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INTRO 20 year old finding my passion..Pleasure to be here!

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Jul 2, 2017
Orlando, FL
First I want to start by saying I just read Fastlane Millionaire in about a day and couldn't put it down. Now started unplugged.

I have always wanted to have financial freedom since I was 14. I started by making some apps and had them published on the marketplace. It was generating ~5 dollars a day passive. On the side I also did affiliate marketing, and SEO. Eventually my google account got canceled and I faced some difficulty in my life(some personal stuff regarding single mother, realizing that absent father might have been cause of my insecurities..etc(teenage probs). Also starting college blinded me from my entrepreneurial path. About one year ago I realized how far I had strayed away from my original path of having financial freedom, and bringing something of value to the world to being an engineering student. I recently switched to marketing for ease and relevance to what I do and started binge reading books... Everything from self-improvement, sales, influence, podcasts about self-made men, art of charm, more books on psychology of mind, the unconscious mind. Books on spirituality, how to connect with the now and start thinking about the present, started meditating daily, and so on. I started loving knowledge, and like MJ says..the "process". I love reading, learning new skills..I self-taught myself social media marketing, SEO, WordPress design, and currently web analytics. I was trying to start a social media marketing company but steered away due to its relatively high entry point now.

Now starting to read the book I asked myself an intrinsic question that really opened up my eyes to another truth that I have been hiding. I am currently taking Udacity's course for learning data analytics and part of me isn't really satisfied taking this course..The reason why I am taking this course is so that I can get the skills required to land a remote job in data analytics so that I can use the money I get to save up more and invest it in other cash flows(real estate, stocks, startups..but I am realizing that 1) it makes NO sense. I am spending 4+ hours daily to learn a skill to land A JOB. 2) I love innovating, creating, self-teaching myself new things, learning, meeting new like minded people, and traveling and seeing different cultures..I embrace the hardships. Ever since a kid I used to tell myself "I can fail 1000 times in business, but if I succeed once I am good as opposed to doing 1000 good things at work, and failing once and getting fired"(I promise I didn't steal it from Cuban).

Anyways I am now in the process to create a business targeting the real estate world, specifically agents. Its essentially a full marketing solution but focused mainly on acquiring their data and using it to provide better services. At first it will be very time consuming for me and hard to scale but I have the visions on how it can happen and I know its possible.

I have my website down, the first logo is finished, I have a meeting next week with an agent and after reading this week I've decided to go all in on it. That means tomorrow wake up to call every single agent in my county, it means going to meet them, working on the website, reading more books on sales, real estate, and skills I need to master. It means outlining specifically what benefits it will offer and so on..
I cant wait to share my journey and be able to be a part of others. Time to get this Fastlane Supercharger!

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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
I love innovating, creating, self-teaching myself new things, learning, meeting new like minded people, and traveling and seeing different cultures..I embrace the hardships.
A great foundation for doing great things in life.

Stay the course, don't let SCRIPTED dogma derail you, and you will get there.


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