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  1. J

    Question about a fashion supplier for my store

    Where can i find a high quality fashion supplier for my fashion store or even a well known brand that allows people to resell their goods on their own store, preferably has to be someone in the uk that ships anywhere in the uk or worldwide? I have found a few myself but they dont have that much...
  2. M

    Investing in “The Marcos”

    Hello Everyone My Name is Marcos, I am a young Portuguese entrepreneur. I have created a global fashion brand. We need some funding to launch our website. I was wondering if some of you could give me some advice how we can raise funds or even help to fund our startup. We have already...
  3. Dave James

    Desire for fashion

    Hi, I'm a fashion consultant by profession and passion. What amazes me about fashion most not just fancy clothes or cool specs but the trend that you may see over the time whether inspired by some diva celebrity or either by an event. They brings me deep thoughts what more can I turn them into...
  4. JohnnyClub

    Arrested, walked into jails then walking out of it! I am Hyun johnny Goo! I am being a King!

    Before start this story, I am screaming aloud!!! Since my age now as 28, until 33, I am going to make the real business on the market, putting attitude making myself the most beautiful, sexiest millionaire, the king!!! I’m(Means will be) buying a good house for my mom, dad and my sister. I’m...
  5. 2legit2quit

    Considering starting a fashion e-commerce store - specific niche

    Hi all, I have been pouring over the threads on here the past few weeks, and have a few ideas I'm working on. My goal for now, is to make some extra cash, so I've been looking at Amazon FBA in the short term...however... I am a creative person, and in the meantime of making notes everyday from...
  6. A

    A Few Ideas of Mine

    Hello fastlaners. I did some thinking about things that annoy me in my personal and work life. A few things pipped into my head. Now this might sound strange to you but I HATE HATE HATE umbrellas. One reason is because I want my hands to be free. Also getting my hair a little wet doesn't...
  7. shaun mac

    Shoe tattooing business

    Here goes guys, I already have tattoo studios and have branched out into tattooing leather goods. Shoes sofas etc, so far doing pop up events within the niche growing my Instagram and Facebook (only been open 3 weeks and just short of 1000 followers with good engagement)I'm looking for the best...
  8. The Racing Driver

    Going from Freelance to E-Commerce

    Hi everyone, It's been a few years since I've read TMF and joined this forum. I've been doing freelance writing for a certain niche, earning few hundred dollars a month on average. I'm getting clients coming to me but have to turn away work as I'm very busy with my racing career. My goal is...
  9. sanjiv

    Introduce M.S.D and Malini

    Hello Everyone I'm sanjiv from italy. exactly 10year ago i founded my company from scratch. I'm still struggling for go forward and keep going but i really love and enjoy what i do and this keeps me motivated to go ahead. Basically my business is supply the best fashion houses with...
  10. A

    Selected Niche Early, Need Help! Clothing with a Cause (pics)

    Hi fastlaners, About 6-7 months ago a friend and I decided to try our hand in clothing dropshipping as well as doing it for a good cause. Truthfully I want this to be for more than just the money because I do care about spreading awareness. I went into it thinking it would be a great idea since...
  11. stormjb1

    I cocked-up despite reading TMF 3 times! Any advice?

    Hi guys, I’ve read TMF at least 3 times if not more, alongside numerous recommended reads, and still I made absolute noob errors in judgement. If you trawl through my profile you’ll see I was defo a wantrepreneur in earlier years looking for a quick money-maker. However, over the past 6...
  12. TheDillon__

    Fashion Retailer Bebe Closing All Stores.

    2017 has seen the death of three major fashion retailers so far. American Apparel and Wet Seal announced earlier this year the cessation of all business, both in physical retail locations and online. Now, fashion retailer Bebe, after 40 years in business, will be shutting the doors on all of...