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  1. S

    What should I do for college?

    Hello, my name is Alex. Am currently a high school senior wanting to get rich early rather than late. I have been reading the millionare fastlane book and now am starting to thinking about my choices in college. I know that college is now very expensive and not worth it in the long run. Also...
  2. L

    Should I go on this trip?

    Hey, I am currently 19 years old and finished school this year in Germany. My wish for a long time was to go to high school in Canada and live with a host family. Now I got a possibility for it. But the costs are extremely high (15000€ for 5 months stay). I work full time myself, but my...
  3. L

    Should I go on this 5-month trip to Canada?

    Hey, I am currently 19 years old and finished school this year in Germany. My wish for a long time was to go to high school in Canada and live with a host family. Now I got a possibility for it. But the costs are extremely high (15000€ for 5 months stay). I work full time myself, but my...
  4. Israel2007

    Jobs for fifteen year's old.

    Hello everyone. I am Israel and I am searching for jobs I can do any ideas.
  5. Israel2007

    How do you get a paypal account in a country with restrictions?

    Is there any service where I can get a paypal email address that I can use to withdraw, then my money is sent through another payment method?
  6. Woosah

    Debunk Money and Success Myths and Thrive in the Fastlane

    Wired for Success Practical Philosophies to Master Entrepreneurship & Live Life on Your Terms Modern culture today idolizes entrepreneurship yet disregards entrepreneurial values, creating many myths around money, freedom, and success. This makes things considerably harder for those who want...
  7. Hartrun

    Future Millionaire Currently Working as a Dishwasher in Manhattan

    CHAPTER 1 Part I: My Origins Howdy, I hope y'all are doing very well. I was born in NYC in 2002 and raised here until I was eight years old; my parents then moved to their hometown with my siblings and me in February of 2011; it's a six-hour flight from JFK Airport. However, even though they...
  8. V

    I quit my job and now I'm making my living playing [cheating] online poker

    When the lock downs begun I was working in sales. You know the deal - minimal wage plus a commission, but since there were so few customers I was not making enough money to cover my basic expenses. My anxiety went trough the roof and at one point I thought, I would have to move back with my...
  9. J

    Make $10k/month from Crypto [STRATEGY + CASE STUDIES REVEALED]

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been on the forum and things have been going well. My marketing agency is up and running & we're closing in on $10k/month, with the goal to hit $85k/month by the end of 2022. (maybe do a thread on this soon). Anyways... I've also been in crypto since...
  10. LifeisSuffering

    Largest Ressources of ENTREPRENEURIAL video

    Share here the best video about entrepreneur and business in your view i will start by posting 10 video that i find quit important and insightful View: View: View...
  11. X

    A 17 y/o entrepreneur from Israel

    HELLO FELLOW FAST LANERS! Joined the forum a few days ago, and that's probably the best decision I've done in the past year. Just wanted to introduce myself to you guys. My name's Erez, and I'm 17 y.o from Israel. My enthusiasm of making money and entrepreneurship started since I was young but I...
  12. H

    Most Efficient Way of Moving Money Across Borders?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know the most effective/cheapest way to move a significant amount of money from CAD to EUR? My situation: Selling my house in Canada and moving to Europe (Montenegro, not EU/EEA but uses EUR with strict banking regulations). Will have a large sum of money to transfer...
  13. Xavier X

    Check here to see if you have missing money/property (US only)

    As the title says, this is for people in the US only. You can go on this site, and click on your state or any state you have been active in. That takes you to the official State Treasury site of your state. Each treasury has a web platform where businesses report tangible or intangible property...
  14. L

    Investing money i saved last year

    Hi theare, I live in Poland and im 23. Last year i managed to save about 15k$. Im thinking about starting my own business, as i want to be independent and i want to work on myself, even if it will take 14hrs a day. I was thinking about woodworking (selling desks etc. online). I’ve got no...
  15. Alex1331

    How should I finance a business

    Hello guys, I`m 17 year old and have an inovative business idea, but in order to start my own company and create the product, I`m going to need more than 50K. For me that`s a lot of money. What should I do? How can I earn this amount of money to launch the product as soon as possible? Thank you...
  16. BellaPippin

    Always an uphill battle always an uphill battle always an uphill battle

    I just need someone to read this. Or the illusion that someone did. Or just taking it out of my chest. Whatever. You know, when I went from making 45k to 56k a year I kinda felt on top of the world because with a $1600 bi-weekly paycheck and $1200 MONTHLY expenses, I had such a big chump change...
  17. D

    Investing on a gold standard VS investing with a debased currency

    I wasn't certain where to post this and I can't get any clear answers from anyone I know so hopefully someone here as an idea. The U.S. was taken off the gold standard in 1971 debasing the currency to be inflated. With all of this funny money it is easy to get loans and to invest because the...
  18. AdamSerk

    £20k where would you invest it or grow it?

    I am in the process of selling my flat in turkey as the currency is declining rapidly and it doesn't look like it'll get better. I have already lost over £10k on it and will lose even more if I don't sell it. Now the question is, I'm not sure what to do with the money. I want to invest some in...
  19. berrydev

    What is your opinion on this Alex Becker video?

    Why I Hate Jeff Bezos I just wanted people's opinions on this video since we are all trying to live an unscripted lifestyle. Thanks!
  20. D

    SEO Business Model

    Hello everybody, I would like to ask for your opinion and advice and also to Mr.J Demarco. Passionate about SEO, I am looking for a business model where I could create content, create traffic and monetize it to make interesting profits (100% passive income) with 100% free traffic through SEO...

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