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advice needed

  1. A

    Heyo I'm a libertarian, anarcho-capitalist, existentialist artist and I'm here to figure out how to monetize my interests. (not a political post)

    I'm only mentioning my political and philosophical position because they are relevant to my business model and I'm looking for like-minded people. I'm here after reading unscripted: life liberty and pursuit of entrepreneurship after many recommendations from youtubers (hamza mostly) I decided to...
  2. Motorstorm

    Is Higher edjucation really a "waste of time"?

    Okay hear me out. It says in "The Millionaire Fastlen" Chapter 13 :checkbox:Slowlaners attempt to manipulate intrinsic value by edjucation. :checkbox:Indentured time is time you spend earning a living. It is the opposite of free time. :checkbox:Your expensive education might cause indentured...
  3. darkcyrus101

    My Entrepreneurial Journey So Far - I QUIT MY JOB A YEAR AGO...

    Greetings everyone. I'm Malaysian. I actually went through the school system, and graduated uni in Mechanical Engineering 2 years ago. Here in Malaysia, it's not too expensive for local unis like in the US. I found out about The Millionaire Fastlane after watching Hamza. Gave it a good read...
  4. Kewal

    Can I get into business directly or do I need to take 1-2 year corporate experience first to make it a success? (Read description for details)

    My background: I'm currently in the final year of my college and will graduate in May 2024. I pursue B-Tech in Information Technology and also specialize in Computer Vision and Generative AI. My family has a business of selling CCTV cameras, security systems and providing its installation and...
  5. I

    Fired From My Sales Job. Find New One or Freelance and Experiment to Engage the Market?

    Hello Everyone, I hope you are awesome today. Asking kindly about your opinions/guidance here. I was recently fired from my freight brokerage job. Currently sitting in the office savouring the last week and a hlaf of time I have left here. Found out they wont keep me for the next month. I was...
  6. E

    Just got laid off, have a family to take care of. Got maximum 120 days on hand. Got some advice?

    Hello everyone! This will be a little bit of a selfish discussion, I really hope you don't mind reading through and giving me some advice. I dont know how this forum works, assuming you ask a question by making a post. Please correct me if I am wrong! Brief intro, I am a 16 year old guy. I know...
  7. MichaelMeyers

    From Military Service to Financial Freedom: Embracing Entrepreneurship

    At the tender age of 18, confronted with the uncertainty of my future, I made a pivotal decision to enlist in the military. Motivated by a yearning for direction, purpose, and a profound sense of duty towards my country, this choice marked the commencement of a transformative journey. While my...
  8. I

    Advice Needed: Anybody got a SDR/BDR job that makes 50-60k a year net salary?

    Context: I want to get a sales job (sdr or bdr) at a company (i thought of a tech company) and I want to focus 1 year on selling and then get into entrepreneurship again. I saw on other posts (reddit) that people earn 50-60k a year and 100k OTE and i want that too. I dont really know what...
  9. V

    Hey Forum, I am Vedant from India.

    I just read The Millionaire Fastlane, and currently I am reading : The Unscripted. I wanted to ask something. I am now well aware of the Vehicles, and Potential Fastlane Businesses. But I don't have any sellable skill. I have a lot of knowledge on workouts of Calisthenics. But I'm still not at...
  10. heman

    I've Got an Idea and I'm getting started on my journey

    Hello, My name is Matt. This past weekend I picked up The Millionaire Fastlane, which subsequently led me to UNSCRIPTED, which subsequently led me to this forum, which subsequently led me to Million Dollar Weekend by @noahkagan (GREAT BOOK, HIGHLY RECOMMEND). First I would like to thank @MJ...
  11. R

    What Do I Do With This Money???

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for some advice regarding my current situation. I'm almost 20 years old working a normal job. With all my bills being paid, I can afford to put away around €2,000 each month. It would be a shame to leave that money in the bank for it to lose it's value over time so...
  12. C

    Temporary Slowlane Decisions

    Hi, I'm after a bit of advice. I work the winter months full time as a self employed carpenter working for a couple of local builders. I have a small lawn mowing business I started a year or so ago as I got inspired by YouTube videos (American). And I needed to start a business for my own...
  13. nyitdom

    I have a brilliant business idea, but I just cant execute it.

    I have gotten the idea of building a business around advertising for other businesses altough I cant make it a legal entity because I dont own a residence. A year from now on I will be able to buy a house because I will go to work to get a house, but until then what can I do? Do I have any other...
  14. Azrod

    Any advice for choosing between one of these two skills ?

    Hey my name is Rémi, Firstly, i want to say that its been approximately 6 months i am reading weekly the content posted here, and i am really grateful for, MJ Demarco, the forum and the people in it. The number of real business educational content you are providing is just mind-blowing compared...
  15. Emma__

    Have I joined the fast lane? Or is this another bad move

    Hi could I ask for some advice on a new job decision? I’m an aspiring entrepreneur and have been a PT for 10 years but dropped out and now looking for another industry that can make me money and hopefully lead to freedom. I have applied to be a sales negotiator at an estate agents, I have...
  16. F

    Having trouble starting the engine (Metaphorically speaking)

    Hey there, I´m Francise and I´ve just turned 19. After having graduated this spring, I made the decision to enroll into college, since all of my friends chose that path and it is the most common thing to do after having finished school. Having been a straight-A-student all my life, I spent all...
  17. Storm888

    Needing Advice, Is a University Degree worth doing at 21 years old? What would be the best way forward?

    Hey Fastlaners, I need some straight forward advice which will allow me to be a better Entrepreneur. I am at bit of a crossroad in my life. Would College be worth going to at 21? In my country the maximum debt I could get into will be 20kNZD interest free. Unlike US University I think that is...
  18. steel-potato

    Should I raise Capital or teach myself product development

    I already know HTML, CSS, and the basics of JS. But the business I am building will require a more complex backend such as React and Tailwind CSS. I currently work as a product designer for a reputable agency, so am confident in my ability to design the damn thing. But I am not a full-stack...
  19. GoldenGlow

    Fear of taking action, commitment and humiliation; Chronic escapism through books, fanfics and YouTube

    Reading 50 books per year has put me into a state of analysis paralysis, where I'm filled with ideas for how society should be run but don't even clean my damn room. None of my current beliefs are actually my own. Whenever I listen to my pleasure-strangled brain, it becomes a foul headwind that...
  20. Vasudev Soni

    Job or Entrepreneurial Dreams at 22 – (Your Advice Needed)

    I'm 22 and just graduated college and my job is about to get started in the month end in a tech giant company. I already have two businesses, an amazon Fba and the other one is a mobile app Business. I have also experienced several failures in the past 2-3 years and I learned a lot from them...