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  1. Jeannen

    Comfort VS Frugality ?

    Hi ! I'm finally moving to Bali next week if everything goes well, and I looking at the different places I can have Basically, I can either rent a small villa for ~$950/month or rent a single room in a villa (shared with other people) for $200/month I'm curious about what you'd choose, if you...
  2. MightyBeast

    Feeling scared a bit

    Hello. I hope you are doing well. I started learning web development in July this year. I know basic html, CSS and javascript. This year and last year I was going through a lot of financial stress and childhood trauma. In August I worked for a friend who paid me like $50 for small website...
  3. Davidla

    From Hustle Burnout to Working 10hrs/week and Loving Life

    Sometimes in life you don't realize how far you've come until you stop and look back. I'm currently in a small beach town in Brazil, as a part of a 3 month trip to South America. I wake up with no alarm clock..and start the day with my morning routine that takes about 2 hours. Afterwards I...
  4. Ravens_Shadow

    NOTABLE! A fundamental question for any entrepreneur: What do I want from my business?

    I’ve got a friend that I call a few times a month to see if he’s taken action on his ideas and help him break down any barriers he may have. We’ll talk about what he’s doing and he’ll throw up a bunch of excuses about why he can’t launch yet, albeit it’s been 4 years since he started his...
  5. Patrick Jones

    Team Producer - in private Life as well?

    To quote the man himself: We all understand what that means for our business. But what about our private lives? Does reshaping our life's focus reach that far? How do you spend the non-business part of your life? Do you produce by making music, performing a craft, etc.? Or do you consume in...
  6. Paul David

    Anyone ever taken a David Bayer Course or have a mindset coach?

    Has anyone ever taken a David Bayer course? Or has previously used a mindset coach? If so what's your opinions on them? I've been thing a lot lately about how my thoughts, beliefs and previous decisions have led me to the position i am in now. As i go through the day i'm starting to notice how...
  7. Vermilion

    INTRO My Future Lifestyle

    Hi everyone, and @MJ DeMarco for giving us your books that thought us all some valuable lessons. I found this forum couple of days ago and already red dozens of GOLD threads and what not. I was amazed by all hustle that is shown in here by all these people. Props to u all. Now...I am 25 right...
  8. MTF

    OFF-TOPIC Best Entrepreneur-Friendly Places in the World for an Outdoorsy Lifestyle

    I've been recently thinking about moving (part-time for now, possibly permanently in the future) to another country with a better climate and an outdoorsy lifestyle. I'm a rock climber, I'd also love to learn surfing, and would generally love to be able to go outside and enjoy sunny, warm...
  9. AlessioLC

    20yo, 50K cash and don't know what to do..

    Hi everyone, Some may know me from my previous posts about my clothing brand (W.I.P) and the coffee shop project i have, i told you about this project because working in a coffee shop, in itself was an escape from school, which i'm very bad at it. I know i can bring value to the coffee...
  10. VentureVoyager

    OFF-TOPIC Location-independent/digital nomad lifestyle - ask me anything

    Hi, I was looking for a similiar topic on the forum and couldn't find anything. I've been living the location-independent lifestyle since December (almost 9 months now), traveled 9 countries in Asia and lived in 3 (Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia (Bali)), so if there's anything you'd like to ask...
  11. Olimac21

    HOT TOPIC What to "Unlearn"?

    Nowadays is encouraged to have a mindset of continious improvement or learning however I considered as important to unlearn many of knowledge/beliefs that do not make us any favour reaching further goals. What would you say that are 3 things to unlearn inmediately? For me these are: 1...

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