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INTRO New here ! Creative 24yo with ADD


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Apr 12, 2021
Oy everyone,

Lovely to meet you all.

Been peeking on this forum for years, but I only decided just now to make an account.

Mini bio : 24 years old creative ADD learning code to build systems.

Struggles :
Personally, I struggle with the shiny object syndrome the most. I'm very curious, I understand things fast, and am diagnosed with ADD... so it makes sense.
I spent years as a "thinker" instead of a doer, knowing what to do - but not doing it... I was probably to afraid of failure to be honest.

I keep Unscripted by my bed side. I find that every-time I read a few lines of it, my mind gets clearer and I know what I should do. This book is like a friend, you get back to it again and again, each time having a different conversation.

Expertise :
- Used to be Chief Creative Officer in a small digital agency
- 10 years of exp. in design
- Diploma in Digital Strategy (Digital Marketing)
- 2x University drop out (took two times for me to say "f*ck it")
- Learning for the past few months to code. Currently have HTML - CSS - vanilla JS mastered. Moving on to backend integration at the time of this writing. Frontend frameworks next (if needed).

Would love to hear from you guys/gals and share value !


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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Welcome my friend, how was Switzerland fared during the pandemic?


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Apr 12, 2021
Hey MJ thank you for your message !

I saw your post on hyperinflation so I guess you're asking in regards to the economy ?

Switzerland acted timidly (as we often do) regarding this crisis so all social related activities have been stopped since April last year, with the exception of the 2020 summer where everything reopened. Bars, restaurants, fitness, SPAs, and the rest, all closed.

Now, the terraces will finally open next monday.

I don't follow international news so this may be the exact same as other countries, I don't know.

With all these business closed, the state has injected a lot of money for businesses.
They used :
- The banks offered state-backed 0% interest loans (payable over 5 years). They gave them veeery loosely, it will probably leave a mess for the next few years. I could tell you stories of people that were unsolvable before the crisis that got 30k loans easily. So much demand that they didn't verify much.
- The state backed unemployment help even more and longer than before (there is no exact US equivalent but it's up to 80% of your last salary if you loose your job - for up to 1 year)

So yeah, mostly business tanked. Individuals were on the edge, but as extreme as other countries.
We even unlocked funds for people that were illegally unemployed (no state tax contribution, so they should't be able to receive anything normally). We could always have done better but overall I think we did alright !

This may also mean that the Federal Bank might have debt issues now by spending all this cash, I don't know enough to tell you.

Haven't noticed any price increase in everyday consumer products to be honest. And nobody around me mentioned it. So I guess I cannot confirm price hyperinflation in Switzerland (yet at least).

TLDR: Switzerland did alright but spent a lot of money to help businesses that had to close during the pandemic and people that are unemployed. Haven't noticed any price increases in consumer products.

Hope that answers your question !

Let me know if it was another angle that you were looking for.


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