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MJ DeMarco
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  • It's the least I can do for Fastlane! This place is awesome!!! Thank You for creating it. It's a shame that Andrew Warner from didn't get to do an interview with you. We tried but failed this time.

    Hiya MJ,

    I thought you might appreciate this, so here goes! Ever since last year when I printed out copies of one of your articles and handed them out my friends (and people I didn't and still don't even know) have come to me or emailed me asking for Michael Jordan's autograph, or memorabilia!

    Why? Because at the bottom of the article it was signed MJ :)

    Just yesterday I got an email asking if I could get a signed basketball. pretty funny!

    Anyway, thanks again for this site and all that you do! I'd be miles behind had it not been for this site, but now I'm miles ahead (I just need to parlay that onto my income statement)

    Take care,

    Hey Mj

    Your testimony has inspired me a lot, and would sincerely like to thank you for sharing this with us.

    Hey MJ,

    Two posts on this forum have already helped me come up with a new business idea, which I'm VERY exited about, the first was from your success story "add value", the other was a short but powerful post that simply read "impact millions".

    I'm doing my research now, checking to see if there is anything else like it available (which I don't think there is) and hunting down other posts in here to see there are any that can help point me in the right direction as what to do next.

    Anyway just wanted to come here and say thank you again, I love this forum, and can't wait to start getting to know a few other people better.

    hope your having a good day too


    I never thanked you for getting me out of parking. Thank you. I love this forum.

    I saw a show called Ultimate Factories on Nat Geo earlier tonight. It was about a Lambo factory. It was a new episode about them building the fastest one yet, the murcielago sv. If interested its coming on again thurs oct 8th at 4pm est
    Thanks MJ! I appreciate it. I just wanted to personally thank you for this excellent resource you have provided everyone. You are a catalyst for financial growth!

    Hey, long time reader here!
    Ever thought of a paid section to the forums? I know I'd like a place for paid members only (i.e $20p/a) to ask some more sensitive questions I dont walk lurkers, competition, or google to read.

    Just food for thought...
    Thank you for adding me! I'm still navigating and learning how things work, but this is a very nice Forum. Have a wonderful Tuesday!
    Hi MJ! I'm Moonie (well, that's not my real name lol) and just stumbled across your site just this evening and decided to join out of curiosity.

    I've been doing a lot of Networking on Facebook/Twitter and seem to be getting nowhere because nobody is listening...just promoting and a lot of automated stuff.

    I'm looking forward to exploring here and learning more about you and the community. Have a wonderful evening.
    Hey man, I haven't been here in a while, and I just wanted to mention that when I came back it was effin OBVIOUS you've been putting a lot of work into this place. You've grown your community very impressively, and the site ROCKS! I like the ad placements and all the new features you've added. I've never done a forum before. Fastlane inspires me. Thanks for all your work. Put out the book ;)
    Hi MJ, I wanted to offer up something quickly.. why not create so called Treasure Chest of forum. With only the best and most informative threads of forums. It would also be must read section for newbies of forum! ;) I can offer some threads but some older posters now better ! Cheers
    Hey MJ I thought you would get a kick out of knowing that my internet homepage opens to your "Do you have a successful entrepreneurial premise?" thread. It's the best business advice I've ever received... You're the man MJ!

    Thanks for the birthday mention :)
    Hello MJ, I have seen that there have been more spammers posting here with their nonsense, I was wondering if from the time you create your account you have a time limit (lets say 24 hours) to introduce yourself. Maybe this would reduce spammers? Just trying to help..

    Thank You,
    I wanted to thank you for this great forum! I have been terribly sick for a few years now, and lost my business because of it; but reading all of the great threads on this forum have given me the "charge" and mental stimulation I need to keep going. I am now more hopeful than I was before that I will eventually recover both physically and financially.
    MJ, I just wanted to drop by and let you know I love what you've done with this forum. It looks fantastic now.
    - Cody
    MJ, question for ya. There was kind of an age gap in your story. About how old were you when you first started making some good money (ex. bought that corvette) and at what age did you hit million net?

    hey just let me know what else I can do! one of my buddies walked up to me in the gym and said 'hey peacock, that guy's story from that fastlane group is pretty awesome, whens the book come out?' haha hopefully I sold one for ya

    I am thinking about making copies of some of your posts and giving them to the entrepreneurship club members each week, if thats alright with you...obviously with all the all due acknowledgments.
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