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C.E.N.T.S Thoughts and my 2 Cents.


New Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Mar 19, 2018
New Mexico
“#1: The Commandment of Control.”
“As an entrepreneur, you want to control your business whereas no one entity can put you into bankruptcy. For example, will a Google algorithm change kill your business? Will that MLM company go out of business and destroy all you worked for? Will Facebook change its Terms of Service for application calls and all of sudden you're out of business? Did that great affiliate program you've been hawking suddenly stop paying? Or change its terms and now you're shit-out-of-luck? The Commandment of Control eliminates 3rd party risks that can take down your business in one swift stroke. You can either paint your own big picture, or be a swab of paint in someone else's.”

I think these are all real and serious concerns to think about especially for long term business and having something of substance when its all said and done. I will add that I also think Franchises take away a large part of the control portion. Maybe not to the extent of killing your business, but to the extent of not letting you run it the way you want to.

“#2: The Commandment of Entry”
“Entrepreneurs are problem solvers. If anyone can mimic your business overnight by following a simple 1-2-3 step process, you're not solving any problems. In fact, the more difficult it is to start your business, the better the opportunity you have. The difficulty IS the opportunity. Fortunes are not made in a business you created overnight -- fortunes are made by solving problems and delivering value to the market in a strongly defended position.”

This greatly reminds me of Harvard professor video about entry and how the difficulty of entering the markets change. For example, Air Line companies and Pharmaceutical companies were excellent “cash cows” because of their difficulty and patents. But fast forward to recent years, and you see even “boutique airlines” and government law created drug knock offs. The internet and change of the business landscape have made once hard to get into industries accessible to many people and I would have to argue that the opposite is also true.

“#3: The Commandment of Need”
“Provide value. Solve a problem. Satisfy a want. Inspire someone. Make em laugh or cry. Make em healthy and vibrant. Bottomline? The market doesn't give a shit about your motives. It doesn't give a shit about your passions, your loves, or your desires to drive a Ferrari. Throw the GURU BS out the window if you want to succeed because the only thing the market wants to know is this: "What the heck can you do for me?". Fastlane Entrepreneurs are committed to providing value, fulfilling needs, and satisfying wants because they know it attracts money.”

I really like MJ’s words and how you do have to put yourself aside and think about the market place. I like to think of it in a little more positive light. Sometimes I find myself saying “no one will buy that” because its to expensive, not needed ect… x y z…. However! It doesn’t matter what I think or want, it matters what the market wants! Just because I cant afford that house, doesn’t mean that the market cant. Just became I think its an unnecessary item, doesn’t mean the market thinks that. A really good example that I can think of is Art. I see it as totally unnecessary and sometimes ridiculously overpriced. And yet the market proves that it doesn’t care what I think, if someone is willing to pay for it, if it adds value to someone ect…

“#4: The Commandment of Time
Making money is great, but what good is it if you don't have time to spend it? Or enjoy your freedom? The Commandment of Time specifies that your business must be able to detach itself from your time. This is accomplished by creative inventions that exist separate from your time. In other words, your time is divorced from the act of sale and distribution. It could be a book, a piece of software, a website, or a product custom built and branded imported from Mexico.”

I like MJs thoughts on this. We do need to build systems that can replace us actually being present for every sale and delivery. Years ago, I would say this would only happen by employing employees and managers in order to “step away” from the day to day. Now I see its possible to have internet systems, outsourced job and management tasks, and other systems of online sale, automatic shipping ect… in order to totally “divorce” your time from the actual sale.

“#5: The Commandment of Scale
In order to generate massive wealth, you must sell massive product, and have that product detached from your time. If you cannot sell 10,000 in one day and are limited in production and/or distribution, you will be limited in the amount of money you can earn. Examine your ceiling-- if you can touch it, you've got a scale problem. Start thinking bigger. To make millions, is to impact millions.”

Personally, this is the area that I need to work on most. Scale. I like learning what MJ says about scale and I think that’s the super common overlooked thing. Everyday normal people, such as at work, will always think okay, I need x amount of money, I can save x amount per month for this, so… ookay I can get that thing in about 5 years… They always try to multiply time in order to get what they want, but time is super limited. We should think about multiplying dollars and not time. Don’t work the 40 years to be a maybe millionaire one day through your 401K, but how about instead of 40 years we multiply our earnings by 40? I think it’s a better way of thinking about it.

Anyways, those are my thoughts, I would like to hear your thoughts on the business system by MJ of C.E.N.T.S.

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