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  • Hey Man, good to hear! Hope you will enjoy it and succeed! Altho if you need to burn fat then I'd suggest boxing and/or jumping rope instead of running. It's much more effective and in my experience much more challenging. ;) Keep it up bro!
    Nice, they have a lot of places to play at? I've only been to reservation casinos in Ca. How do you like it compared to ft. Collins?
    How was your new years cody? i went up to blackhawk played at ameristar and lodge, there were 70 people on the list at ameristar lol. I eventually got a seat was up 150 kept playing and ended the night down 140 lol. Have you been up there lately?
    I like using echecks on stars not a pita, takes awhile for them when u cash out though. Ive played in blackhawk lately its been better, I can chase people out now. Let me know I will be up there.
    Hey czach41 my cousins used to live in ft collins for college, I'd go up a lot, fun town. I'm pretty new so still just learning, drop shipping seems the most appealing. What about you?

    I saw you like poker. do you play a lot online? I play on stars also go to blackhawk sometimes.. -Jay
    That's awesome mate! Hope you will start lifting soon ;) I miss the gym really.. should be back in a week or two maybe...

    If you need help with internet projects, don't be a stranger ;) I like helping out people, I noticed that I have a passion for growing things and I like marketing a lot..

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