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Mar 9, 2016
Hi, if you're struggling to come up with something I like creating my opportunity table once in a while. Don't make it a moan table, focus on stuff you can do or influence. Here I filled in lots of ongoing trends that should create some some ideas, some I have pre-filled in for inspiration. Please fill the endless gaps. Enough ideas and opportunities should arise. Good luck and please help to create a BETTER future, that is what we should focus on! Avoid joining the mega corps that offer you JOBS to create tech for our enslavement!
You can personalise this table as well wrt. individuals or target groups e.g. "childrens' educational standards will carry on steep decline", "Johnny will graduate in 5 years"...

Trends or ongoing and upcoming changes, natural or artificial (Problem)OpportunityProductService
Increasing InflationBuy or deal in hard assetsGold, antiques, cars, artBroker, agent, source real assets
Increasing Tax BurdenCreate parallel society under common law. Slaves must work harder and longerCreate ordinary products, de MONERO, PIRATECHAINAny service, decentralise

Any convenience services that sells anay management service to rat racers (kids, food, admin etc)
Commodity Boom, Bond and Stonk BustSpeculate
Increasing indebtedness on all levelsDefaulted on collateral
Loss of jobsAmple low skilled low wage workers
Automation and AIPersonalised 1:1 bizs, provide the tech of human enslavement
Increasing Deficits, gummint and personalBanking, loan sharks
Failing HealthcareAlternative Healthcare

Privatise government assets
Deteriorating Infrastructure4x4 vehicle sales,
End of tourism,

Continued restrictions or pricing out of travel and tourism
Aircraft, ship and train scrap yards, recyclinWrite a bok about the good times
Deteriorating Energy Supply and SecurityEnergy efficient residences
Energy shortagesAlt. energy sources
Increased and sustained death rates among vaxinated folksCheaper real estate, sue pharma corps
Increase in government and corporate surveillanceMove out of cities, provide the tech of human enslavement
Increase in government regulationJoin the gummint as a policy wonkAutomatic enforment technologyEnforcement scum
Decrease of personal freedom and liberty and using these as a reward
Furthering of Green Agenda irrespective of economic impactEducate about reality
Promotion of socialist and communist ideology or implementation of suchCurrent system self destructs faster
Decrease in life expectancyUndertakers, asset liquidations
Increase in awareness on the evil of government and large corporationsCreate alternative free markets and societies
Increase in Fascism/PPPAwaken people
Decrease in human attention spanFurther new apps and moronic entertainment
Sustained campaign for global ID programmes
Decline and empoverishment of the middle classPush alcohol or drugs, cheap entertainment, liquidate their assets
Deterioration of urban areas and govt servicesMove out, sell weapons and security
Increase in crimeSecurity Protection Business
Supply Chain disruptionsAlt supply chains and transport
Decline of Christian ReligionLots of real estate, need for new religions or spirituality, cults
Meat products are being phased outMove away
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