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cold email

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  1. William B

    Landing An Apprenticeship

    Hi Everyone, I hope you're all safe and well during these bizarre times. I'm a soon-to-be college graduate in the Los Angeles area. After graduating I'll be staying in LA or moving to Austin, 5+ year business goal is to start a boutique yoga/fitness studio, but for now, I am focused on skill...
  2. Siddhartha

    WEB SCHOOL 27 minutes or less: How to cold call prospects while dealing with a dayjob?

    Howdy all, Lately I've been re-engineering myself to create value, and right now in my journey, I have an interesting problem in uncharted waters. I'm working to develop a real web-design business from the ground up. To do this, I'm working on filling my pipeline via prospecting and winning...
  3. M

    Cold Emailing Restaurants

    Hi, I have a marketing agency but it is not big so far.( below 2k per month) We target local businesses and sell mainly fb ads. Has anyone experience with cold emailing restaurants? Because I believe that most big companies should be cold emailed and smaller ones should be cold called. I...
  4. C

    WEB SCHOOL How I Landed My First Ever Web Design Client for $1500 with Cold Emails

    Oftentimes on this forum it's preached that you have to go out and speak to people in person in order to land clients. While I fully understand the benefits of speaking to people in person having done door to door office supply sales, there are benefits to using E-Mail and cold calling too. So...
  5. S

    EXECUTION Advice Needed For My Cold Email

    Evening fastlaners, Below is my cold email for targeting private dental clinics on purchasing digital lead generation services and possible up-sell of sales training packages. I'm very comfortable with phone and face-to-face sales after 5+ years in various sales roles, however copy is...
  6. P

    MARKETPLACE Done For You Cold Email/Call Scheduling Service - Over 2,000 calls booked

    How much money would you make from 50 calls with business owners in your niche? We have scheduled over 2,000 calls in the last two months with cold email in every niche from llama farmers to dance studios We handle everything from start to finish. Every morning our clients wake up to scheduled...
  7. The Abundant Man

    Video along with Cold Email...

    When sending out a sales cold email to another business is it better to attach a video of yourself in that email?
  8. Jeff Noel

    Cold emailing execution template

    I read this post on Reddit r/entrepreneur and felt like it could be useful for people here. I also think people experience with cold emailing could provide some feedback related to this template, which I find quite interesting. credit (I'm not affiliated with them): I have got 81% Open rate and...
  9. Lex DeVille

    Free Copywriting Reviews - Click Here

    Someone asked for a copy review. Thought we'd give it a shot. If you're learning copywriting, and you want my thoughts, reply. I'll write something up, and post it in this thread. It's risky of course. You'll have to put yourself out there. But you'll get my feedback. Just don't send 4,000 word...
  10. Chris McCarron

    The BEST Cold Email Techniques to Reach CEOs and VIPs

    Since launching GoGoChimp in 2013, we’ve been working really hard at writing perfect cold emails that help our clients to reach their objectives quicker and easier than before. We send emails to hundreds of thousands of people each year and in some cases millions of people in a single month...
  11. P

    I've built a strong brand but a weak business

    For almost three years I've had a business/hustle finding email addresses of CEOs and small business owners. I research/compile lists and sell them. I'm 22. Exactly one year ago I was completely broke and in debt. I had 15 cents in my bank account. I live with my parents and go to college...
  12. P

    How I get 60% open rates and 40% response rates cold emailing

    I get 60% open rates and 40% response rates on my cold emails, do you? Many people I talk to blast out thousands of unpersonalized emails at a time and then complain that they got no results. Cold email that works should be a conversation, NOT A PITCH. If you pitch in the first email it’s kind...
  13. Ryko

    How to sell web redesign to companies that spend money on promotion but have lackluster web?

    I've recently visited a tech fair in my town, out of sheer curiosity (and boredom). By pure chance, I know the guy who runs the venue and he once told me the ballpark figure on booth costs for the weekend etc. This weekend they had exhibitions from companies working in polymers and plastics...
  14. P

    A-M-A he Perfect Cold Email Always Contains and Does These 10 Things

    The Perfect Cold Email Always Contains and Does These 10 Things START with a QUESTION related to your product (I have also sent a question as a separate, standalone email first to initiate contact with the person) Example (if you are selling beach toys to toy stores): First, Send an email...
  15. Arevico

    Idea Validations

    Hey Guys, While I'm developing my small new product, I'm thinking about how i can validate ideas in the future. I know how to validate (soft proof, hard proof ,etc), but I've some questions. Which questions do you ask when validating a idea. Do you validate the idea or do you validate that...
  16. Daniel Budai

    Best ways to find first marketing agency clients?

    Hi everyone, I really know this topic is overtalked, however, I'd like to ask for the help of experienced business owners in this. I'm starting my content marketing agency now ( > my apologies if it's not allowed to share this here) and want to get my first clients (my first...
  17. startinup

    EXECUTION Breaking into Consulting with a Notable First Client

    Creating this thread to detail my progress in executing on the clever plan laid out by @MJ DeMarco here: (speaking about web development) So what have I done so far? I found a notable company with an outdated, poorly designed site, in a very large industry. I tried to get authorization to...
  18. Gregory Diehl

    LANDFILL Public service announcement: getting email spammed by a member named Alexa Hunter

    I haven't posted here in almost a year, and I only posted a few times related to self-publishing my book. Now I'm getting emails in my inbox about online course programs and memberships (LifterLMS) from Alexa Hunter. I assume this is frowned upon behavior. Just thought I would share. Gregory Diehl

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