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  • Not sure if you're aware but there's a bug with creating a signature. Won't allow you to create a signature if it's over 0 characters lol
    What's up, MJ! I know you're crazy busy with the update, but when you get around to it, can you add that fancy little " I read TMF badge " to my account :). I feel left out hahaha!

    I'm starting my Fastlane roadtrip now and I have some ideas to start my business online in the Brazil.I think your teachings would sell a lot in Brazil because here the majority of people are falled in debts and don't have a financial plan.

    Looks like a manually made a 3-month Insiders payment 2 days before an automatic payment was made. Can you refund me for the 2nd one? Would show up on paypal as Karen Powell, probably.

    Hey MJ,
    Next time you make your way to Vegas I would like to offer you a free lunch at one of our fine dinning locations. Small investment to learn from your creative and wealth driven mindset.
    Hi MJ,

    as you told myself to make a own Blog. Can you please tell me your opinion about the one i made now?


    Would be very nice to get some advices from you.

    Kind regards

    First off, thank you for the book! It was an awesome read and left me inspired. I can honestly say it changed my life, especially since my goals in life are now completely different.

    However, I have been wanting to send you a message for several days to ask certain questions, only to find I cannot PM you! :( I guess you would recieve tons of PM's if it wasn't the case, and that's understandable. I will try to try find the answers to my questions elsewhere. I look forward to posting on the forum with you and the community!


    I purchased the ebook from Viperion, however I used the express checkout method thus never creating an account. I never got a confirmation email so I never received the link to the pdf. There is no contact information on the Viperion Publishing website. Could you please let me know who I can contact to get this problem resolved?

    sonny8988 at gmail

    I got your book last week and still going through it (on page 98). So far what I've read is dead on and so true. Glad I found your book, wish I'd found it sooner.

    I was wondering if there was a way I could get a PDF copy so I can read it during some of my down time at work? (Yes, for now I'm having to still trade 5 for 2) It would be much easier to have a PDF document open then sitting back with a book in my hands while at work. Not sure what proof of purchase you would need, but I'd be open to submitting whatever would work for you.

    Hit me up at -

    Thanks so much!

    I just got your book the other day. I am currently selling fulltime on Ebay and always try to find the most cost effective way to ship my items. I see you are using the flat rate priority mail envelopes to ship your books at $4.95. It is much cheaper to ship via media mail USPS - Media Mail Prices. Also my address was handwritten, I use a Brother Ql-570 thermal label printer which is around $50.00 on amazon. It is great and saves a ton of time with shipping. I hope you find this useful. Thank you for the book and for your forum.
    Hey MJ,

    Did you want me to post that blog entry up on the forums proper? If so, under which section? I think Mindset and Motivation would be most appropriate.
    Thank you for the 2 links I greatly appreciate it. If I may impose again, do you know a good book or 2 that I may pick up that will teach me how to write code? It wouldn't hurt for me to learn it too.
    Thank you again.
    Hi MJ,
    I love your book and haven't been able to put it down.
    I have an idea for a software app and I was wondering if you or someone you know may have the background to write a pc/mobile app? I'm willing to negotiate any and all income from this project. I'm a MCSE 2000 network engineer with very little code writing background but I'm sure I can learn. I'm thinking of the timeframe it would take for me to learn and develop.
    Thanking you in advance for your insight and help with this matter.
    Christopher Walsh
    MJ, Love your book.... I just bought it yesterday and can't stop reading. This looks like an awesome website too.
    Thank you....
    Thank you for closing the "talk me out" thread. The idea of porn as a fast lane is just depressing and sad. If were going to go that route we might as talk about how lucrative it is to sell overpriced items to the mentally handicapped.
    Hi MJ,

    How's it going? Just finished the first 3 chapter of your book and it was Incredible! I ordered the book and should be receiving it by this Thursday! Can't wait to get into it.

    Hey, I was just over at the Motivational section of the forum and see that there are some pretty cool songs and quotes for motivating. I've recorded two songs especially for inspiring business owners and wondered if it is ok to post the link. The link is two my website which has both songs on it. I thought I would ask first.

    The name of the two songs are:

    1. Take Action
    2. Don't Give Up On Your Dreams

    I thought they might fit in with the forum. Here's the url:
    Empowering Business Songs To Ispire Business Owners!

    Thanks much for all you do!

    Hey MJ,

    thanks for clearing that up for me. And thanks for putting this community together! It surely is a life changer for me and I'm sure for many many others. Incredible job!
    Hi MJ,

    My friend keeps telling me how great your book is.

    Just purchased it on amazon two days ago.

    I tried to go to the book store but they said it is only in an e-book version.

    Did you self publish, or go through a traditional publisher?

    Do you have any plans on writing another book?

    Thanks for all that you do for this community. I am going to be more active going forward as the community you have built shares some incredible information.

    Hi MJ,

    thanks for the welcome. I never knew such a site like this even existed. I'm just thrilled that I found the forum. Just wanted to say thanks for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of the community.

    When I received my book today, I also found an unexpected but pleasant surprise inside! Thanks, buddy. Looking forward to reading.
    Thanks for letting me know, I can't tell you how much it is appreciated ... I would have never noticed and Amazon took their sweet time getting it fixed!!
    Good to know you got the Amazon problem fixed :) Once again, thanks for signing my book. I really appreciate it. I can tell that you have passion for the fastlane and I love your writing style. :)
    Your welcome. I know I would of liked to know if that happened to me. I understand why you deleted my post.

    All the best.

    Thanks for getting this forum together, you have a great selection of people here helping many with their wisdom and knowledge.

    Thanks to you personally for all your intellectual and thoughtful posts, I have learnt more than any financial instituion claims to teach.

    Hey Mj can I make a suggestion?
    You may want to consider having a buy the book link in the main bar area. I was looking for a link to buy the book and It took me about 30 seconds to realize the link was in the Banner. If I was just some normal lurker coming to the site I may not of noticed it. (just a suggestion)
    I never look at banners because there usually advertisements I don't pay much attention to. It irritated me a bit because I knew the link had to be somewhere.

    Are you going to sell a E-Book copies as well?
    I prefer E-books over the real physical copies. (usually a few bucks cheaper and instant download)

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