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  1. Subsonic

    How you can avoid huge consequences from small actions

    You all should know the concept of a DARE (Downside asymmetric risk event) We all understand how driving while drunk can potentially ruin a life. There is however more to DAREs. They can be evil and hide in situations many don't think about. I recently mentioned in the inside chat how one...
  2. Hartrun

    CHAPTER XII | Future Millionaire’s Journey As A Former Dishwasher

    CHAPTER XII: NOTHING TO LOSE "I don't want to die without any scars." ― Chuck Palahniuk. Part I: Progress Stats February's Financial Statement: Age: 20.4 Gross Income: $6,396 Net Income: $4,246 Assets: $7,495 Cash: $18,410 Expenses: $2,058.76 Debt: $12,000 Passive Income: $352 Net Worth...
  3. Matt Sun

    Cannabis Oil: Scripted vs Unscripted Health

    Hi, I'd read USA currently has and opioind crisis, so what i'm about to say is very relevant. Also that's what I would calle SCRIPTED health. Before starting, I must say I already got a ton fo value here, so i wish to give back what i can. As a side note, i'd like to change my forum username to...
  4. Thomas Chauvet

    Pains ? Health struggles ? Ask a Surgeon anything

    Hello everyone, I decided to start this thread because I keep lurking in here and I'm tired of getting this much value without contributing. I try to, but I have to say since I've done poorly in this field of fastlaning, I don't feel confident enough to give solid pieces of advice about...
  5. MTF

    Are You Weak? This Exercise Will Show You

    After physiological needs, the most essential need of every human being is security and safety. You can't thrive as an entrepreneur if you constantly fear for your life the way people living in a war-torn country do. However, if you're reading this, all of your basic needs are most likely...
  6. D

    This Article is a Good Reminder

    Granted I am extremely new to the field of entrepreneurship, I've already engaged the surface of the suffering process. I found this article today, and thought it would be a good read for people also in this process. The Hard Truth of Entrepreneurship: You Will Suffer - Cheers
  7. T

    What was your pain?

    This post is geared towards people who have had incredible results in a couple of months/years. Pain drives our actions. When "your pain is at max.level", you move your a$$. like never before My question to you is twofold and straightforward: What painful event(s) happened in your life? As a...