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  1. The One

    Books about Overcoming Addictions

    Tell me books and threads that talk about overcoming addiction
  2. Raedrum

    Video games addiction: effects on brain (biochemical analysis from psychiatrist)

    I came accros this video on youtube and I think it will help people who are struggling with video games addiction He is an old games addict that became psychiatrist and his explanations are really useful He center his analysis around the differences between dopamine and serotonine, and...
  3. JimIsBack

    A knife was pulled on me 2 nights ago. What more of an FTE do I need?

    Hey. It's Jim here - and I'm back, great to meet you. 2 nights ago I had a knife pulled on me and was robbed while trying to enjoy a succulent chicken kebab. It feels crazy to even write that. Before this, my life has slowly been slipping from one of unlimited potential ready to blossom to...
  4. Mikeeyy

    How dopamine destroys your life and kills your Fastlane dreams.

    So what is dopamine? Well dopamine is a chemical in our brain that is released when we do something pleasurable such as eating, socializing, sex etc. Now dopamine is good in controlled amounts. But when you have a dopamine over load it can cause lots of problems in your life. The human brain is...
  5. mirumiru

    Just GIVE UP WHAT DOESN'T ADD (Dopamine Detox - how it benefits you to REALLY change your life) | Motivation & eye-opening

    I have been in self improvement for a long time. My progress for a lot of time was just stagnant. I knew I needed discipline instead of motivation. I knew I needed to take action but I didn't. I knew I had to trust the process but I refused to even start. What was stopping me? I was living...
  6. D

    Baby steps

    Hello everyone, I don't really know how to start this post, So I will just get right into the subject: I just deleted the YouTube app from my phone, which was the last social media/entertainment app I kept. While for most people, that might not sound like a big step, for me it is huge: About...
  7. mtn_baldy

    Six Month Content Fast ( Currently 1 Month In)

    Have you ever caught yourself mindlessly scrolling on your phone without realizing why you even picked up your phone in the first place? Have you ever said to yourself or your significant other, "Just one more episode," knowing you had to be up early in the morning? Whether you realize it or...
  8. C

    How do I stop my addictions?

    Hi all I have a few addictions which I would like to stop like sugar and other stuff I don't want to mention. It affects my mindset and my health. First I do/use that bad thing and then afterwards I say, that tomorrow I won't do it anymore. Tomorrow I will say that this is my last day and this...
  9. Z

    Addictions? Vices? Purpose?

    Hey fastlaners, I am reaching out to you guys as this is something I have had issues with for a long time and am not ashamed anymore to ask for help. I have a porn addiction. It has been 10 years and I am looking to ask anyone here that has beat any addictions for any advice? anything would help.
  10. A

    Throwing Away The Keys: A Simple Strategy To Counter Addictive Activities

    This is intended for those who struggle with addiction in the digital realm. Though, I suppose one could do this in real life too. If you have trouble checking social media, logging into an online video game, then I suggest that you consider to "throw away your keys". 1. Change your login...
  11. Rabby

    Literally everything is about taming the octopus.

    I just wanted to mention this. Whenever I think about discipline and especially impulse control, I say "taming the octopus." I call it that because the human brain is a lot like an octopus. No, really. It's always reaching out for things, stretching in several directions, holding on to...
  12. windchaser

    I did it again... A tale of addiction to the slowlane (and detox)

    Hi felow fastlaners, First of all I want to admit here I am an addict. My drug? The slowlane. I know it is bad for my health, it will enslave me, it will make you unhappy and it will prevent me for being happy, but in moments of weakness I have gone back to it again and again. But, like any...
  13. P

    19yr old overcame vGame addiction and read TMF and wants to start his own business

    Hey what’s up everyone ! I’m 19yrs old and just graduated from high school as I overcame my video game addiction and I’ve recently picked up readings business books and MJ demarcos TMF. Book opened my eyes about the slowlaners and Fastlaners and I’m trying to start a new online business while...
  14. Envious

    VIDEO: Addiction to self-help.

    I came across this video and thought it might change perspective for anyone who can't stop reading self-help books, watching motivational videos and scrolling for the next inspiring article. I've been there,sometimes i still find myself there. You know the words you mutter to yourself: "...
  15. Conquer_Chaos

    Hello Fastlaners

    First of all I just want to give a huge thank you to MJ and everyone on the forum, I have learned a tremendous amount during the last year or so that I have been lurking here. Just astonishing the things you guys give away for free. Anyways this is an introduction post so I guess i have to tell...
  16. TheJackal

    An author's journey from addiction to domination

    (Prologue: This is my story, but I hope it hits home for one person who's thinking the same way I did. I don't lecture and I don't judge. I just tell stories. I'll leave it at that) I write for a living. Before you ask, no I didn't go to school for to study creative writing and no I didn't...
  17. O

    Idea of a book

    Okay I have an idea for a book that I have been looking to ask for critiques on for a while now, I have posted the synopsis below and would really appreciate some honest opinions on turning this into a book: I would have sold my soul to the devil for one more shot. One more shot at proving...
  18. JasonR

    Caffeine can kill your productivity!

    Too much caffeine can kill your productivity. I have been addicted to those stupid blue, low carb monsters for a while, and I never get addicted to ANYTHING. I decided to quit, and have been slowly weening myself off caffeine. Today is my first day without caffeine, and I feel lazy and...