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  1. piano

    It won't Work... But Try it ANYWAYS.

    Ever since I've picked up entrepreneurship, I've slowly noticed this one thing in life: Things seem a certain way but often are actually completely different. "Women are all selfish and superficial, I won't ever find a partner" Well, have you even just asked one how her day went? Maybe if all...
  2. RayanMargham

    First Business Venture, was a bust but I know what I got myself into!

    I decided F*** it and I went ahead and started a dropshipping business not for profit but rather experience. I knew I was throwing money down the drain on this venture but the experience value it provides me is more then enough for me to do it anyway. So here's what I did. I began searching for...
  3. Wesley Nugent

    25yo at a fork in the road and looking for some outside input/perspectives. Risk it for the biscuit or increase my business management skills?

    Hello Fellow Fastlaners, I have recently come in to fork in the road in my career/Fastlane journey. I have been presented the opportunity to manage a startup business my mentor has built over the last 3 years. It comes at a time when I have been working diligently to get my small business up...
  4. MJ DeMarco

    My experience in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (HBOT)

    So this last Tuesday I spent 1 hour in a hyperbaric chamber as an added proactive, and preventive health measure in my life. HBOT therapy, while an element of danger involved, has been around for 30 years. And it has been instrumental in helping people recover from various injuries as well as...
  5. wolflarsen71

    Introducing myself/Time is king

    Good night everybody, I'm a 26yo architect from Buenos Aires, currently working on my family studio while I'm designing some products to create my business. I rumble a lot in my early 20s but I get my degree in December 2020. Let's say I had the sidewalk mentality while driving on the slow lane...
  6. B

    Introduction and First Post, From Bao

    Hello everyone, I am Bao from Malaysia. I just finished reading “Millionaire Fastlane” and can’t wait to join this forum. First, I would like to thanks MJ for crystallizing his experience and wisdom in the book. I am sure the book benefited a lot of people. (I finally read it after someone...
  7. deliux

    Brilliant solutions, products, services and terrible, devastating pain points!

    Hey, I decided to take new approach(please correct me if this type of tread already exist!). We have multicultural community here with the people all across the world. I would like that all of us share experiences that stuck in our mind. Those type of experiences that you can easy recall even...
  8. SweetSuccess

    Skeptical but hopeful: Looking for feedback about a business opportunity

    I’m looking for feedback from someone who may have experience with this business opportunity. I have been presented an opportunity with Market America. I’m skeptical but my mom has been with them and so far has been doing well with them. I wanted to know if anyone on this forum has experience...
  9. Process

    How The Fastlane Forum Helped Me Reach The Next Step

    Have you ever felt like you were spinning your wheels in business? When first joining this forum three years ago, I was a wannabe freelancer. A big bookshelf and many failed business ventures were the closest things to assets at that time... Reading MJ’s books clarified that focusing on...
  10. G

    Hello, I am a future millionaire.

    Hello everyone, My name is Linda, and I am a 17 years old student from South Korea. I am currently in 12th grade and I will be graduating from a high school in the U.S. in five months! (Yay!) I would like to tell you guys why I decided to join this forum. About two weeks ago, I traveled to...
  11. AdrianL

    The impact of not knowing yourself

    I’m going to start off with a highlight of a thought that came to me a couple of days ago: One of the main parts of doing good business implies helping others. If I don’t know myself well enough, to be able to help myself, and have no clue of how to get to know myself better, how can I expect...
  12. G


    I've only just begun immersing myself in the plethora of knowledge that seems to be here on the forum. I've ordered the book. You might be asking yourself why the title of my thread is skepticism, yet my post seems so positive so far. Well, I didn't say my own skepticism did I? Truth be told...
  13. A

    A forum as a fast lane business path

    Hi fellow fastlaners, I just finished reading TFM yesterday and am excited to put MJ's advise to practice. I apolpgize in advance for any grammar and spelling mistakes as English is not my first language. I am considering to set up a forum for German speaking solopreneurs and wantrapreneurs...