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    Question on Importing and Shipping Costs

    Importer question: I received the quote from my supplier and I am a little shocked about the shipping price. So there are 10 kg of product. The supplier said there are 3 cartons - 40*40*25cm. He quoted for shipping - AIR - DDU - 300$. This means 30$/kg. I asked in my country people that have...
  2. Camzcl

    Duty Free in the US

    Hi All! I don't post a lot but love to read all the amazing content shared here. I wanted to ask and see if anyone here has had experience selling to Duty Free companies in the US. It's all preliminary now, but we have the opportunity to start doing business with one or two of these companies...
  3. Joker_P5R

    How to hack an industry? I’m working in logistics/international forwarding and I’m searching for an idea on how to build a side-hustle.

    Hi guys, I want to have your advice/confrontation about an hyper-specific and very particular industry: logistics / freight forwarding. I’ve been working into this industry for 16 years and I’d like to create something about it as a side hustle. First and faster idea is to build an...
  4. Mikkel

    Vacant warehousing space near zero

    Recently, I have been calling numerous public warehousing companies who would be willing to store some biotech products on the East Coast of the United States. Originally I started reaching out to 5 public warehouses that spanned three different states. Aside from the fact that I learned many of...
  5. LPPC

    Question about a particular shipping method, ground from China

    Hello all, I'm importing this batch of products from China to Germany and as you already know, shipping is super expensive. My supplier is offering a shipping method that cost 6k USD instead of the 10k USD that my forwarder is asking for sea shipment. But the way of the shipping is peculiar and...
  6. Walter Hay

    UPDATES on SOURCING, IMPORTING & LOGISTICS while the upheaval lasts

    Recently I have posted updates in two threads relevant to these subjects, as well as commenting on these subjects in other threads, and judging by the small number of responses, I think they are largely going unnoticed. I believe these subjects are important enough to warrant their own thread...
  7. J

    researching on starting fast same day point-to-point courier business

    Business of delivering point-to-point courier for urgent letters and documents (for now). Friend works for a currier company as a dispatcher for delivering document to lawyers and real estate offices! He want to know how to start such a service himself! I am here to research and to help him...
  8. Walter Hay


    I am in the process of writing a 2021 revision of my sourcing and importing book, but I thought I should post this extract now because it is so important. With the onset of what became known as the Trade War between China and the USA, followed by the pandemic there has been a growing interest...
  9. Walter Hay

    World Trade Since Covid19

    Bad news is relished by the media, and it rubs off on businesses and consumers alike. Is the world economy dead on its feet? It depends on which news media or organizations you get your information from. Beaurocratic organizations such as WTO and the Worldbank still remain bearish on the subject...
  10. Mayor042

    How do I get started

    Good day everyone, I'm really glad I found this book the millionaire fastlane at my local shop and read it. It has really opened my eyes and changed my perspective of financial freedom, now i have ideas burning inside of me which I intend bringing out to life, ideas that I know will benefit...
  11. Niptuck MD

    Manufacturing Supply Chain and Quality Systems help during Covid19

    Hello Fastlaners, Hope everyone is making it and adapting doing what they need to do during this dog and pony circus called COvid. I wanted to get back to the FLF and help others during this time and if ANYONE here (not just insiders) needs any help feel free to message me or skype me. My...
  12. Niptuck MD

    Some news regarding amazon

    For all the sourcers out there, something to keep an eye on... Trump panel wants to give USPS right to hike prices for Amazon, others | Reuters
  13. Scot

    Best option for Ecommerce shipping

    So lately I've been planning out how to get my product into people's hands while I'm waiting on my copacker to do their thing. I have a glass bottle of salad dressing that weighs 1 lb 3 oz with packaging. I've never had to ship anything commercially and honestly, it's making my head spin. I...
  14. ADR

    Entrepreneur to IT Career back to Entrepreneur

    Hi All, I was born in Miami FL and I am a 29 year old IT professional. After owning two small businesses (DJ Productions and Convenience Store), I decided to pursue a career to spend more time with my family. Now I realize I was one the right track but doing it wrong. If I combine all my...
  15. Niptuck MD

    strategizing a resolution to a complex dilemma

    I am having difficulty executing part of my long term plan; I have several key contacts in various parts of the world that source important high end raw materials and products that the west primarily needs but my dilemma presently is finding a buyer. Are there resources or databases and how to...