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cents framework

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  1. salasben19

    C.E.N.T.S Thoughts and my 2 Cents.

    “#1: The Commandment of Control.” “As an entrepreneur, you want to control your business whereas no one entity can put you into bankruptcy. For example, will a Google algorithm change kill your business? Will that MLM company go out of business and destroy all you worked for? Will Facebook...
  2. SD Entrepreneur

    EXECUTION CENTS Business and Idea Evaluator Spreadsheet

    What's up everyone? After reading and re-reading @MJ DeMarco's thread: The CENTS Business Commandments For Entrepreneurs I wanted to start analyzing some ideas of my own using the commandments. I created a CENTS Business and Idea Evaluator spreadsheet here. The purpose of CENTS is to improve...
  3. G

    CENTS Idea Valuation Spreadsheet (Google Sheets)

  4. Florian

    Noob seeking harsh truth

    Hey guys, Thank you for spending your time and attention to read this. Question: Is it a good idea to get some experience before you create your "real" CENTS business? (By creating a digital marketing agency, offering fb ads.) I know MJ talks about the "you never know what expects you, so...
  5. NicholasCato

    Is a graphic novel / self-publishing fastlane?

    I’ve been struggling with this since i started internalizing the concepts presented in MDF. Simply put, I’m an artist and I’ve been “working” on a graphic novel for the last year and a half. Most of that time was spent fantasizing about how awesome it’s going to be instead of putting it out...
  6. Wiezel

    Video production &editing & marketing company

  7. M

    CENTS Commandments (or NECST) in Pictures

    Narrated by myself....

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