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getting started

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  1. Anandb

    EXECUTION Rejoined the forum after months...began my process

    In the past - god I don't even know how long I've been absent - several months, a lot has changed. I was observing several entrepreneurial journeys on the forum, but for some reason or another, I pretended my own hands were tied. Received a research internship this summer (unpaid) right...
  2. Connor_Motivasis

    INTRO How's it Going Forum People :D

    Hey there, the name's Connor, A little about me, I'm 21 years old, I'm a front end web developer by trade but I'm going to school to get my doctorate in motivational psychology. I really enjoy learning and teaching about anything to do with motivation or the creation of small businesses. I'm...
  3. M

    Interactive Website Fastlane Business - Question!

    Hey Fastlaners, I have couple big questions, primarily for those who have experience with creating an interactive-website as their Fastlane Business (@MJ DeMarco response would be extremely appreciated as well!). I’m fighting with making a decision with the following being my options: 1...
  4. Andy Black

    HOT TOPIC Andy's Inbound/Sales Braindump

    I was asked this a while ago: If you were to start your business from scratch, how would you approach prospecting? Given that you don't cold call. And you don't know many people in the business world to "spend your money on diesel and coffee" with. And you've already reached out to your friends...
  5. rebel dude

    INTRO 17 young, dumb and broke.

    hello fastlaners, (pardon on my English its not my first language) first things first MJ thank you for writing the 2 wonderful books the Millionaire Fastlane and helped me to look to the world in a new direction. it was given to me by my cousin brother. reading the first few...
  6. J

    INTRO Doubt, Ambition, and Desperation

    Hey Fastlaneners, I’m a 22 year old photographer and recent college grad. I’ve always been enamored with the idea of being an entrepreneur, even before I ever heard the word. I made a decent amount of money as a kid selling stuff while throughout grade school (candy, lunches). I even...
  7. David 2.0

    INTRO Living the "perfect" slowlane life in Germany.

    Hi all, First of all, I'm really excited to have the opportunity to join this forum. Thanks for having me and please excuse my English. I'm David from Germany, 37 years old, married and living the "perfect" slowlane life as a manager in an international automotive company. My slowlane journey...
  8. Chx

    INTRO 15 Year Old Aspiring to Become a Fastlaner

    'ello there! Hey, I'm Chx (No reason behind the name, but if I stick around here long enough, I'll definitely find some meaning for it), and this is my introduction post (!) me This place and TMF You guys Normal Intro Stuff...
  9. 4symmetry

    Scientist - How do I get out of the slowlane while still doing what I love?

    Hi all, so I read TMF and almost finished Unscripted (Audiobook), but I need a bit of advice on how to get started. First of all, a short intro: I'm a 28-year old trained PhD-level scientist in biomedical research, currently on a Postdoc contract, in Germany. While I love what I do and hope...
  10. Andy Black

    Help one person at a time

    There's been a few threads recently where people want to build directories or build platforms. And a few other threads asking how to find ideas, niches, or needs. There are countless threads in this forum that address this. I'll link to some of them below this post. Want to know my...
  11. WJK

    my ahha moment yesterday

    The appointment was no big deal -- just a routine matter... I met with an attorney, who owns a local escrow/title company office, to start a foreclosure on a trust deed I own. Although this was our first face-to-face meeting, I knew from past dealings with his company, this attorney could...
  12. RayAndré

    To the Slowlaners from a Slowlaner...we CAN do this.

    If there's anything I learned over the past two years its that you can do anything you put your mind to. For those of us that still haven't merged into the Fastlane yet, all we have to do is get started and trust the words of those who have done it before. Getting in shape, and I mean really...
  13. Andy Black

    AndyTalks with @Almantas about Making Plans and Making Progress

    AndyTalks with @Almantas about Making Plans and Making Progress We've been meaning to chat for months and finally got round to it. I had no idea he was nervous before our call. He talks about that in his thread here. I had no idea he was nervous during the call either, so it just goes to...
  14. Andy Black

    NOTABLE! AndyTalks with Forum Members (Master Thread)

    Here's a master thread linking to all the longer interviews and chats I've done, mostly with fellow forum members. The progress thread that's resulted in these calls is HERE. Hope it helps. Andy EDIT: (15-Dec-16) Ha. It's kinda turning into an accidental podcast!

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