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new business idea

  1. Kak

    Someone Needs To Do This Instead of Copywriting

    I came across a very real opportunity for someone to make great money and grow a very tangible and real business. Thought I’d pop in and share since there’s ironically been a bit of a bigger thinking revival around here. Home playground equipment. For those of you who don’t know, nice...
  2. dogen

    Hello from Krakow

    Hey guys, I've been an affiliate marketer for years now. Turned over probably quite a bit of money, spent a lot, worked very little cuz I had a good team. Eventually I got tired of the sickening world of online marketing. Income started running out by expanses remained the same. Life style is...
  3. Joejordan95

    When a fire starts to burn...

    Hi Everyone, This is my first real post here after joining a few days ago. So I'll give some background about me. Thought I'd leave a thread so as and when, I get time I could update here publicly about opportunities and action steps towards them. I'll also use it as an open diary where I can...
  4. C


    Hi guys, I’ll try keep this short: So I’m MJ’s book ‘UnScripted’, he talks about listening out for issues or “I hate that...” etc Basically, I’ve had a lightbulb idea switch on while working away today and clocked onto such an idea from hearing / experiencing this moment. I know everything...
  5. M

    Newby is introducing his business idea: Indoor home gardening box and brand

    Dear all, i would like to get your input on an idea I have. The idea is to create a product quite similar to this one...
  6. Marpipe

    How to Test Your Ideas Without Building a Company First

    Hi Friends, My CEO wrote an article recently on how to validate startup ideas without spending the money on manufacturing first. In short, it's a process of using Facebook ads and “Fake Doors” (link removed). We specialize in creative testing, so we combined our methodology with the Fake...
  7. A

    Would like to have your opinion about a business idea

    When I read the Millionaire Fastlane Book I had an Idea and I want to have your feedback and be sure to don’t violate the 5 commandment The idea is to build an online magazine for woman with promotion code from different industries like - Massage therapy - Hairdressing - Nail Manicure - Spa -...

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