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  1. L

    Looking for a writer that can write comics series with good idea and help me to produce 2d cart animation

    Hello everyone, I have several 2d animation teams and I want to produce comics strip series that can attract a log of audiences. I am looking for a writer that can write scripts and storyboard for comics series to implement my project. Let me know if you have interested in it. Thank you
  2. C

    Looking for an idea for an iPhone app

    Hi everyone! I’m a junior programmer. I’m looking to get into iphone development and learn swift. But I really can’t think of an app idea that I can publish to the App Store. Doesn’t have to “take off” just something where you think I could get some downloads and put on my resume. Thanks!
  3. S

    Most profitable businesses in your hometowns?

    Hi everyone My name is Sergio I actually live in France and I am searching for business ideas for generating money and adding value to the society, actually I am 19 years old, I am from Bolivia and I have started reading books as the millionaire fast lane long time ago so any recommendations...
  4. ValueSystems

    New here ! Creative 24yo with ADD

    Oy everyone, Lovely to meet you all. Been peeking on this forum for years, but I only decided just now to make an account. Mini bio : 24 years old creative ADD learning code to build systems. Struggles : Personally, I struggle with the shiny object syndrome the most. I'm very curious, I...
  5. becks22

    The Etsy MEGA Thread... Best Practices, Use, Etc.

    Good Morning everyone, While perusing the forum, I've seen a few smaller threads that mention Etsy but not a specific Etsy thread. I didn't know how many of you are selling on Etsy or use it at all. I thought this might be a good place to post any tips for Etsy for sellers and any other...
  6. Matt Dassel

    Looking for creators, people ready to launch ideas on platforms like Kickstarter

    Hey, So, if perhaps is any of you a creator, someone with a creative project in mind, a business idea or project that would go for places like Kickstarter, I've been looking for some of you. My team and I have developed a platform for gathering media data from creators with creative ideas and...
  7. Dawn27

    Routes with scaling an Etsy business

    Hi everyone, nice to meet you all! I'm Dawn, and I literally finished reading TMF *this morning* but oh my god it completely cracked open my perspective on my business, and made me realise how seriously I need to get in the fastlane :) A little background (I'm not sure how much is appropriate...
  8. 100k

    How TRUMP Really Got Rich!

    I believe politics is off topics, so let's try not to get into politics. But this is how Trump really got rich; through good ol' pappa Trump. Gotta give it to the man, he figured out how to make money, and used every play he could think off to pass of his wealth to his children while incurring...
  9. TonyStark

    I learned something about myself today....

    That I was never able to fully articulate until I watched this video. View: I thought it was interesting how he explains that lateral/divergent thinkers (i.e. creative people), have "a hard time monetizing their...
  10. VirginiaR

    Doing what I love, but not there yet...

    Hi everyone! What a privilege to be in this community! I bettered my life through self development books/courses. Living my passion as singer/business owner now. I have "free"time to learn/create, but financially I'm not where I want to be yet. Still so much to learn and to improve. Looking...
  11. Marley T

    Where I get my ideas from

    Most of my ideas come naturally, the two main things these ideas stem from are The environment I'm in Problems in that environment that occur often To most of you this is probably obvious stuff but not for all. when I was seventeen I did about 4 days of labouring for some extra cash and...
  12. SazzleB

    Hello, G'day, Bonjour, Hola

    Hello this is London Calling, Great to be on the site and I have just finished reading TMF. To be honest, it was sitting on my shelf for about a year, but my goal was to read it this year which I have done-mini win! What a plonker I am; should have read it ages ago as it is an eyeopener and...
  13. Violinna

    Violinist seeks fastlane

    Hello, Fastlane Community! My name is Anna, I am 27 from Brazil and I am currently living in Sydney, Australia. I grew up in a humble family in Brazil and I was always very ambitious and driven. When I was 13 I started playing the violin and when I turned 16 I decided I wanted to study...