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  1. trulyandres

    How I make $2.5K/month as a 17 year old in high school washing cars

    About three months ago I made a post on here asking the community how I can make money online as a teenage entrepreneur. I had started a dozen businesses, none of them successful, and wanted advice. A business I mentioned was some courses I had made. Someone commented something under my post...
  2. K

    Here we are!

    I'm glad to have found this comunity and I feel like it happened at the right time. I'm a romanian high schooler and I absolutely despise the system, I cannot see myself working in a cubicle for the rest of my life and honestly I don't find most conventional jobs attractive as I hate the system...
  3. pmb1

    $0 to $100k: my web design journey

    Hello everyone. I am a 20 year old web design freelancer who's goal is to reach $100k in profit by August of this year. I have created this thread to document the process and to keep myself accountable. If I know that there are other people online who know what I'm doing, quitting and going...
  4. O

    Identifying Chrome Extensions Opportunities For New Software Entrepreneurs

    (if this isn't allowed, let me know. The website is free and doesn't ask anything of the users) Hello all. I've built a web scraper that goes through the Chrome Extension store and returns information regarding Chrome Extensions. Analyzed, this data can be revelatory for people who are...
  5. Pave1l

    Would be really grateful for

    Hi there, my name is Pavel I am 18 and considering what business is the best to start. (my goal is 10K$ per month at first) I have never had a job, but I have a lot of knowledge in spheres of self-development, marketing and fitness. My goal is earning some money ASAP because I want later to...
  6. SnowLava

    Hello, Abhigyan here (15, wanna-be-entrepreneur), with SOME QUESTIONS.

    Hello. As the title says, i am 15 and I am from India. I am currently in my 10th grade and in India that is considered a VERY important class by parents and teachers (despite it having no significance in later years). So i had some questions - 1. Should I focus just on school education in...
  7. Y4P

    Getting started at the fitness industry.

    Dear fastlaners, I was wondering to myself: “Why even when people have all the info they need in order to lose fat/gain muscle mass, many still claim they don’t know how to do it?” I thought to myself if I could just fix that simple problem, I could help millions which naturally transforms to...
  8. EntreEden

    Best Book for Aspiring Tech Founders/Entrepreneurs

    I just finished the book Zero to Sold which is by far the best actionable entrepreneur book I've read for tech founders. While a lot of others focus on audience, market, sales, etc this one specifically had advice on how to build your tech stack and scale. Highly recommend it especially if...
  9. N

    Sick of eating whatever life is serving on a given day. Ready to start dictating the rest of my days.

    Hi everyone. I wish I would have read TFM 25 years ago (I know, it wasn't written yet, but that's not the point). A special thanks to @MJ DeMarco for putting this book together for all of us and bringing me here. I hope to leverage all or your knowledge and hopefully share some of my...
  10. ajlall

    Is a digital marketing agency a Fastlane business?

    I'm in the process of starting a digital marketing agency, and I don't know whether it is a Fastlane business or not. I get clients on a monthly retainer, and every month I pay a freelancer to do the work for the clients, so I don't spend much time doing actual work(in theory). I started working...
  11. lol

    Rereading MJ's book.. possible contradiction? Also lost/rant

    MJ Bashes LOA (Law of Attraction) in his book, but a few chapters later, talks about Choice of Perception. When he was a child, he dreamed about owning a lambo once he saw it. I feel like the choice of perception is the belief that leads you to take action. Isn't the law of attraction quite...
  12. F

    Consummate Slow-Laner who doesn't really wanna be one anymore

    How's it going all! I thought I'd take a stab at introducing myself here. My name is Philip. I'm 33, have a wife, 3 kids, and a 4th on the way. And I am a tried-and-true hard working emp-plo-yee. Probably one of the best employee's you could ask for in the service industry. I'm hard working...
  13. Z

    Struggling to start

    Hi All, Thanks for letting me join, I really appreciate it. I stumbled on this group while trying to find ways to invest and grow (I do not have any or any experience), and what I read in the first hour ways great. It made me feel like this is a welcoming group that enjoy helping each other...
  14. V

    What are some frustrations with Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, and other popular SMM tools?

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to get into the subject. I want to choose the most optimal set of tools for my SMM strategy, and I'm a little worried about the pitfalls of the tools mentioned above. I would be grateful for any opinion!
  15. lollo

    I want to start my entrepreneurial journey but I don't know when... let me explain.

    I read Mj's books, I decided to get on the Fastlane and become an entrepreneur. The thing is, I basically read only MJ's books about entrepreneurship. I have no background at all, no knowledge and formation to start. Yes Mj's books are excellent but I think I need more, they are not enough...
  16. uzumakinaruto

    Looking for a way to achieve my dreams

    Hi Everyone, I just completed Millionaire Fastlane, which was suggested by my buddy a long time back(I created this account at that time itself). After going through the book I realized a few things: 1) I have been living on the sidelane. 2) Mostly consumer mindset. 3) Would never be able to...
  17. metallon

    Beginner Start-up tools

    Hi guys, I was struggling to organize and develop my idea. And my friend shared with me some tools (from his university) to help me out. These tools are simple and helping me to create a business model. Sharing here to kickstart your journey. GOOGLE DRIVE LINK Hope it helps.
  18. bluehorse

    I need your help to get out of the emergency.

    Hi. I am from Argentina. I tell you my story briefly: Right now I have a lousy job, a bad work environment, very bad work hours and, above all, low pay. To give you an idea, I am only making $ 200 per month. Some time ago I read MJ deMarco's book (that's why I'm here). From that moment I began...
  19. Island Guy

    Island Guy - Watching the Fastlane First Hand

    Hey everyone I've been a long time lurker and now seems like a good time to get involved My Adult life in a nutshell I used to be someone who was "succeeding" at the Slowlane. I found Mr. Money Moustache 7 years ago, when I was in school, and chose the FIRE path for my life. After I landed...
  20. L

    starting with a small business

    Hey everyone! This will be my progress thread to start a small business while still in college. I have read TMFL and know that my business violates several CENTS criteria, but I just want to get started with something! It is basically just a renting model, where I rent out something that...