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  1. Bekit

    Perspective - there's always someone who has it harder

    Somehow I ran across this video today. Towards the end of the video, the story took a turn that made me go very still on the inside. It turns out this guy living in an Indian slum is an entrepreneur. He sells watches. I sat up and took notice. But the details! He might sell 3-4 watches on...
  2. Kailas Joshi

    INTRO Introducing myself

    Hello people! Originally a musician and an artist, After my band fell prey to the usual predator, time, we fell apart, along with it went my job, my girlfriend, a few loved ones and a painstaking knee injury which was enough to catapult me into depression for about three years and I'm still...
  3. jts

    RANT Way to Unscription and Gratitude - a paradox?

    Hi everyone, After six months of daily meditation and after engaging many hours with @MJ DeMarco 's philosophy of Unscription, I wonder how striving for Unscription can be aligned with striving for Gratitude. Or in other words, is the feeling that "life sucks" (a mental, almost physcial pain)...

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