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  1. fastlane_dad

    Is E-Commerce still Alive for 2022 / 2023 and How To Make it a Fastlane Success !!!

    The question was brought up if 'e-commerce' is a viable business to start today. I'm sure my take on this will be slightly different then even @NeoDialectic but I'll try to sum up my perceptions of where it is today. IMHO - e-commerce as a business is still just as great and viable as it was a...
  2. J

    Resources/books/blogs/advice you wish you knew before starting your E-com store?

    Stuff you wish you knew!
  3. Mike Partee

    [BOUNTY] Looking to Acquire Off-Market Amazon Businesses

    Hey Fastlaners! Do you own an Amazon eCommerce Business, or know someone who does? I have a client who's looking to acquire a handful of Amazon eCommerce Businesses. This is a serious buyer, with capital ready to deploy for the right deal. ***Here's what they're looking for: — Amazon Only —...
  4. Saad Khan

    Launching and Ranking a product on Amazon [Execution Thread]

    This thread is going to be a journey of trying to grow a brand on Amazon successfully + a case study. I'll be walking you through the major points of how we did it and why we did it. I hope this post adds value to this forum. Let's summarize the very beginning to understand the context...
  5. Vilox

    Launching an E-commerce Store

    Quick progress thread for an E-commerce store I'm setting up. Done so far: Researched a suitable product Created a store with Shopify, including a proper landing page Identified a potential supplier Laid groundwork for paid traffic. First ads campaign is about to go live. I primarily want to...
  6. maxscender

    Any possibility to do ecom business with paypal that can't receive payment ?

    I wan to start online store, I already have the prepared winning products, prepared the marketing strategy through Facebook and Google Ads, created the website, but unfortunately I figured out that I can't receive money to my paypal account (I can only send payments for purchases funded by my...
  7. Zooman009

    Ecommerce - Finding high quality traffic

    I recently decided on a certain style of clothing that I wanted to sell. I'm extremely fond of it and I've shown it to many people who say that they love the design and would want to get it. The problem is that when I try to run paid ads, I get no conversions. I have no clue if it's my website...
  8. Jessie Blight

    A Dropshipping dream Empire!

    So hello again everyone! Since my last post just over a year ago a lot has changed, I’ve stopped smoking marijuana, I’m very close to passing my driving test (due to lockdown unable to yet) and I’ve completed a course in business studies at college. I am hoping to start university in sept...
  9. Phikey

    Ecom Youtube Challenge - Building a channel with 120 videos in 120 days

    GOLD! HOT! 
    Ok I've been planning this challenge for the last 3 weeks and I'm finally doing it. @Fox pointed me in the right direction with a course on Youtube SEO and now I'm taking the dive. Here's a summary of it before I get into the details: Post a piece of content every single day for 120 days (in...
  10. M

    Is dropshipping fastlane?

    i'm wondering if dropshipping is fastlane ?
  11. Jonny Blaze

    (ECOM) Do you make these 3 mistakes with your email marketing subject lines?

    Hello Fellow Fastlaners, I wrote this article on LinkedIn and I felt like it would be helpful for some of the members on here too. Take a lookie-poo below if you would like some free value that will help you get more opens. ----- Ahh, the subject line of an email... It's the first...
  12. Vairavan

    0$ to 1000000$ in 12 Months! (Ride Along)

    The Master Plan: 0 to 1K with freelancing,(3 months) 1k to 10K with Info Biz,(2 months) 10K to 100k with FBA,(4 months) 100k to 1M with Shopify, (2 months) 1M to 10M with Wholesaling. (1 month) The idea is not about using one business as a trampoline to get into another business. Actually...
  13. SeanLewis

    Launching a new product and brand on amazon

    Hey everyone, I've been around lurking the forum for the past 2 years now. Decided maybe i should actually sign up.. So let me give you a little backstory of where i am right now. I launched my first product on amazon UK on november 29th 2018 and on december 1st i got my first sale (yes, i...
  14. RazorCut

    Like a site and want more backend information?

    I was recently in the market for a new Wordpress Website host. My current one has gone downhill over the last year or two and I am launching a new site shortly so it made sense to get it sorted now rather than later. Anyway I stumbled on a Website who's load speed seemed insane considering the...
  15. biophase

    Quantity breaks, 50 for $50 and 90 for $80? Or maybe there's another solution

    Original Pricing 50 for $50 100 for $90 I have a product that sells for 50 pieces for $50. These 50 pieces weigh just over 1/2 lb. I have a large size version of that product that sells 100 for $90 pieces. These 100 pieces weigh 1.1 lbs. So here was the issue, if you ship using the post...
  16. Geekour

    Share the latest methods for product and market validation

    I have a few ideas in mind for Ecommerce physical products. Curious what you all think as to what the most current and latest effective methods to validate and test a product/market need. I feel landing pages might piss people off / feel spammy when they find out you don't have stock and ask...
  17. Geekour

    Remote freelancing skills that can lead to a fastlane business?

    Sorry I know this is a subjective question because there are many ways to start a business / provide value but I got curious and wanted to hear from the experiences of the community here as to what skill was the backbone to their business and preferably a skill that can be done...
  18. Xolorr

    From Drop-shipping Wantrepreneur to Fastlane

    Hey Fastlane fam. Here's my progress thread/brain dump diary for my future business & life. I'm writing this to help clarify what I actually want to do and how I'm going to achieve it, as well as to gain insight and advice from everyone on the forum! Any criticism is wanted please, I believe...
  19. RNoles19

    Finding manufacturers/drop shipping partners for your product

    Hi guys.... Quick question. Relatively new to the forum. Still trying to find my way. What are the best resources for finding someone to drop ship a physical product? Say you want to sell beer pong tables or custom dog beds (just as random examples), how would you go about finding someone that...
  20. SweetTooth

    I'm doing 6 figures a month in Ecom. Looking for a mentor

    Hey guys, I'm doing 6 figures a month from ecom on my own Shopify stores (Not Amazon or Ebay) and I'm looking for a mentor. If anyone here is willing to work together I'd love to pay someone for their time. P.S. mods please delete this if it isn't appropriate.

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