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  1. H

    Pls help me out.

    Hlo , I am a big fan of MJ . I am 16 years old , I want to be a entrepreneur. I don't want to settle for financial mediocrity. But the problem is school. I don't know what to do . The only thing I am hearing from school is is geta job Should I start a my process after graduation or manage...
  2. M

    From software engineer to entrepreneur - how to approach it?

    Hello, I've been a software engineer for many many years working for globally recognisable companies - building software above and beyond in my spare time which 100% of the time just ends up being useless in my GitHub repos. I can build pretty much anything starting from an IT infrastructure...
  3. L

    Switching from Medicine (Becoming A Doctor) to Becoming An Entrepreneur

    Hello there, I'll start by saying I'm currently a junior at a university in Kentucky studying Neuroscience, and I'm 20 years old. Ever since high school, the goal was to become a doctor, and thankfully, I got a scholarship to study Neuroscience in college. So far, I've maintained a perfect GPA...
  4. stefandrazic

    19, college dropout, web development job at a startup, using the knowledge to go Fastlane

    Hey there, my name is Stefan, I'm 19 years old, and I'm currently in the pursuit of going Fastlane. I come from a working-class background in Serbia and have always been a good student. However, I dropped out in my first year of Data Engineering college ( similar to software engineering ). It...
  5. Chrisrod2597

    Surrounding Yourself with Success: What Are Your Thoughts on Connecting with Influential People?

    Hello everyone, We all know that surrounding ourselves with people who are better, smarter, more experienced, or influential can have a huge impact on our personal and professional growth. But how do we go about finding and building relationships with these types of individuals? In your...
  6. Bicollo

    What advice would you give the 20 year old version of yourself about entrepreneurship?

    I recently started my journey of becoming an entrepreneur and wanted to know if you guys might have any advices relating to business, negotiation, marketing, management etc. you could share.
  7. P

    Life, liberty and the pursuit of enterprenuership

    Such a very great book have finished it it's really more than something thank you MJ, amma go through it one more time back to back
  8. P

    Promise thread

    Hello everyone I'm Promise from Africa, Zambia just want to say that thank you so much for accepting me in this forum first time I ready The Mmillionaire Fast Lane I knew have found what I was looking for second I ready wealth exposed now I'm reading Unscripted Life, liberty and the pursuit of...
  9. hsonnenahalli

    Hello All!

    I am a technology enthusiast, a constant learner, and have a big vision. I am working as a solution architect. I enjoy solving complex integration problems related to business and creating strategic solutions that help customers reduce the total cost of operations and prevent business...
  10. Bhavneesh

    Life changing choice

    Hi guys i am from india and currently pursuing engineering I had two choices while joing the college 1) a college with good entrepreneurship environment with civil major(low job opportunities). 2) a college with not so good entrepreneurship environment but with good major I choose option 1. I...
  11. C

    Excited to Start!

    Hi! I’m new and I’m excited to start! Thank you for welcoming me!
  12. rawbee

    Become or Be an entrepreneur?

    Hi everyone, I just finished reading UNSCRIPTED and needless to say, I was literally excited! After the first euphoria and excitement, I started thinking about what should be the moves to start my road to success. I'm 40 years old and I've had a VAT number for more than 10 years. So I have...
  13. amzu

    A UK based starter into fast lane

    I started reading the faslane millionaire as a recommendation from a dude in YouTube video who revealed how the con artist millionaire makers do their work. He had all praise for the book. I am in chapter 14 now. I come from a sidewalk family in suburban India. A family that is portrait as one...
  14. F

    How to Be an Entrepreneur With Staying Power

    Entrepreneurs are built for uncertain times Being an entrepreneur, a successful one at least, isn't a one-idea, one-person, one-time kind of pursuit. However, sometimes-- especially in uncertain times-- even the best forget that they don't have to try to figure things out and fix it all alone...
  15. Y

    An expert in winning >$100M government contracts trades 50+ hour work weeks making her company rich to strike out on her own.

    That would be the article headline a year from now. I have a corporate job winning multi-year technology contracts (most recently between $400M-$850M). While I make multiple six-figures doing this for a living, I want to be calling the shots. I want to be deciding how I spend my time. I want...
  16. C

    Question about a couple lines from MJ's 'The Millionaire Fastlane' book

    I was re-reading some chapters from 'The Millionaire Fastlane' and came across this line again. "Days later, I invented a risky, unproven solution and started working on it. What was I going to do? Instead of selling ad space, I was going to sell targeted, detailed leads and reservation...
  17. ultrasounder

    A compulsive slow laner for life getting into the fastlane(HOV lane)

    Hi Everyone, I am a 42 year old Electrical Engineer who has been slammed around like a ping pong ball from one job to another, one company to another and tired of playing the corporate whackamole. Things have come to a head in my recent job where I had to take a pay cut and work with inept...
  18. Tomipiccoli99

    I wanna go fast..

    Hello everyone, my name is Tomás, I am 20 years old and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am here in the forum thanks to the fact that I stumbled upon the TMF book by MJ Demarco hidden on the shelf of the best bookstore in my city, it only took me 5 pages to buy it immediately. When I...
  19. F

    What kind of work should I have while I start a business?

    I am finishing college, and since some time ago I've decided to take tentrepreneurship quite seriously, I've preparing myself for it, taking courses, etc. and I will launch soon take a product to the market, however, despite all, the chances that it will fail are very high, and I am fine...
  20. RazorCut

    Failure is almost guaranteed if you ignore this one simple truth

    A thought struck me whilst coming back from a walk in the forest this morning. I was thinking on how potential success can be derailed for an article I am writing when, all of a sudden, I remembered a thread that I had contributed to, and had this thought that new entrepreneurs might...

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