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  1. T

    What are your ways to be around good influence?

    Hey you, I hope your life is great. What do you do to be around "success"? What I mean by this is by being around good influence towards Money, Business and Enterpreneurship. Like do you have a successfull Friend that made a million last year and you get some tips from him? Or do you watch Iman...
  2. Aidan04

    Our Generation's Great War... Climate Change?

    The actual greatest "war" of our generation hasn't fully started yet, but it's going to heavily involve Climate Change as the main driver. The world is going to get chaotic and we need to do our part to stop this or mitigate the damage. This isn't a literal war that will be happening of course...
  3. Implacabilis

    How to surround yourself with like-minded people?

    Hey folks. I'm not sure if this topic has been covered on the forum. I certainly couldn't seem to find anything relating to it. I wanted to get 'everyone's' views on your environment, and just how important it is. Mainly, the people we have around us, and the company we keep. I want to hear...
  4. MTF

    Your City, Your Destiny: How Your Environment Shapes Your Life Trajectory

    The Cook Islands has one of the highest obesity rates in the world. According to some sources, 90.9% of the population over the age of 15 is overweight. Yes, 90.9%! Only 9.1% of the population has healthy weight. Now, that’s a cool fact but what are you supposed to do with it? Bear with me for...
  5. DreamLund

    Define your purpose

    How did you figure out your purpose in life and how did you take action to make a change? Tough question, yes I know.. So in the last 6 months my life has turned upside down because of realizations and destroyed old beliefs. TMF and Unscripted changed how I view the world and I actually feel...
  6. Stuffing

    How can I change my environment?

    I will try to keep it simple and to the point. I had to read TMF twice to really understand some things and I have learned so much in so little time. I've gone through quite a bit and I swear i'm ready to start living, I have everything I need, but I still hesitate. I think what's holding me...
  7. DeppyJ

    Giving a Job Interview for a Slowlaner Made me Realise...

    Hello, My name is Deppy and I am from Greece. This post is about my experience in an job interview I gave few hours ago. To introduce myself, I am a civil engineer graduate and chose this major in college because of parent and school pressure as a result of being an A student in school. I...
  8. Millenial_Kid5K1

    [HOW TO] NPV Tables For Making Decisions

    Hello all, I wanted to share one of my favorite tools for making financial decisions: Net present value (NPV) tables. What you can do with an NPV table: Compare two options where money is the only deciding factor, e.g.: Deciding what car to buy Deciding whether to buy a house or rent Deciding...
  9. momomaurice

    Changing your environment

    It took me 28 years to realise I'm a miserable bastard over this shitty Irish climate so I've decided that I'm going to move to Spain in a few months to the glorious heat and sunshine that I crave. I'm currently learning Spanish and hoping to set up a landscaping or cleaning company when I'm...
  10. MTF

    Has Moving to a Warm and Sunny Climate Made You Happier?

    I live in a cold country and each year suffer for up to 6 months because of the low temperatures, lack of sunlight, short days, and people with permanent scowls on their faces. I'm starting to wonder if it wouldn't be better to leave everything I have here and move elsewhere where I wouldn't...

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