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    INTRO Greetings

    Welcome! What industry are you in?
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    BOOK Some more books on The Fastlane BOOKSTORE?

    I add what people suggest, not what I've personally read. I've never read that book so I have no opinion.
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    EXECUTION Building an Accountancy Practice

    @CareCPA might have some tips for ya, I think he's been trying to "Fastlane" his practice, not sure how that is progressing. Thanks for sharing your journey and welcome to the forum.
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    WEB/DIGITAL Is It Late Or Stupid To Start A Blog In 2021?

    I would think a YT vlog would be better -- people would rather WATCH than READ.
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    OFF-TOPIC PHYSICS: I'm in the middle of a new theory that could change the world, and I don't know how to help the scientists.

    Your PhD in Physics is no match for my confirmation bias and liberal arts degree! It's true! Just kidding, I was hoping you'd chime in on this thread.
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    INTRO I Start From Scratch

    You write better than most Americans. Give yourself some credit ... you are SMARTER than you think. Welcome to the forum.
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    Ideal webdev tech stack for today's MJ-wannabes?

    Is LAMP still popular? @csalvato is probably the guy who would know.
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    OFF-TOPIC Parler Taken Down. Your Thoughts?

    Yea, what a dumb move from the Parler people. You know you're a target, but you set up shop in your enemy's backyard? If you want to voice grievances or fight against the big-tech monoliths, you'd think you'd be smart enough to not use their assets.
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    How analogies drive effective messaging in business. What are some that have changed your way of thinking?

    My favorite is the cat analogy... Excerpt from my upcoming book... Attacking money with a positive charge (money chasing) is akin to chasing a finicky cat around the neighborhood who outwits you in every pursuit, up the tree, behind the bushes, under the car. This is how most people attack...
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    OFF-TOPIC Parler Taken Down. Your Thoughts?

    I don't know -- I have to wait for Fuhrer Zuckerberg and Comrade Dorsey to tell me what to think. Once they tell me the official thoughts I should have, Ill let ya know.
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    HOT TOPIC 60 Days of 60 Minutes of Meditation - Let's Not Do Anything Together

    Must be all those veggies. Some crispy bacon ought to fix that right up! :rofl:
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    INTRO Have the fire to succeed...

    Welcome Jo, glad you enjoyed the books and found value in them! Dare I ask? No judgment, hey, if you can pull it off, why not. Interesting that I've been here 10+ years and I can't think of one UK property investor here. Lots of US folks, but not UK ... perhaps my memory is not working...
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    INTRO Starting my first business - any feedback would be appreciated!

    IMO, the biggest challenge would be gun-grabbing politicians which now own and control the loudspeaker for their anti-gun agenda. While this could be a looming threat for years, anything gun related is something I wouldn't want to invest in due to the Commandment of Control -- the government...
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    INTRO Better late than never

    Welcome @Gabbe18 -- really appreciate the intro. Hope you have some more encouraging updates!
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    OFF-TOPIC Thoughts - The Social Dilemma [Netflix Documentary]

    +1. I am one of the few people in my world who isn't attached to his phone. Once you step away from the nonsense, you feel like you're the only one not infected in a zombie pandemic. Thank you for sharing your thoughts my friend.

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