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EXECUTION Rejoined the forum after months...began my process


New Contributor
Jan 21, 2017
Hong Kong
In the past - god I don't even know how long I've been absent - several months, a lot has changed. I was observing several entrepreneurial journeys on the forum, but for some reason or another, I pretended my own hands were tied.

Received a research internship this summer (unpaid) right before my 4th undergrad. year. Been working at full tilt to publish and publish well. Meanwhile, took a gig at an upcoming piano institute and been getting exp. teaching students piano and keyboards in several kinds and combinations. (Children, adults, children + adults, people with extreme learning ambitions, people under extreme stresses, people with mental illnesses, etc. something new happens every hour). The chaos is spectacular, and incredibly exhilarating.

It actually provided me an opportunity to test my own teaching style and philosophy, which is different (and more direct) from mainstream methods. Nothing is more fulfilling than when an idea smashes full force into ground realities, and adaptations occur.

Been getting better socially in-person...will be saving up from my salary to buy a camcorder soon. The long-term objective is content creation and popularizing/evangelizing good social science research.

I apologize for the narcissism inherent in my thread. It's just something I'm writing to self-reflect, because I was a student merely observing here once, and now getting started with the process has really opened my eyes a great deal.

Thank you all for inspiring me :)

- Anand

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