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game development

  1. R

    Game development - is it good path to become rich?

    Is pursuing a career in game development a good path to becoming rich? Surely, people need good games, but the competition is so massive that the chance of breaking through is quite slim. Many game developers haven't achieved any success. I want to choose a path that leads to making a lot of...
  2. JuampiAAAJ

    How can I test if people would like to buy my app?

    Hello! I tried to find a thread about this topic but I couldn't find it. Please remove this thread if there is one already on the forum, And send me the link :) The problem is the following... I'm thinking of creating a gaming app for a specific niche but I want to know if people will be...
  3. S

    Indie Game Developer, How Can I Make Something People Want?

    I'm 16 and had about 2 years of game development experience. I've been looking into business and fastlane entrepreneurship for a while now and originally ruled out game development, but decided I want to give releasing a game a shot. My concern is that I don't want to spend months developing a...
  4. ScreamingClown


    Hey, my name is Thornhill, and I've decided to join the forum to find people with a similar passion for entrepreneurship as myself that I can share views and bounce ideas off of. I graduated high school a couple years ago and have been working tolerable dead end jobs making coffee ever since...
  5. Rollio

    [PROGRESS THREAD] Making my first game

    Devlog #00 Preface I am making this thread to document my progress on my first (real) game and to keep myself accountable and motivated. I'll be using unreal engine 5, blender, and Inkscape. I've spent the last week and a half absorbing as much knowledge surrounding ue5 and Blender and feel...
  6. PlushyLad

    [Progress] Developing My App (Productivity Game)

    Hello hello. Welcome to the Desert of Desertion. You've seen me around, I want to show I walk the walk. 7 Months ago I had an idea and began building an app alone. 3 Weeks ago I read Unscripted and joined this forum. I realized I needed to get my motivation in check and surround myself with...
  7. PigTech

    Is THIS a Good Idea?

    A bit about my self: I'm 14 and for the past year I've consistently been working on all pillars ( health, mental health, meditation, fitness, philosophy, etc. ), besides business. I read TMF and became obsessed with reaching financial freedom by age 18. I tried starting a Calisthenics channel...
  8. Zygmunt

    Accountability thread

    As of today 2023, January 8th I finished reading UNSCRIPTED. I am creating this thread as an accountability tool and to mark my progress. My goal by the end of the year is to have made at least 1,000 euros through a business or side hustle, preferably game development or web development. I'm a...
  9. antro

    [Game Dev] Road to Switch Release

    Hey folks, good to be back, let's make some progress! Game Developement is a topic I rarely see here so I thought I'd share for those of you who are interested. Ultimate Goal: Develop an indie game and release it on the Nintendo Switch Roadmap: Proof of Concept Develop proof of concept...
  10. mill0x

    Game Development Studio, growing slowly for a few years, looking for the Fastlane

    Hello Fastlane forum! I just joined the forum and recently finished reading UNSCRIPTED and wanted to introduce myself and share my story! Maybe you guys can give me some honest feedback. I found the book in a moment in my life where I am questioning everything, so a lot of things made me think...
  11. Hai

    Game Artist looking to Partner with Game Developer/Designer/Programmer

    I´m looking for a game developer to complement my skills as a game artist and create a great game together. All developers know that it´s hard to develop a game solo. I tried it myself and failed at it miserably. Why try to be a jack of all trades when you can focus on your specialty? The goals...
  12. Haelios

    Mindset - Where To Go and What To Do

    Hello everyone, this is the first post I'm making on an actual account but I've been lurking the forums for quite a while. I've seen plenty of good advice and just as much bad advice for what not to do, but I wanted to take action and finally step up to the plate to admit. I'm TERRIFIED of...
  13. srodrigo

    Building a video games business from scratch

    Hi there, I decided to create a progress thread, so I'll have to feel ashamed if I don't make good progress :) A bit of context: I'm a software developer. I quit my job a few months ago to work on personal projects and move back to my country, after saving enough money to survive for some time...
  14. M

    Building a digital entertainment empire

    Hi, I think this is a good moment to start posting about my progress. I will try to write a weekly update if I'm not busy. By now I won't post any links to my stuff because I don't want to look like I'm self-promoting, but if you tell me that this is OK I'll put some so you can tell me what...
  15. luniac

    Which death sound should i use my game?

    I'm about to release this silly little game i made but im torn between the 2 death sounds i picked. Which one should i use 1 or 2? they both kind of crack me up lol! View:
  16. Saf H

    Ranked Top #6 App Store within 7 days. How we did it...

    Top #6 in App Store within 7 days. Here’s how we did it… These are the strategies we used to skyrocket a clients casual game from #1218 to #6th spot in the App Store in less than a week. (I posted this on Medium few days ago, thought I'd share it with it here with you guys) So the founder of...
  17. Baku85

    Gaming industry

    Hi, I am very interested in as mentioned in title, gaming industry. I have did some research and people on different forums like gamedev, reddit etc. mostly are complaining that well it is oversaturated, or you need to have a huge amount of money, or luck and many other in my opinion excuses...
  18. Jonny Blaze

    I want to develop a VR video game

    I have a great concept for a virtual reality video game that I really want to create. However, I understand that learning the software for VR (Unity + other programs) is rigorous and would take a lot of time. I would much rather our source this idea to a free lance game developer. I can't seem...
  19. eTox

    Taking Mobile Game Development Fastlane

    Introduction Hi guys, Most of you who seen me on the forum probably know that I've been dabbling in multiple things from the time I joined the forum mid last year (2016). I've originally came from mobile game dev for Android and lately ended up dropshipping from Aliexpress. Well, the reason...