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  1. C

    Money vs Values

    Hello everybody, How are you? Today I want to address a topic that I believe will be of great value to many. Considering the vastness of the internet, which is like an interesting highway of information, there are countless possibilities at our fingertips. I would like to discuss with you the...
  2. Jasper_

    Does money actually buy happiness? (Finding the real answer)

    Hey Fastlaners, For the past couple of months, I have been researching the connection and mysteries behind the infamous money-happiness relation and have summarised my most interesting and useful findings for you guys. (All the important stuff is in bold so you can skim through, but I suggest...
  3. chazwazzer

    Relationship with money

    Hi Eva, in a brief response please explain what are the attributes of healthy relationship with money. Also please address on a scale 1 to 10 the importance of subconscious programing with the getting of money. Also please think through a step by step process to improve relationship with...
  4. gersi.ndr

    How I used Parkinson's Law, and did more work in a week than others do in a month.

    I'll keep this as short as possible because you and I have hella work to do. Parkinson's Law basically states that deadlines can cause procrastination or even prompt people to fill their time with trivial matters. If you have a month, to complete a task, that's how long it will take you, even...
  5. SnowLava

    Launching my first business at 15 - Chronicling the process

    So I basically want to help the students of my age by providing a particular type of digital product. The idea looks good to me (don't want to disclose at this moment). It will basically be a paid newsletter kinda thing, where I will send the product daily (the product is updated daily) upto...
  6. MJ DeMarco

    The TWR Tactic: Easy, transformative, powerful...

    From the Life in the Fastlane Newsletter... Some of your life's most seismic shifts are as simple as flipping a switch. We're talking about the unicorn of tactics: easy yet transformational. Yes, this ever-elusive combination is HERE right now, just for you! And you can have it all for three...
  7. Banny

    i don't understand the concept life and I'm tired

    i still dont get it, how can one massively succeed with having little or no money. i used most of my money to create a student community forum website here in Nigeria. after development of the website this year, i launch the site with only $200 with me. this little money will be use for...
  8. parthguptav12

    Creating a team of teenagers who are intrested with the concept of AI and money making

    Hi, this is Parth. I am 19 years old and I live in India. I am creating a team of likely-minded people like me who are interested in making money using artificial intelligence. If you are a person aged 16 to 22 and you are intrested,. reply... Looking forward to meeting with you
  9. tonijorge

    I just sold everything to focus on my Fastline

    Hey! I just sold everything to focus on my Fastline. I did not have much, as I am just 23 years old, but for me, it is a crucial step toward the Unscripted Life. It was when I saw a tweet about a man invested in Index funds and, during his NINE YEARS OF INVESTING, he was not once in green...
  10. Mahan

    Internet Gurus

    Hi, recently the Internet has been bombarded with so many gurus trying to sell your courses and books either on how to start an online business, side hustle, and so many other topics. I feel like many of these gurus are just fake millionaires trying to look rich, like that bald kickboxer guy...

    Self-development, connections, business. Name's Artūrs/Arthur.

    Salute, The Fastlane & Comm. First of all, I'd like to say that after spending approximately an hour of deep-lurking through the forums, I must admit that I genuinely like what I see. Shout out to all the breadwinners. As for myself - I'm a business person, an entrepreneur, a hustler. Meaning...
  12. M

    Dreams and no money...

    Hi, my name is Michal, I'm from Poland, I have a huge dream of buying my dream car and taking my most wonderful girlfriend on her dream vacation, but currently I don't know what to do in life, and I would like to earn a lot of money at a young age. I dream of being rich and currently have...
  13. Ayush6543

    Urgent Help Needed: Can't Receive Payment as Non-US Citizen

    I have a client who lives in the US. He wants a website developed for a restaurant using WordPress. He is unable to send the money to India, saying that the bank charged him previously when he sent the money through PayPal. This is what he says: Kindly contact a representative or...
  14. Kareem Hassan

    Growing Traffic & Getting More sales Online

    Hello there , I wanna talk about the business model of growing traffic on social media (usually tiktok & instagram reels) and then using their audience to get more sales... there are multiple ways to sell merch online with 0$ in, most of these websites like printify or etsy will take care of...
  15. depth

    Let's talk about crypto currency

    So what's the best coin to stake? and do you guys do fast trade or hold? and I really want to get in stocks so any starting tips? Ready to here your opinions :D
  16. G

    I have an idea for a software, but i don't know how to program

    Hi this is Marco from Italy, i'm 21 and i have been working for two years in the construction sector. My job is to draw projects and to control construction sites, but i want to create something on my own in this field. I have an idea to make a new drawing/sureveying software, but i don't know...
  17. MJ DeMarco

    28 tales of real financial freedom and the joy that comes with it.

    Have a story where real financial freedom and abundance brought you joy and happiness? Share your story here. If you don't have a story, I will share many from my life. These are stories where having real financial wealth had a direct and meaningful impact on your happiness and/or lowered...
  18. A

    76,068 Ads Served, $0.20 Revenue Earned From WordPress , Is This Normal?

    As my title of my posts says, one of my posts went viral on reddit, reaching the front page, etc and attracting around about 18,000 visitors mostly from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and the EU so all western first world countries, according to Wordpress during the time the article has been...
  19. A

    76,068 Ads Served, $0.20 Revenue Earned From WordPress , Is This Normal?

    As my title of my posts says, one of my posts went viral on reddit, reaching the front page, etc and attracting around about 18,000 visitors mostly from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and the EU so all western first world countries, according to Wordpress during the time the article has been...
  20. piano

    I dreamt of having 246.000.000 € in my bank account.

    So apparentally it was found out that I was a relative of Chopin (one of the greatest Pianists who had ever lived) and I was send his inheritance or something like that. It was 246 million €, casually sent to me. How do you think I reacted? I just found out that my gramps was one of the coolest...