easiest way to record a podcast with GOOD sound quality?

    So I’m a bit annoyed right now… Decided to start recording some podcast to go along with my business. Bought an external mic for my iPhone 11 and iPad 5th gen. The mic CLEARLY said in the description that it works for both iPhones and iPads. Plugged it into both and neither one would detect...
  3. sofia.elizarova

    Any great podcast or book recommendations?

    As I'm reading The Millionaire Fastlane's chapter about learning, I'm realising that I can really squeeze a little more learning into my daily activities (Toilet University anyone?). I'm a 20 year old co-founder of a generative AI startup. Do you have any recommendations for great books and...
  4. T

    Podcasting CENTS?

    Seems like podcasting doesn’t fit the cents criteria - has anyone built a fast lane business around a podcast? Seems like internet companies in general/ social media influencing would violate E, right? i couldn’t find the answer when I searched but curious what the consensus is. Thanks!
  5. arguino

    Fastlane Podcasts

    Hey Fastlaners, What are some of your favorite podcasts? I'm looking to get inspired and get new ideas brewing in my head. I want something I can listen to while working out, preferably related to the Fastlane! Easily one of my favorite podcast episodes is Lex Fridman interviewing John...
  6. PureA

    Fastlane Finance Youtube Channels/Podcasts?

    What are favorite finance (managing money etc) youtube shows/podcasts that are Fastlane approved? Just something to put on during downtime. No stop drinking Starbucks and save for 50 years nonsense. Share.
  7. MTF

    Let's Get MJ on Andy Frisella's Podcast

    So this is inspired by a conversation from the random thoughts topic in which I suggested MJ could be a guest on Andy Frisella's podcast: If you don't know who Andy Frisella is, check out his old business podcast MFCEO and listen to his new social commentary one Real AF. Andy is an...
  8. MJ DeMarco

    Central Hub: Podcast Interviews with MJ DeMarco

    I've probably done 100s of interviews over the years, but the sad fact is I never really post them here. I will start to do so in this thread so there can be ONE CENTRAL location for all of them, so if anyone wants to binge watch a bunch of Fastlane content, they can do it all from here...
  9. Black_Dragon43

    Starting The Best Marketing Podcast in The World

    Yo team, 04.19.2021 I started keeping a journal, and it's been 100% transformational for my business. It helps remind me of my goals, keeps me on track, and also gets me to commit to the things that I want to do with full awareness of the price I'll have to pay to get it. And this latter part...
  10. Not Most People

    Creating, Launching, And Growing A Podcast From Scratch In 2021

    My goal in this thread is to share my journey of creating a podcast and growing it from scratch. Hopefully, some of you can find value in it. My own selfish reasons for doing this is that I know constructive feedback, suggestions, and questions will help me improve. Starting from scratch I...
  11. Vigilante

    How To Survive a Financial Disaster Like Unexpected Unemployment or Business Failure

    How To Survive Unemployment (from the Mind Your Business Radio Show) How to Survive Being Unemployed <----- PODCAST DIRECT LINK You also can find this special edition of the Mind Your Business podcast on nearly every podcast platform including Spotify, Apple, Google Podcasts, YouTube or where...
  12. Dracos

    Podcast Sponsorship - CPA model

    Hi Guys, I have a new supplement brand and I am about to structure a podcast sponsorship deal. I am wondering if anyone here has experience sponsoring a podcast using the CPA model? Thanks
  13. foodiepersecond

    Entrepreneur Podcast

    I was wanting to start an entrepreneur podcast with a twist. I was curious what questions you would want to hear from such a podcast both as an entrepreneur and someone from the outside. Is there a sweet spot on the length of the podcast and frequency? For those who have been on podcasts, were...
  14. ADR

    How the This Job Sucks podcast was started

    If you want to learn how we started, listen to WE DROP PODS. We discuss the making of the musical intro, building the recording studio, favorite moments and more. Here’s the link: View:
  15. S

    What is the Trend right now?

    I´m asking myself what business model everybody follows right now. At some point in time SEO was hot, then there was Podcast,and the latest trend i know of was Social Media Marketing. What is hot right now or is there no new trend at the moment?
  16. Sharun Kumar

    Naval Ravikant on seeking wealth and not money.

    I recently came across Naval Ravikant while listening to one of Joe Rogan's podcasts. He's an entrepreneur and angel investor, a co-author of Venture Hacks, and the founder of AngelList. He's a very clear thinker and his beliefs perfectly align with what MJ preaches. I've linked a video of his...
  17. BrooklynHustle

    How to Build A Million Download Per Month Podcast (AND WHY)

    Hi Guys, I'm back on a new mission to build a large, valuable, influential podcast and thought there would be value in sharing the process. Let me know... If there is interest, I will continue to update over time as I progress and figure things out. Why Podcasting? Over the long term, I...
  18. Andy Black

    Cal Newport podcast: Digital Minimalism

    Kinda scary what we’re doing to ourselves and our kids: What’s your biggest takeaways? What will you do differently going forward?
  19. MJ DeMarco

    Podcast: How to think like a millionaire (to become one!)

    Podcast I did some months ago, really enjoyed it! 220 | MJ Demarco | How To Think And Act Like A Millionaire Enjoy!
  20. Rawseed

    Starting a fiction podcast

    I need to stop lurking and action-faking. So, I've decided to start this thread. Reasons for this thread: To force me to map out a plan of action To hold myself accountable to my plan of action To allow other entrepreneurs to learn from my future successes and mistakes To encourage Devil's...