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  1. TCMorgan

    EXECUTION How I Hit 5-Figures Per Month in 90 Days During COVID-19

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've updated here on the forum, and I have had a WILD year so far! I'm going to share how I reached $10k+ per month consulting, how long it took me to get there (title might've been a spoiler...), and some insights into how you could pull this off, too...
  2. RazorCut

    Still Struggling to Get Started? See Nothing but Bare Walls? Don't have a Single Idea?

    I started this thread as a response to someone struggling to find a business idea and thought it might help a few more people if it was in its own space. So this is for you if you are finding it difficult to get started. If all around you you just see blank walls. If you have no draw to a...
  3. WenSuriNetwork

    INTRO Greeting to New Members

    Greetings All, I'm Motivated, Energetic, Outgoing and a Goal Seeker. I Enjoy Interacting with People and Helping Them to Get What They Need and Want. Our first priority in life must always be to develop an increasingly intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.
  4. brief

    Right mindset to become a full-time entrepreneur - how to think about opportunities?

    Hi everyone! I'm an entrepreneurial guy (not a full-time self sustaining entrepreneur yet) but I did some fun projects along the way. Most of them failed, some worked out. My best project thus far was a private camping next to a festival (basically in my garden) which made me 8k in profit over...
  5. dompie85

    Im either blind or opportunity avoids me

    Being stuck in an 8-14hr a day 5 days a week job; Ive been forced out of the "entrepreneur mindset/loop" for a little while now. Recently (like 5 month ago) been making a solid effort to get myself mentally primed again. At work, i've been able to educate myself on new topics (oil and gas in...
  6. Victor Cezar

    Endless Opportunity for you

    Hello Guys! I want to share with you all today some thoughts that I had during my way back from Miami to Brazil. Maybe could be good for some of you guys. So there we go. I was traveling at that time in Europe for a period to get new experiences, know new people and put myself out from the...
  7. FastLaner007

    List of NEEDS to fill thread

    Dear FastLaners, I am not sure if a thread exactly like mine here exists, if so please point me to that thread. I want to make it easier for all the 'doers' here to just find that occasional inspiration or the right idea/opportunity to execute on. Let's have a list of all the...
  8. YoungPadawan

    HOT TOPIC Should I Start a Vegan Business If I Don't Believe In It?

    So after my last business flop, I am looking at potential business ideas/needs and one industry that I think has a lot of potential opportunities is the Vegan market. The thing is... I'm not Vegan, and I don't plan on becoming Vegan. (I love steak and hamburgers too much) The fact remains: the...
  9. ANR

    Let's Talk Circular Economy

    Opening this thread to talk about the opportunities to do with implementing a circular economy. The BASIC Principle of Circular Economy: Designing your systems so that your waste outputs are the beneficial inputs for another process. Some good companies/resources to check out...
  10. Salama2017

    RANT Running Away From Alibaba and Amazon

    If you have read Unscripted, you'll understand why sourcing from Alibaba and then selling on Amazon is such a slow-lane idea. On page 249, MJ talks about how this idea violated the commandment of entry. I tried doing the same (sourcing from Alibaba and selling on Amazon) but stopped halfway. I...
  11. BrooklynHustle

    Problems = Opportunities. Advice from a Billionaire.....

    Fits right in with @MJ DeMarco's way of thinking. The more you can open your eyes to problems in the world around you, the more potential opportunities you will uncover (Of course you need to take action & solve 1 of the problems to release the potential) Figured the forum would appreciate...

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