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  1. harlansjobs

    Learning Copywriting for Marketing

    I am interested in learning Copywriting for the purpose of learning how to create great sales pages and emails. Can anyone recommend a good copywriting book for beginners? I have seen recommendations for 1. Magnetic Advertising, 2. anything by Claude Hopkins, 3. the classic Lazy Man's Way to...
  2. F

    How Do I Double my Prices on a Current Client Without Losing Them?

    Hi, I'm a freelance copywriter and I have a client for $45/hr. We have a great working relationship and she consistently tells me how much she values my work, so she's VERY happy with how much value I'm providing her. She's also a very empathetic client and really makes an effort to check in...
  3. C

    Free copywriting services

    Are you new to your business? Overwhelmed with things coming at you left and right.........Imagine a service that custom tailors copy to help your business blow past their sales goals. Now that you're interested...I have an offer that may never come again. My company is offering free...
  4. R

    Hello all. I'm new, and I have a fun story for you.

    I've never really been active on forums before, but I've enjoyed the discussions here so far, and would love to become part of the community. Anyway, here's a bit about me. I'm a 22 year old Russian guy living in Sweden, and I recently started working full time as a copywriter / content...
  5. AnAverageJoe

    Copywriter Wants To Give You Your Time Back

    At one point or another, we’ve all thought, “where did the day go?” If we only had a few extra hours in the day, things would be better, EASIER, right? Unfortunately, we’re stuck with the 24 hours we’ve always had. We’re left trying to figure out how to fit 30 hours of work into that 24-hour...
  6. JFCopy

    24 y/o Copywriter, Lost AF

    Hey there, Found this forum after a very discouraging day digging through all the BS people market towards copywriters who don't know any better (yours truly, 4 hours ago). My name's Miranda. After graduating summa cum laude from a lib arts college, I realized I only gave a damn about...
  7. Neville Medhora

    Hi I'm Neville Medhora, I do copywriting and everyone says this is a great (non-Facebook) community!

    Hey there, my name is Neville Medhora! I'm part of a few companies such as Kopywriting Kourse, AppSumo, Sumo, and The Hustle. My main job is being a keyboard monkey and writing content. I've written literally THOUSANDS of blog posts, so if you want advice I'm happy to help. I also help...
  8. L

    Looking for feedback-Developer copywriting

    Context I've been studying various materials on copy-writing to improve my marketing skills, and I came across this little gem, slightly paraphrased Marketing to developers throws out the usual rules, because they don't see "Finger-licking chicken" but "deceased Gallus gallus domesticus...
  9. M

    About Time...

    Hi As I slide down the wrong side of 50 my pension looks sad, my life looks okay but...I am in a 9 to 5 which is highly stressful and needs to be done away with so I can go live in the sun... Only way I can do that is speed up my sidelines. Currently I'm running a content providing site, now...
  10. redmillionaire

    My name is Tendai and I write copy for fashion brands

    Hi Fastlaners, I'm a copywriter in the fashion space. I'm mostly self-taught as a copywriter. I follow the scientific school of advertising advocated by guys like Caples, Ogilvy and others. I'd like to build my own fashion brand one day. I also play the guitar so would like to make stage wear...
  11. D

    Copywriters -- A Game To Make Your Job Easier (Experiment)

    I made an interactive game that challenges people to write better, competitively. People--talented people--actually enjoy playing it. It's had >10,000 responses submitted from all kinds of folks including high-level sales & marketing pros at companies like Microsoft, Lexmark, and HP Enterprise...
  12. MJ DeMarco

    Copywriting Contest... (RESULTS POSTED!)

    It's time to a have a little fun and learn something in the process. Lets do a little copy-writing contest, something which tests our eye for good copy and conversion. I posted this on the INSIDE to start, however if we don't get enough bites in here, I will move this OUTSIDE. Here is the...
  13. Lerrell Copy

    First Impression

    Hey! I know first impression are very important and determines how you will be treated by that individual for a long time. But my intentions are not to impress anyone. I'm a student at a university and recently launched a copywriting website where I hope to turn it into a successful business...
  14. arfadugus

    I have 25,000 mailers. Copywriter trying to gain more clients.

    Hey guys. Anyone here reached out to businesses through the mail before? I have 25,000 9" x 6.5" Urgent mailers that are bright yellow with two red stripes. I was wondering if I could take advantage of them somehow. Tips to ship in bulk cheaply? Where do I find 25,000 businesses to send them to...
  15. Sanj Modha

    Are you an email marketer looking for a break into eCommerce?

    Hi FLFers! This is something that we've been thinking about for a while now. We're looking to work with a talented email marketer who's outstanding with copy. If you're someone who wants to get into eCommerce - this is the opportunity for you! Our goal for Q2 2017 is to generate 40% revenue...
  16. M

    Greetings From Nairobi-Kenya

    Jambo, (Swahili) Hi everyone I'm a 23-year-old communication student at the University of Nairobi, freelance content writer and copywriter. Learned about TMF book from Peter Voogd's Podcast (Young Entrepreneurship Lifestyle) which he kept mentioning most of the time then decided to read it in...
  17. OscarDeuce

    Copywriter Wanted

    Not sure this is quite "legal" here, but if not I'm sure someone will set me straight... I'm looking for an experienced copywriter to produce two sales letters for direct mail. One will be to former clients and "friends," while the second will be geared to new clients. The letters should be 1-2...