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advice needed

  1. S

    Is Property Renting Viable?

    I've been thinking about renting out a property, I don't think it's necessarily Fastlane (or maybe if done in a certain way it can be?), but it's something to do temporarily just to get me out of my lame job at the very least. What do you guys think? Any advice or tips would be much appreciated.
  2. AnthonyK

    A Speed Bump in My Journey.

    Hello Everyone I am in university right now and before coming here, I had strong feelings of not wanting to. I didn't tell my parents, or challenge their arguments as I believed university at the time was the only path I could take and here I am, not enjoying my classes and the environment...
  3. Dan99

    Hi! I'm 3/4 of the way through a kindle e-book that espouses slow lane strategies.

    Good afternoon, all! (at least in my time-zone) I read the Millionaire Fastlane and loved it. There is one impasse I have reached: I am 3/4 of the way through a kindle e-book that preaches slow lane methods (Budgeting, Retirement accounts, and cost cutting measures). There is also paying off...
  4. L

    Should I go on this 5-month trip to Canada?

    Hey, I am currently 19 years old and finished school this year in Germany. My wish for a long time was to go to high school in Canada and live with a host family. Now I got a possibility for it. But the costs are extremely high (15000€ for 5 months stay). I work full time myself, but my...
  5. S

    Plz provide me ur guidance

    I know it may sound silly. But I want to know that should I cut off ties from online form of entertainment completely in my entrepreneur journey like I love to watch tv shows ,animes. I have already deleted all my social media accounts (except You-tube for study and knowledge purpose) for half a...
  6. N

    Im a 14 year old aspiring entrepeneur but I need help

    Hi, My name is Nicolas, i was born in Spain, I am 14 years old, I read Unscripted when I was 12 years old, The Great Rat Race Scape when I was 13, I read each one of them for at least 5 times. I always knew something was wrong with people and I always felt different from all my friends that...
  7. E

    Feedback and Wisdom needed

    I have decided to build a parking app that tracks which parking spots are open and would allow you to reserve them for a small price. In case anyone is wondering, I did get this idea from an idea dump on this forum. I am a homebody and when I do go out it is camping or to friends house. I am...
  8. davegood

    What's The Best Route?

    Hi all, Today i'm posting because i'm in the middle of a problem. To make it as short and simple as possible: a friend and I decided to start our own marketing agency. In this agency we'd work on branding/design/videography/graphic design/etc. Our first client happened to be a mutual friend...
  9. Akita

    Is this a good plan according to moving into the fast lane approach?

    Hello everyone! I'm back to posting in the group since last year. I've had some major life changes happen since then. Like moving across the U.S. And starting a new job as a driver for $17 an hour, and I listen to MJ's books while I drive. Never the less, the point is I found myself slipping...
  10. connorkennxdy

    How To Choose Between Multiple Business Ideas?

    I've recently had an idea for a SaaS business which satisfies CENTS. I have been mind-mapping it out to figure out how I'll go about starting & building it. However, I've also had another idea whilst thinking of problems I can solve via a business. It also satisfies CENTS but I don't want to...
  11. S

    I’m out of money. What lever do I pull?

    Hello Fastlane family, I hope each and everyone of you is striving to achieve your dreams and succeeding in that endeavor. It’s a long story but to keep it brief, I read the books over two years ago and have been working on my Fastlane business on the side since then. I was laid off from my...
  12. thuylv

    [ Need help with start up]

    Hi everyone, I am currently a software engineer at a local company, I'm trying to move from doing 100% technical to building 1 start-up, I'm looking for an idea that can be feasible to implement in my country (I live in Vietnam - a country in Southeast Asia) I know the road will be very long...
  13. S

    21 age male need advice

    Im 21 years old and i have no idea what to do in life. Last 2 years i wasted my time in Technology Institute to study a course that i have no interest because my parents told me this course can learn good skill and make good money. Now i finally graduate from the Institute still have no interest...
  14. E

    New here would like to contact new people

    I could use some help finding the areas of this forum that align with a lot of what I am after. General advice and such. Would like to meet some new people. Thank you
  15. B

    Roadblock. Seeking advice.

    Hi folks, I tend to type a lot because I'm excessively detail oriented, so I'll break down this post into the following sections so that the TL;DR; folks can still jump in and hopefully respond where they seem most interested. -My Product -My Roadblock -Potential Courses Of Action -What I've...
  16. Justin L

    Finding a Likeminded Friend Group

    Hey everyone! Lately, I've been wanting to start meeting new people my age that are interested in taking the Fastlane. But I'm 15, and it seems like barely anyone my age has aspirations similar to me. I was wondering if anybody had any resources or suggestions to help find a likeminded group...
  17. Gabriel_Exists

    Anyone have experience starting before 18?

    First of all, I am 16 years old and already know people will tell me to wait until I'm 18 to start business so I am able to sign legal documents, I understand that point of view. However, I am desperate to start as soon as possible as I have 948 days until my first theoretical day of University...
  18. X

    Any advice is much appreciated!!

    I am desparate in need for an advice on where to start and I am open to any criticism if my mindset is wrong. I would really appreciate any advice or suggestion that can be put into an action. I would love to hear from anyone with insights or anyone in aviation industry that have succeeded in...
  19. chromiumjewels

    An Introduction + Need some advice

    TL;DR An introduction to me, and... I want to make an invention and have little clue how to execute this idea. Hello everyone, Having just finished the Millionaire Fastlane, I was taken by the amount of value directly taken from the Fastlane Forum. It is an amazing opportunity to not only know...
  20. ClarkeLDN

    Another Slowlaner looking to switch lanes!

    Hey All, First time on the forum having read TMF whilst on holiday over the past couple of weeks. The book sparked so many thoughts for me and I'm currently reflecting on what I can do next to put myself in a better position. From a slowlane mindset, I'm pretty successful: 30 years old &...

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